The week that was saw Brady flex his proverbial patsy muscles over Manning’s Broncos, the Falcons and Texans extend their undefeated records to 5-0 and Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas’ record for most consecutive games with a TD pass at 48 games. To put that record in perspective “The Golden Arm” was a 3 time NFL MVP and led the Baltimore Colts to repeat championships with abundant popularity, widespread media fanfare and arm strength. This record is close to NFL’s ironman record that Brett Favre holds and shows Brees unbelievable endurance and accuracy despite his less than 6 foot frame for a Quarterback (don’t let the 6’0” listed deceive you, Brees is 5’10” at best without cleats). In fact, Drew Brees was so impressive in his record-breaking performance that he was able to add another 3 TD passes and lead the Saints to their first victory and off the winless truck.

In what ended up being the most exciting game last weekend the Indianapolis Colts made a comeback victory against the Green Bay Packers in a heartfelt game for Coach Chuck Pagano who is battling leukemia. Tremendous resiliency and accuracy by Andrew Luck as him and Reggie Wayne found a groove. For those owners who got Wayne in the mid to later rounds of drafts, that’s a job well done. He’s been impressive and looks every bit like the wide out who was Peyton’s favorite target in Indy.

So with nearly a third of the NFL season in the books it’s time to look at some of the teams that are being hyped for the Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans both sit at 5-0 and both own staunch defenses and more than apt offenses that can air it out and pound it on the ground. If there is one thing that last season’s playoff collapse from the Packers taught anyone is that the Playoffs are a different beast and no matter what your regular season record is you have to prove in a win or go home game.

That said, I’m still a believer in an all Coach Harbaugh Bowl. The Ravens and 49ers at 4-1 look built for playoffs with tremendous defensive play. The 49ers are developing an offense that set historic records against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday for most yards from scrimmage. That offense and toughness will be tested this Sunday in the game of the weekend as the Giants come back to Candlestick in a repeat of the NFC Championship game. Expect the hits to hard and the outcome to be just as close.

Finally, in a little shout out to NFL and NFL Players for their support of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the games this month there will be plenty of pink on display in the form of: ribbons, cleats, wristbands, gloves, sideline and QB towels, arm sleeves (thank you RGIII) and sideline caps. Well done NFL, I officially want a pink and gray hat now.

Oregon Ducks still suck. Go Huskies!

Fantasy Tip of the Week

Just the tip…only the tip baby…of the week comes from the inside the makings of trade mentality. So let’s say you have a solid team or underperforming team. We’ve all got areas for improvement so now is the time to sell high as possible on the guys who you think have capped like Jamaal Charles or Michael Turner and get those solid plays who you think will be there for the remainder of the year. For those teams who have gotten out the gates quickly and have at least 4 wins it’s safe to start looking at playoff matchups for your potential trade pieces. That means weeks 14 and 15 and 16 matchups that appear favorable. Try to avoid players with Texans and 49ers as opponents.