With the NFL Draft behind us, it’s time to take a look at which rookie quarterbacks have the most potential to make an impact on your 2013 fantasy football team. In recent years, we have seen Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, and Cam Newton, all have a huge fantasy impact but there is no franchise quarterbacks in this class.

Geno Smith NYJ | QB

No reason to draft him at all. He is not Luck, he is not RGIII and he might not even start the year. Don’t want to hear about it – don’t draft him. Also, one amazing stat is that Smith might have completed 518 passes in college last year but 177 of them were at or behind the line of scrimmage. That just screams of inflated stats due to system over talent hence him slipping in the draft.

EJ Manuel BUF | QB

The first quarterback off the board is not getting the same kind of media buzz than Geno Smith simply since he is playing in Buffalo. The Bills have said he is not a lock to be the opening day starter but he has a big arm. This is a name to know but I do not see him being ranked in our top 20 if not top 25 quarterbacks headed into this fantasy season.

Matt Barkley PHI | QB

I hope Barkley had a fun senior year because it cost him millions of dollars. If Barkley came out last year he would have probably been a top five pick but did not have a stellar season and therefore fell in the draft. With Chip Kelly the new head coach for the Eagles everyone is expecting the offense to put up a ton of fantasy goodness. Now the expectation is that Vick will start the year as a quarterback but as we all know there is a good chance he will fall at some point this year. So the future might be sooner than later for Barkley in a fantasy friendly offense. Still he cannot be drafted in non-dynasty leagues.