We’re coming down the home stretch in the NFL season and there’s no doubt who the elite teams that sit atop the standings are at this juncture in the NFL season. In looking at the AFC it’s apparent that it’s extremely top heavy and there can be a case made for the Patriots as the top team and possibly the Broncos as top Super Bowl contenders. The Ravens and Texans both appear to be another rung below those teams at the moment but that can change as soon as this weekend.

The importance of not losing another game for the Texans is what will determine if they have a chance to get to an unknown place in franchise history. The Pats sit one game back and own the tie-breaker so if the Texans can maintain home-field advantage they stand a solid chance of hosting the AFC Championship game and getting to the Super Bowl.

The same can said for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC about their chances of getting to the Super Bowl this season. However, the 49ers are on their heels and if they falter down the stretch with big games against the Giants this weekend, it opens up the door for teams like San Fran, Green Bay and others to build momentum and snatch it away.

The NFC wildcard picture is an evolving and interesting one. The Seahawks have their destiny in their own hands. They have favorable matchups the rest of the way and thanks for the last game for the replacement refs they sit in comfortable position at 8-5. The last wild card spot could go to the NY Giants or Washington Redskins or even the Dallas Cowboys. The other teams to consider would be the Vikings and St. Louis. It’s likely that the NFC East that doesn’t win the division will get in though. The Skins are hot down the stretch and the Giants certainly look like strong contenders so those are teams getting the nod from here.

Here’s to a weekend without any player casualties this weekend. I hope that the NFL has gotten rid of the public relations nightmares that the last couple weekends have created with the Chiefs and Cowboys. I don’t understand what’s going on the Midwest, but let’s hope it stops.

Lastly, I’m still sticking to my pre-season prediction for an all Harbaugh Super Bowl. Watch the Ravens on Sunday this will be the most entertaining game of the week.

Fantasy Tip of the Week:

Your quick tip of the week comes courtesy of the movie “The Little Giants.” It’s one and done if you lose so don’t just play guys based on the names on their back. It’s just like the littlest four-eyed Giants response to the Coach’s excitement of having brand new jerseys with their names on the back. It’s “so the guys at the morgue can identify the bodies.”