Peyton Manning has been awarded the Sportsman of the Year amidst his best statistical season of his career in Denver. Most players, predominately wide-receivers and running backs, break-down with age. Quarterbacks with cerebral football instincts and high football IQs tend to fare much better as they age throughout their football careers.

Peyton’s remarkable season comes in his second season in Denver, after spending the beginning of his illustrious NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts. The neck surgeries that Manning underwent a couple years ago appear to be a distant memory these days. As a future hall of famer, Peyton continues to dissect opposing defenses with precision and accuracy in all aspects of the passing game.

While Peyton is certainly deserving of this achievement, this appears to be a life-time achievement award for him. Some of the other athletes in the running were Mariano Rivera and David Ortiz. A very strong argument could be made for Ortiz who put on one of the most impressive World Series and playoff performances in baseball history. The story of the Red Sox willing the city of Boston after the Boston Marathon tragedy and carrying the city’s rallying cry of “Boston Strong” was one of the most unbelievable turnarounds in all of sports lore.

The truth is that Peyton Manning is turning in his most impressive quarterbacking campaign this season, while his brother Eli has flat out tanked. The Giants are headed to their first losing season since Manning was a rookie in the big apple. After another five interception performance this season on Sunday against the Seahawks it’s safe to say that although Eli has one more Super Bowl championship than Peyton, Peyton is far more polished and ranks higher amongst the elite quarterbacks in the game.

Tip of the Week

When making those tough playoff starting roster decisions, ask yourself the question which player you would be more upset for benching if you lost. Then make sure to put that player in your lineup. If you still can’t decide then bring your questions to the FST forum.