It’s now Week 8, and we’re headed into the teeth of the fantasy football byes. We’re also at the midway point of 2014 season. If you’re in a dynasty/keeper fantasy football league, it’s time to take stock of your squad. If you’re sitting at the bottom of your league standings and don’t feel like you can contend for a championship, it may be time to consider playing for next year.

Nobody wants to quit, but sometimes you just have to face the facts – the only terrible thing you can do with the rest of your season is nothing. Today we’re going to talk some fantasy football keeper/dynasty strategy. Let’s discuss the top players to trade away in keeper leagues if you’re out of contention in 2014.


Peyton Manning QB | DEN

You have to feel like you have a chance every week when you have Peyton in the lineup, but if it just isn’t happening for you despite his godlike presence, consider moving him. It’s not just that he’s pretty old or could crumple like a tin can if he takes a hard shot – he’s having another ridiculous season and you can package him with some junk players and get back a pile of goodness that will feed your squad for years to come. (100% owned)

Philip Rivers QB | SD

Shocking, right? Lets just say that Rivers went undrafted in many 10 team leagues at the start of this year. He’s been rejuvenated the last couple of year in the new SD quick-hitting offense. But if I had a chance to sell him to a competitor due to injury or ineffectiveness by their QB, I would definitely sell. The QB position is the most replaceable in fantasy, and it’s much more likely that his pace will regress towards his career numbers than anything else. Gates is getting older, Keenan Allen looks like a shell of himself, and Malcolm Floyd is due to break down any moment. I think you need to get out of Rivers while the getting’s good. (about 96% owned)

Running Backs

Marshawn Lynch RB | SEA

Lynch has been one of the best RB picks for 2014. He’s been steady, uninjured, and generally a beast, like always. If you’re not winning with him, it’s a cinch you can lose without him. His contract is also up after 2015, so you may see him begin to be phased out of the offense. Not to mention, he’ll be 29 with a ton of mileage before the 2015 season even begins. Sell Marshawn and his gold teeth for a kings ransom. (100% owned)

Frank Gore RB | SF

Gore is a free agent after this season, and judging by his slow start to 2014, the 49ers timed it just about right. He’s darn near ageless, but Father Time is catching up. I do believe that he has one or two vintage Gore games left in him, and when he has another explosion, use that chance to move him for a guy like Carlos Hyde. It’ll sting this year, but you’ll reap the rewards in 2015. (about 95% owned)

Arian Foster RB | HOU

I don’t really have any major issue with Foster’s performance this year. He’s actually beasted his way to a top three RB point total so far. He’s been dynamic, slicing through defenders and catching plenty of passes. What worries me is his injury history and workload. The injury history suggests that injuries will hit him again, and the workload suggests it will be sooner rather than later. If you kept him for this year, you were hoping for a start like this. His value is probably at it’s highest point right now – I’d open negotiations with a RB needy frontrunner and stack your team to the ceiling. (100% owned)

Wide Receivers

Andre Johnson WR | HOU

He’s a monster still, but he’s a 33 (34 before next season) year old monster on a bad team with a terrible quarterback. He has one TD this year, and no 100 yard games. When the Texans took Clowney at #1 this year, they basically said “Screw the QB position for a coupla years”. This is bad for Andre3000’s stock overall. I think he definitely still has some great games left in him, and combined with his brand name recognition, that should be enough to move him to a WR needy team as we get towards the playoffs. Love the player, hate the outlook. (about 97% owned)

Roddy White WR | ATL

So in this super high-flying Atlanta offense, where Roddy and Julio were supposed to be better than ever, Roddy isn’t holding up his end of the bargain in 2014. He’s currently ranked 28th among WRs, and only has that ranked based on three explosive games. His other four games have all been under five fantasy points. He’s eventually going to slow down even further. You don’t want to be there when the music stops. He’ll be 33 in November, and I believe you have to sell him before his name recognition wears out completely. (about 97% owned)

Steve Smith, Sr. WR | BAL

Smith, Sr. has been a godsend for the Ravens offense this year, and if you were lucky enough to snag him, he’s surely been just as great for your fantasy team. Sorry to be the one to burst the bubble – He’s playing way over his head, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense just aren’t that good, and let’s face it – the man is now 35 years old. Even if he has a great rest of the season, are you keeping him over younger, higher upside studs next year? Nope. Make the move! (about 95% owned)

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates TE | SD

Just when we all thought Gate was super old, Ladarius Green was super young and about to create a changing of the guard…2014 happened. Despite his elderly mien, Gates has been flat out dominant through 7 games. He’s third among TEs, and has outscored far brighter names like Gronkowski and Graham. He’s on pace for something ludicrous like 15 TDs, which clearly isn’t going to happen. His pace is going to slow, the season is going to wear on him, and his age is going to start to show. If you’re out of it this year, there’s no reason to have a guy playing way above his ability like Gates on your bench – trade him, and trade him now. (about 95% owned)

Rob Gronkowski TE | NE

I know, I know – this one is coming out of left field. First off, I love Gronk. He’s a dynamic player than changes the game when he’s on the field. The key words there are, of course, when he’s on the field. He’s already sustained far too many surgeries to allow him to remain at 100% effectiveness forever, and I believe that quarterback Tom Brady will begin his decline phase soon too. Add up all the big hits Gronk takes (and delivers) while running routes in the middle of the field, and you have a monster injury risk. Fellow TEs Delanie Walker and Dwayne Allen are within 4 points of Gronk on the year, and could be easily re-acquired on the cheap when you draft next time around. Bottom line: I feel like keeping expensive, injury-prone players like Gronk is only a necessity if you’re gunning for a championship. If you aren’t, it’s time to cash his chip in while he’s healthy and productive. (100% owned)