This is a look back at all those guys you drafted and wished you never did this past Fantasy Football season. Below is a list of some of the biggest disappointments of the year whether it was injuries, bad seasons, or sleepers turned busts here are some guys you will remember for a while for all the wrong reasons. If you want to add to this list feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

Michael Vick PHI | QB

Last season Vick was a beast and helped numerous teams to a championship, it was not only his legs but also the fact he had his highest compilation percentage (62%) and lowest amount of picks (6) in his career. The thought on Vick heading into the season was if he can stay healthy he could be the reason you win your league so he went in the first round in most drafts. Well he stayed pretty healthy (13 games played) but just did not pan out. Vick had the idea of becoming a pocket passer which really hurt his fantasy value. His rushing touchdowns were non-existent and his rushing yards were down from a year ago. Now of course he did run but the expectations on the Eagles fizzled early and by the time Vick and his team put it together you were all but out of the playoffs. Heading into 2012 look for Vick to be the fifth or sixth QB off the board. (amazing considering he went above Rodgers in many leagues this past season)

Chris Johnson TEN | RB

Chris Johnson had one of the most frustrating fantasy seasons in recent history. It started even before he even stepped onto the field with his contract negations but if he slipped in your draft due to that you probably were all but too excited to get him at the end of the first round. Then the season started. At first everyone thought the slow start was simply due to the lockout and missing all of the shortened training camp but as it lingered owners started to get more and more frustrated. Johnson could not find the endzone (4 this year) and did not show that burst of speed he had in previous years for the first two thirds of the season and by the time he somewhat turned it around it was too late for your team or you finally accepted some low ball offer for him. My assumption is if you had CJ2K this past season you will not be drafting him next year. (scary fact here, based on all the injuries he might project out to a late first round pick again)

LeGarrette Blount TB | RB

We told you not to touch him in point per reception leagues but even in standard leagues Blount was a total bust. Rushing for under 800 yards while playing in 14 games. The Bucs as a whole team was a disappointment but what killed owners of Blount was the fact that if the Bucs got down by more than 10 points he did not see the field. They went into panic mode way too early and in my opinion that is part of the reason coach Morris lost his job. Heading into 2012 I think Blount is a great discount buy in your draft as he showed flashes and a new head coach might realize he needs to stay with the run a bit longer as the monster of a back Blount gets better as the d-line gets worn down. (side note his run against the Packers was one of the best runs I have ever seen in my life – yes watch it again, simply amazing)

Andre Johnson HOU | WR

I hate Andre to be on this list but since he was the first wideout taken in many drafts he had to make it. Everyone debated between Andre, Roddy, and Calvin and who should be the top selection, typically Calvin was rules out since he was suppose to be the one with the huge injury concerns. Well over the past two seasons Andre Johnson has been the one with the nagging injuries and Calvin not only has the best nickname in sports but is now considered the best receiver in the NFL hands down. If you debated between Calvin and Andre and went Andre you are still probably kicking yourself.

Darren McFadden OAK | RB

If you listened to us heading into the season we told you to stay away from McFadden as he always seems to get hurt and you probably cursed us at first because McFadden was playing out of his mind but then it happened – he got hurt. So he is a disappointment for this reason because a) he was playing great but also b) his injury lingered so long and it seemed that he might play each week making you hold onto hope your stud back would be back soon, but that day never came. He went out in week seven and never made it back onto the field. Next year Bush might have a new home as he is a free agent but McFadden is the same huge risk huge reward option that I would not touch before the 4th maybe 5th round in a 10 team standard league.

Mario Manningham NYG | WR

We told you the number two wideout on the GMen is going to have a monster season – little did we know that would be Cruz and not Manningham. When Steve Smith left the Giants we figured Manningham was primed for a breakout campaign but in stepped Victor Cruz and Manningham became the odd man out in terms of the receiving core. Manningham went from one of our favorite sleepers to one of our personal biggest busts/disappointments.

Peyton Hillis CLE | RB

Madden curse, Madden curse, Madden curse – Hillis being a headache this season is a huge understatement. He missed a game with strep throat, then it was rumored his agent told him to sit out, then he missed some more time with a leg injury, had drama with the head coach, and oh played terrible when he got into the game. Hillis was a beast in 2010 averaging 4.4 yards a carry and found pay dirt 13 times in 2011 he barely broke 3.5 yard a carry and could not find the endzone. By the end of the year the Browns pasted on giving Hillis a huge deal, and no one blamed them for it.

Miles Austin DAL | RB

Austin started 2011 with a banged and had a few huge games early then he got hurt. Now injuries are injuries but the reason his was so tough was it seemed to last forever and each week he missed Robinson got that much better. Heading into 2012 however, I believe Austin is the man for the Boys and should be drafted that way ahead of Dez and ahead (if he is still there as he is a free agent) Robinson.

Mike Williams TB | WR

Williams had a nice rookie campaign so everyone assumed the kid would only be better year two. Well defenses realized he was the best player on the team in terms of a receiving option and just rolled the safety over the top every play. Williams could not beat the double teams and ended the year with the same amount of catches (65) almost 200 less yards, 8 less touchdowns than his rookie season. Williams was definitively a disappointment but could be a value next season in non ppr leagues (he is not a high volume pass catcher)

Jahvid Best DET | RB

This is my personal disappointment – I loved Best coming into the year and bought into the hype when the rookie the Lions drafted went down for the year. I saw that as a huge reason why Best would become this season Arian Foster. Now the injury issue was always a concern but I doubt anyone assumed a concussion was going to knock him out for the season. Going forward Best will be splitting with LeShoure in 2012 and even I will now be concerned as the concussion problem was a major one and there were questions all year long with Best should ever step back onto a football field.

If you want to add to this list feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.