It’s a harsh world out there. Our cynical society loves to build a man up just to tear him down. Many never find success again, we call these individuals “Busts”. We see it with celebrities all the time. Take Brian Austin Green for example; a lead actor in on one of the 90’s most popular shows, “90210”. He attempted a rap career at the height of his fame, going by the rap name “B.A.G.”… America was outraged and never forgave him, understandably.

However, B.A.G. should get credit for bagging two of the hottest women on the planet. He might be a bust but he married Meghan Fox and was once engaged to Tiffany Amber Thiessen, who is quite busty in her own right. Much respect, but Fox is the clear breadwinner in the B.A.G. household.

Let’s checkout which NFL players will make us want to put B.A.G.s over our heads in 2017!

Mike Gillislee NE | RB

Gillislee broke out with the Bills last year, scoring in nine games out of the fifteen games he played in. It’s hard to find that kind of consistency, especially in a running back who carried the ball just 101 times all year. However, the Patriots usually use a running attack as random as a “Game of Thrones” Ed Sheeran cameo.

The Patriots signed Gillislee to a 2-year 6.4-million-dollar contract. Yet, they signed running back Rex Burkhead to a one-year 3.15 million deal making him the highest paid Patriot running back since Fred Taylor in 2010. The Patriots reportedly have been giving Burkhead plenty of reps in short yardage and goal line work, while Gillislee has been on the sidelines with a hamstring injury. He’s another high risk/high reward, Gill might not carry the pill enough to be worthy of a fourth-round pick.

Martavis Bryant PIT | WR

Bryant was served a one-year ban for failing four drug tests and missing two others. That’s a bigger red flag than losing all your body hair while becoming supersensitive to sunlight. You probably have the disease from “I Am Legend”.

It’s not just another suspension that is worrisome, nobody really knows what kind of shape he’ll be in after a year off. He contemplated retirement after his ban and has yet to be fully reinstated by the NFL as of this writing. Currently drafted in the fourth round of fantasy leagues, he’s a high risk/high reward player. No pun intended.

Spencer Ware KC | RB

It’s quite possible Ware wore himself out in 2016. He was handed the running back gig when Jamaal Charles tore his Achilles early in the year, but performed unimpressively; finishing with only one game over 100 yards and three measly rushing touchdowns. The Chiefs must not have been impressed either, they spent a third rounder in the 2017 NFL draft on Toledo running back Kareem hunt. Ware is currently drafted by fantasy managers in the fourth round. It’d be wise to pass on him and aim for Kareem Hunt four rounds later.

Jay Cutler MIA | QB

Cutler is gaining some fantasy hype this pre-season. He has solid weapons to throw to and should have much better playing conditions in sunny Miami as opposed to the Windy City. However, he’s Jay Cutler. He stated back in May that his retirement was permanent after he was hired by Fox Sports, but a one year deal for $10 million is hard to pass up.

No one’s ever claimed Cutler to be the most motivated quarterback. There’s plenty of Smokin’ Joe Cutler memes to prove that. It appears here that money is the main motivation and his uninspiring presence on the field will likely be sustained in 2017. His performance has been on the decline seemingly since he entered the league, don’t buy into the hype.

Jordan Reed WAS | TE

Reed broke out in 2015, looking like the best tight end not named Gronk. His career was riddled by injury prior, and the injury bug bit him again last year; he was forced out of games early in multiple games and missed four completely. He is currently the fourth tight end being drafted in fantasy leagues; even though he’s still dealing with a nagging toe injury that plagued him last season. Reedy or not? I say not.

Joe Mixon CIN | RB

The Bengals spent a second-round draft pick on Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, a phenomenal talent who’s landed in a bad situation. If there is one knock on Mixon it’s his pass protection capabilities, and the Bengals offensive line is terrible. Fellow Bengals running backs Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill have always been strong at protecting the QB. If the Bengals want to keep Dalton upright, Mixon might not be on the field as much as his fantasy drafters hope.

Not to mention he was caught on film in 2014 punching a woman in the face. It’s important to be wary of such characteristics in a player, he could be suspended at any point. Currently taken in the third round of fantasy drafts; Mixon will be in the mix, but is way too risky at such a price.

Martellus Bennet GB | TE

The “Black Unicorn” has galloped from New England to Green Bay this off-season. He had a career high in touchdowns catching balls from Tom Brady last year, finishing with seven. Bennett won’t see much of a down grade catching balls from Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers don’t utilize tight ends near the amount the Patriots do. It might be wise to wait on a tight end a little longer instead of drafting Bennett at his current price in the seventh round.

Sammy Watkins LAR | WR

Soft Sammy was going to be on the list before he was traded to the Rams, but now he might be undraftable. There’s no doubting Sammy has elite talent and speed, but you need two feet to be fast; as far as I know. With his foot injury history, it’s just a matter of time before he’s back to the sidelines. Now he’ll be catching passes from Jared Goff. As Jimmy Fallon would say, “Ew!”. Consider swiping Sammy off your draft board entirely.