If you are a current forum member and you have reached 100 forum posts we will send you a free FantasySmackTalk T-Shirt! That’s right, the same shirt you see the guys wear in the videos. Not a forum member yet? Register for our free fantasy sports forum.

We have some of the most loyal members out there, so this is just our way of saying we appreciate you. So get into those forums, ask questions, help your fellow members out by answering their questions, and soon enough you will have your very own FST t-shirt.

How to get your t-shirt

Once you reach 100 forum posts (or if you already have) just email us at shirts@fantasysmacktalk.com with your forum user name, shirt size and mailing address and we will send the shirt. Important: The email you send us has to come from the email account you used to register to our forums. If you are unsure which email you signed up with, log into the forum, click user control panel, then go to the account settings under the profile tab.


Starting a topic and posting something over and over again just to reach 100 posts will not earn you a free t-shirt, and could lead to a ban from our forums. Each post needs to be a legitimate topic or response. It is completely up to our discretion if we feel you cheated the system to get your shirt. We reserve the right to end this giveaway at anytime. We don’t plan on ending it anytime soon, but we have to say that.

Enjoy the forums and tell your friends!