Each week during the NFL season FST brings you our Fantasy Football Sit’em column, which takes a look at unfavorable matchups and how they might impact lineup decisions for your fantasy football roster. Let’s take a look at some players that you may want to consider benching for Week 5. If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.


Andrew Luck IND VS. SEA

I’m a Luck believer. In fact I don’t think he’ll struggle all that much this week. I just figure that might be some better matchups that have greater upside than Luck, who was probably taken in the 8th to 12th rounds of most fantasy drafts.

Russell Wilson SEA VS. IND

I’m beginning to worry about Wilson as an everyday fantasy quarterback. This team is so run heavy that he’s not getting the yardage. He’s also lucky to not have suffered a loss against the Texans. Seattle fans can all tip the cap to Matt Schaub for gift-wrapping that one away.

Wide Receivers

Steve Johnson BUF VS. CLE

Negative yards receiving last week for this guy, ouch! I’m not a doubter, he’s very talented, but the Browns have something going right now and I don’t know if Johnson is going to be able to turn it on quickly for this Thursday night affair. I like Cleveland’s options at WR and TE much more than the Bills.

Mike Wallace MIA VS. BAL

Mike Wallace once was the toast of the town in Pittsburgh, well that’s certainly shifted since he’s been in South Beach. Sounds like he’s not a great fit with Coach Philbin’s offense and Tannehill hasn’t targeted him as many times as a #1 typically would see. This adds up to some disappointing numbers and I would wait on him to come around before starting him again.

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall AZ VS. CAR

The biggest cloud after 2.5 yards comes after a Rashard Mendenhall run. Mendenhall’s best days appear to be behind him and there’s enough suspicion to believe his job might be in jeopardy after a couple more games as Ellington comes on stronger.

David Wilson NYG VS. PHI

Giants aren’t throwing in the towel yet, but I think David Wilson owners might want to toss that towel in now. This is a hard one, Philly has a suspect defense but Giants have been such a disappointment. If I’m desperate I play Wilson, otherwise there’s other more viable flex options.

Tight Ends

Mercedes Lewis JAC VS. STL

I just can’t keep away from the Jaguars bashing. With the welcome back party for Blackmon this week, coming off the suspension, anyone outside of Cecil Shorts should not be owned (outside of Blackmon) on the Jaguars receiving corps.

Coby Fleener IND VS. SEA

Fleener isn’t a bad play this year, but certainly isn’t the play of choice against a solid up the middle Seahawks legion of boom defense. Let Fleener thaw out on your bench this week and start Zach Miller or someone other than him instead.


Cincinnati Bengals CIN VS. NE

Too much inconsistency equals the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals. With great expectations comes great responsibility. The defense hasn’t lived up to the billing quite the same as last season and New England just finds ways to keep things moving. I like the Bengals as an overall top 10 defense, but this week I’m pressed to utilize them to earn more than 5 points.