On the heels of last week’s column the NFL players and fanatics rejoiced in hellacious fashion when a deal was struck to effectively end the NFL referee labor strike! To the replacement officials I would like to say: Adios! Arrivederci! Au Revoir! Sayonara! Aloha! Good-bye! To be completely fair these zebras were in way over their heads. It’s a fast game and they were disadvantaged from the get-go. So hip-hip hurray, we’ve got the refs back and there was actually a standing ovation to greet them to start Week 4 in Baltimore last Thursday.

I like to do a brief rundown of the calls I made from the week before occasionally to see how I stacked up. I’ll go with a 50/50 split on my Sleepers. My bust was Andre Brown as he was not even allowed much of Bradshaw’s sloppy seconds in the red zone and compiled close to nothing. However, Joel Dreessen found a way to vulture away a red zone TD and Eli’s new target Braden had a nice game to boot.

I did a pretty good job on the Sit’em projections but I had one huge blown call by calling out Miami WR Hartline that he would become waiver wire jerkings again, but instead he busted out another top tier performance. On the Start’em side I impressed myself in that I hit on pretty much everyone outside of Leshoure who got bottled up by a really staunch Vikings D. However, I went 0 for 3 on Tight Ends. Pitta, Rudolph and Bennett might have combined for 2 pts total in standard leagues, so I fumbled that one but I’m vying for a bounce-back this weekend.

The game of the week will take place in Foxborough as Peyton comes to town. Interesting fact, the Denver Broncos are the one team that Belichek has a losing record against (at 4-5) as head coach of the Pats, so he’s looking to even that score on Sunday. Between now and November is some of the most exciting times in sports with baseball playoffs underway and college football and NFL hitting their stride as well. To which, I throw up some dubs to the Univ. of Washington football team that knocked off #8 Stanford on Thursday night. So while some of us were cheering on Ravens players in fantasy football there are others just straight up cheering like a high school kid about to lose his virginity to the head cheerleader. Bow Down to Washington.

Fantasy Tip of the Week

Just the tip…I promise it’s just the tip of the week is for all fantasy owners who are now winless to start looking at altering that lineup. That means finding good trading partners. This does not entail accepting any trade, but be very wary of the top teams in your league who will attempt the ultimate trade rape strategy of identifying your team to be a weak link and understanding you want some change they exploit it. So if you’ve got questions about trades that are suspect to you then post it in the FST Forum.