Fact: The fantasy football business is big. How big you might ask? According to a National Public Radio study, last year Americans paid approximately $1.7 billion to play in fantasy sports leagues. That is an ungodly amount of money and enough to think that fantasy football can become someone’s job.

Let’s take that a step further, it is in many cases a job. Fantasy sports and fantasy football in particular is a gigantic business. Fantasy football rakes in the most players by sport and throughout North America the Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that over 36 million people combined participate in this competitive game and lifestyle. That is roughly the size of the population in the country of Kenya, which is pretty impressive if you consider the enormous size that fantasy sports has grown to today.

Fantasy football has grown into such a mainstream part of today’s culture that it’s the premise of a television show on FX Networks, entitled “The League.” The entire show is centered around a league of fantasy football owners and their quest to become champions. Just like the television show, many fantasy football leagues have hardware associated with their winners and money payouts as a form of wager or agreed upon gambling take place too from week to week.

Speaking of dollar bills, the new FanDuel website and application allows fantasy football owners to make bets each week to pick the best fantasy football team possible. This sees a more immediate payout and has grown more popular this year as a result. In fact, this addiction has led to some people using fantasy sports as their sole source of income and replacing their jobs or at least temporarily placing them on hiatus for this potentially lucrative payout. If you have not played these games, or looking to fuel your addiction, check out our Week 12 FanDuel Value Picks.

Just as with everything that can become addictive and keep one up at night, fantasy football can affect a healthy sex life and become a problem. Many couples these days either co-manage a team or have their own team and play against their partner in the same league. I would reckon this would result in a need for fantasy sport therapists and psychologists.

Betting drinks or money on side bets each week for fantasy football is commonplace. But what about drugs? There are pockets of people that may use this multi-billion dollar industry as a cover for how their drug laundering money. While certain cases are more rare than not, it just shows how far an unrealistic and computer statistic engineered computer game can grow mainstream.

Sex, Drugs & Fantasy Football? These are the 2010s, rock n’ roll appears to take a back seat to fantasy football in the office, off the clock and at the concert.

Tip of the Week

These are the critical last 2 or 3 weeks for most leagues in the regular season. Don’t overthink your roster moves. Don’t go with names over production and always go with the matchup over the name or history of the player. Sounds simple enough, now go win.