It’s now week 20, and we’re headed into the fantasy baseball playoffs and the home stretch of the season. If you’re one of the owners that has a clear playoff team on your hands, congrats are in order. If you aren’t, it’s time to trim the fat from your roster, grab players who can make an immediate impact, and do everything necessary to win the next 3 weeks. Today I’m going to review players that are widely owned that I believe can be cut by owners in a tight spot.

Michael Wacha STL | SP

Wacha has been out since June with a shoulder injury. He was dominant before his injury, but if you’re on the outside of the playoff hunt looking in, you can’t wait for his eventual mid-September return to bolster your team. He may be required to go on a lengthy rehab assignment as well, and may not be 100% effective upon returning. It sucks, but you have to cut him loose. (about 80% owned)

Ryan Zimmerman WAS | 3B

Zimmerman has been out for some time with a Grade 3 (most severe) hamstring strain, and he isn’t close to returning. A report from August 21st stated that he still has 3-4 weeks to go before he can consider returning, and after a month on the DL has only progressed to light throwing. With only 5 HR on the year before this latest DL stint, the upside just isn’t there to continue holding him any longer. He should be a free agent in all leagues. Cut! (about 65% owned)

Allen Craig BOS | 1B

It has been truly sad to see Craig, who was such an integral part of so many championship squads last year, completely fall on his face this year. We could deal with his propensity to get injured when he was producing, but with his average at .235 for the year, it’s time to cut bait. He’s going to return to a Boston lineup that’s had trouble scoring, and is out of the playoff hunt. Days off should be plentiful for Mr. Craig down the stretch, and I’d send him straight to the waiver wire where he belongs. (about 60% owned)

Anibal Sanchez DET | SP

This one’s gonna hurt. Sorry in advance. Sanchez has begun progressing back from his pectoral injury, throwing on flat ground on August 22nd. The media will continue to report on his every move, but the fact remains that there is zero chance he will be able to help you until mid-September at the earliest. The only way you should be rostering Anibal right now is if you don’t have anyone else on the DL or have a playoff spot locked up. Otherwise, it’s time to cut him and stream in some young guns. His high ownership percentage won’t help you if you finish in 8th. (about 90% owned)

Homer Bailey CIN | SP

I’ve hated on this guy all year, but it stinks that right when he was finally producing, he got hurt. D’oh! His flexor tendon injury isn’t the type of thing that progresses quickly, and they can’t really aggressively rehab it either. As such there is no timetable for his return to the Reds, who is more or less out of the race anyway. As such, they have little reason to rush him back. When a player says “I don’t really know a timetable…” this time of year, I think “But I do know that you’re cut.” Seeya! (about 80% owned)

Justin Verlander DET | SP

Lovely, another ‘elite’ Detroit SP that’s injured at just the wrong time. Not that Verlander has really been right this year at any time. He’s sporting a 4.76 ERA and 1.42 WHIP. His velocity is down, his K-rate is down, and really the only thing he has going for him is Kate Upton. Who, if you think about it, might be part of the problem. But, back to Verlander, even if he gets ‘healthy’ do you think you can count on him when your season’s on the line? I say no. Grab yourself a share of Matt Shoemaker instead and ride him to the playoffs. (about 95% owned)

Pedro Alvarez PIT | 3B

So…umm…what are we waiting and hoping for here? Pedro has regressed in a massive way this season, and we could live with his .230 average if it came with 30 HR. His splits against LHP are especially brutal (.175 average) and he can’t field either (moved from 3B to 1B recently) and on top of that he’s platooning with Gaby Sanchez (talk about a bad platoon) now! Please, for the love of god, get this waste of space off your team this instant. Go! (about 70% owned)

Carlos Beltran NYY | OF

Yeah, he had a monster 10 day stretch there that had us all believing it was 2007 again. Unfortunately, for us and for Carlos (and the Yankees) it isn’t. Beltran is back to being both hurt and old. His average is down to .233 now, and he’s backed that up with a grand total of 2 HR in August. He doesn’t run anymore either, and apparently now needs a cortisone shot in his ailing elbow. Soon he’ll need diapers and a walker to get to the plate, but hopefully by that time, he’ll be on waiver wire Medicare! Sort of funny and ironic that this is the guy that 5-Hour energy picked to be their spokesman. (about 70% owned)

Joey Votto CIN | 1B

Let us review. He’s on the 60-day DL, so he can’t return until early September. The Reds are done as far as playoff aspirations. When he did play this year, it was painful to watch. His leg just totally betrayed him in 2014, and there’s nothing to be done about it except rest it for 2015. He knows it, the Reds know it, and now you know it. Votto isn’t gonna come back, and even if he did, what are we hoping for? A high on-base percentage? Ick. I can’t believe this guy is still 80% owned. Get rid of him immediately. More interesting discussion: Is Votto a top 10 1B for 2015? I say no. (about 80% owned)

Brandon Belt SF | 1B

Allow me to promulgate my thoughts on the Baby Giraffe: He stinks. And, shocker, he’s hurt! His latest malady is a concussion, and he’s not expected to rejoin the Giants for another 2-3 weeks. When he returns, I’m sure we can expect more of the same .230 average with a ton of strikeouts and very little power or speed to go with it. If I still owned him anywhere, dropping him would make my day. (about 60% owned)

Casey McGehee MIA | 3B

Remember when Casey was driving in runs seemingly at will? When he was a must start, waiver wire darling? That was like a month ago. He’s regressed in a major way, although his average has stayed in the useful range. Want to guess how many RBI he has in August? 10? 5? How about 1. And the only reason he got that one is because he homered and drove himself in. McGehee, and the Marlins, are cooked. (about 50% owned)