We’re looking for the players who will bounce back early. If a player had a down 2016 and continues to be unproductive early in the season, it’s difficult to have enough patience with them. Especially living in the age of the internet when we’re used to everything being instantaneous. I lose patience when my computer starts up too slowly. Once it’s on, I click an article and lose patience as the website loads too slowly. The article finally loads and I lose patience with myself for clicking on an article titled, “What Honey Boo-Boo is up to now”. I’m a disgusting human being….

Moreover, now we must wait about 10 months for the next Games of Thrones episode…We want our stuff now! Bend your knee John Snow, you murdered that dragon with your show boating.

Let’s check out who will showboat in 2017 before we lose patience with them!

Carlos Hyde SF | RB

Hydey Hydey Hydey Ho! We’ve been waiting for Carlos’ stardom to shine since he was Frank Gore’s back up, this could be the year. In 2016, he started the year with six rushing touchdowns his first five games but didn’t score another one all season. Kyle Shanahann is being thrown into the mix as the 49ers new head coach, and he likes throwing to running backs. As the offensive coordinator for the Falcons the past two seasons, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman combined for over 100 targets in each.
Hyde doubled his career high in targets with 33 last year, and he caught 27 of them. Expect Hyde’s efficiency to improve with an improved quarterback under center in Brian Hoyer. He’s a great bargain if he falls to you in the third round.

Eli Manning NYG | QB

Eli has not been elite in recent memory, finishing 21st in fantasy scoring among quarterbacks for two years in a row. The Giants improved their receiving core in 2017 with the addition of Brandon Marshall, and of course they have arguably the best receiver in the league in Odell Beckham Jr. Eli will also be working with two competent catchers out of the backfield in Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen. It’s a good thing the Giants have such a stellar receiving crew, their running game is not expected to do great things. By the end of 2017, Eli’s arm will be more tired than Conor McGregor in the tenth round; but he should rebound nicely and is worth taking late in your draft.

Jamaal Charles DEN | RB

This is the riskiest name listed in this article. He might not even make the Broncos final roster, but never count out Jamaal. The thirty-year-old running back has torn both his Achilles, but he’s responded with a career year after doing so in the past. He has the healing power of an HIV infected Magic Johnson. Magic was diagnosed in 1991. We’re glad you’re still with us, Magic; but how are you still alive? Every other HIV sufferer at that time shriveled to skin and bones and died, you gained thirty pounds and played on the Dream Team. We need answers.

The Broncos have never seemed content with RB C.J. Anderson, drafting multiple running backs in consecutive years to replace him before signing Charles to a one year deal with no money guaranteed in 2017. Charles has overcome impossible obstacles in his life, being the only former special Olympian to make it in professional sports. All reports state he looks like his former self in training camp; if true he’s running away with the Broncos starting running back job and could be a huge steal in the 9th round of your draft. Don’t sleep on Jamaal.

Keenan Allen LAC | WR

If Keenan Allen was in a super hero movie, he’d be played by Samuel L. Jackson in a wheel chair. Keenan has been “Mr. Glass.” as a professional wide receiver, but there’s been plenty of injury riddled talents who have bounced back with great careers. The aforementioned Jamaal Charles has bounced back after numerous serious injuries, Keenan’s have been more of the fluky nature. He was injured last year by landing awkwardly on the pylon. Keenan is Philip Rivers main man if he’s healthy and offers great value in the fourth round if he falls to you.

Todd Gurley LAR | RB

You’re either a Gurley man, or you aren’t. Consider myself a Gurley man. There isn’t another running back in the league who can out match his talent, it’s just a shame he plays for the league worst Rams offense. However, there’s hope for Gurley. He broke-out as a rookie rushing for 1016 yards and ten touchdowns in only 13 games in 2015. He took a major step back last year in 16 games, rushing for only 885 yards and six touchdowns. Rookie quarterback Jared Goff looks to have a little more swagger this year with new Head Coach Sean McVay tutoring him. Expect for this offense to improve and for things to open up for Gurley.

Lamar Miller HOU | RB

Speaking of offenses that should improve, let’s discuss the Houston Texans’ unit. Brock Osweiler is gone, something everyone should be happy about. Some of his throws were harder to understand than an excited Rosie Perez. Many of his incompletions were so baffling they needed subtitles to be explained completely. Quarterback Tom Savage is nobody to excited about, but it’s just a matter of time before rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson takes over. Either way, this offense will have significantly less 3 and outs with Brock out of the picture. Lamar comes cheaper than his first-round draft price last year, it’s Miller time in the mid-third-round in 2017.

Devante Parker MIA | WR

Devante doesn’t have a solid season as a pro to bounce back to, but he was an unstoppable stud in college so he makes the list. Parker was selected 14th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, but was battling injuries as he began his NFL career. He showed glimpses of the 4.45 sec 40-yard dash speed last year, but wasn’t a great match with quarterback Ryan Tannehill weak long ball. Parker is a speed demon, if there’s one thing Jay Cutler loves to do it’s heave it down field. Look for him in the sixth round of your fantasy draft, he has the elite talent to be a true bargain.