It’s now Week 11, and we’re headed toward the fantasy football postseason. In fact, we’re close enough now that you’re in one of two groups: You either are on the winning side of things and are feeling good about your playoff chances, or you’re .500 and below and need to win out in order to make the playoffs.

If you’re in the first group, you want to cut these players to grab up guys that will be more useful during playoff weeks. If you’re in the second group, you just can’t afford to wait any longer for these guys to show up for you – you are in win-now mode, and each week from here on out is critical. Either way, cutting these players loose will allow you to make the most of your roster spots from here on out. So lets do it – Here’s a list of widely owned players you can cut.

Matt Ryan QB | ATL

You know you’re bad when you score under 16 fantasy points against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Ryan has two legit #1 WRs at his disposal, and a decent-if-not-great running game. What he doesn’t have is an offensive line that can hold up any length of time. I’ve always felt like the ‘Matt Ryan Elite QB’ mantra was a fraud, and the last two seasons vindicate my thoughts, which are the following: He’s a below average QB on the road, and slightly above average at home when everything breaks his way. He can’t handle or escape pressure, and he doesn’t really elevate the players around him. Put simply: He’s a decent QB that’s been elevated by his elite WR talent. If you are rostering two QB, it’s time to cut Ryan loose. If Ryan is your only QB, I’d take a long hard look at guys like Tannehill, Sanchez, and Roethlisberger and make the tough decision if you must.

Andy Dalton QB | CIN

Dear Andy Dalton: You’ve played nine total weeks. You’ve scored under fifteen fantasy points in four of those weeks, and under six fantasy points twice. You’ve thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. And you have Green, Sanu, Bernard, and Hill to throw to. The situation is unacceptable. You’re terrible, I can’t ever trust you with a fantasy start, and we’re through. Seeya! Dear Bengals management: Really superb job locking this guy up for only $97 million. Great bargain.

Reggie Bush RB | DET

It’s almost inconceivable, but in 2014, Week 11 Reggie Bush has yet to break the ‘50-fantasy-points-scored’ barrier. In fact, he’s not even reached 45! In an offense like the Lions that throws a ton, he seemed like a natural fit. Instead, it seems like he’s only a natural at killing fantasy owners’ dreams. I’m done with this guy forever, no matter what. He’s hurt all the time, and when he isn’t, his ineffective style just can’t be relied upon. How is this guy still over 80% owned? Cut him right now. NOW.

Joique Bell RB | DET

Ah, Joique, you thought that your general uselessness would be not be noted by my acidic spray? Nay, says I. In nine weeks of play, ‘Joke’ Bell has exactly three useful games. He’s also got a zero and two games with three points to his credit. The most yards he’s piled up in any game? 74. Either he’s not great, or the Lions don’t know how to use him, but I don’t care anymore. He’s killing fantasy owners anytime they play him because he’s so inconsistent. What’s more, you would think that as terrible and banged up as the aforementioned Bush has been that it would contribute to Bell’s stock! But no, not even close. I’m not saying drop him outright, but if you have a chance at something great like an AP stash, a Terrance West you can use right now, or a dropped Rashad Jennings, take that opportunity and run.

Andre Williams RB | NYG

Man, talk about making nothing out of something. Williams had a chance to cement himself as a four-down power back in the NFL with Rashad Jennings injury costing him many more weeks than originally anticipated. The only thing he proved is that he’s the master of the 2.5 yard run-and-fall. Williams has totally blown this chance, and been dreadful doing so. Jennings should be back soon, but even if he isn’t, are you starting Williams again anytime soon? Didn’t think so. CUT.

Ben Tate RB | CLE

Ben Tate, how I hate thee. Let me count the ways: You got injured Week 1, and didn’t return until Week 5. You have us a glimmer of hope with two straight useful games, and have rewarded you patient owners with just about zippy since. You were paid to be the guy, and you’re now the guy alright – the second guy in a three back field. Don’t drop Tate just to do it, but if you’re faced with a critical decision and need to find someone to lose, I have no issues with losing him. I just don’t see how you could start him anytime soon with confidence.

Michael Crabtree WR | SF

I think we can agree that any week where a player you start scores under five points total, especially a WR in 2014, qualifies as “he killed you”. By that definition, Crabtree has killed owners five times out of nine total weeks, and he’s had another week where he barely reached six points. Perhaps the reason is Kaepernick’s inability to throw a football. Maybe Harbaugh is losing the locker room. Don’t know, don’t care. Here’s the conclusion: He’s killing you. Cut him immediately. Awful!

Terrance Williams WR | DAL

Here’s a fun stat: Williams scored exactly 55 fantasy points in the first five weeks of 2014. He’s scored 23.6 in the five weeks since. Week 10 featured a full blown ‘I played the whole game and didn’t catch a single ball’ performance, generally not considered a great trend in fantasy circles. His early-season performance felt a little randoma, but we loved his potential opposite Dez Bryant. He has big play skills, but not the ability to bring them every play in every game. I like him better on the wire, or someone else’s team, than yours from here on out.

Rueben Randle WR | NYG

This one really stings me. I’ve always been a Randle apologist, and felt like he just needed his chance. When Victor Cruz went out for the year, I really felt like this was Randle’s time to shine. I was wrong. Since (and including) the week Cruz went down, Rueben has put up a massive 22 total fantasy points. This includes a scintillating zero total touchdowns, and zero games over 75 yards receiving. Maybe it happens once or twice down the stretch, or maybe next year, or maybe never. All I know is that in the thick of a playoff hunt, I can’t wait for it any longer. I’d rather have guys like Martavius Bryant and Odell Beckham.

Corradelle Patterson WR | MIN

Patterson scored 35% of his total points thus far in 2014 during Week 1. His total that week was 18.8 (and even that was fluky). I’m not sure what else there is to say about this guy. Just cut him.

Michael Floyd WR | ARI

I used to know this guy named John who had a really high, nasally voice and liked to complain a lot. When his football team stunk it up, he would commonly yell “WHY ARE YOU SOOOOOOOO BAD!” in said nasally voice. It was really something to behold, and every time I see another terrible Floyd fantasy box score, that voice pops into my head. I don’t know why Floyd is so bad, but I know things sure didn’t get better for him when Carson Palmer was lost for the year. If he wasn’t winning and producing on an 8-1 team with a deep-ball-thrower at QB, I don’t have much hope left for him. I loved him coming into this year, and he’s just totally let his fantasy owners down. I’m not dropping him for nothing, but I will have no qualms about dropping him from here on out.

Zach Ertz TE | PHI

If we judge Ertz by our earlier rubric of when ‘He’s killing you’, Ertz has killed owners SIX times this year. He’s played NINE total games. That’s a 67% ‘kill rate’, which is probably good in Call of Duty, but distinctly less so in fantasy. Why are we (fantasy owners) so stupid? I know he has potential and plays in a great offense. It’s all there except…he’s just…um…bad. Sorry. Maybe next year. Cut your losses and grab up a shiny new share of Mychal Rivera!