You can get it all at the Outfield position, power, average, runs batted in, speed, but this season is a little more top heavy than in prior years. Sometimes people will worry about position scarcity in regards to the infield and think they can grab their outfield later. This is a big mistake, sure there are a ton of fantasy worthy players in the outfield but only the top guys give you production in all five categories.

We have Ryan Braun over Mike Trout as he has been a great fantasy player for years. Sure, Trout had a crazy good season last year but to expect him to repeat is asking a little much. Home runs could certainly regress and the rumors are he came into camp 30 pounds over weight. Now we dont hate him too much as he is ranked inside our top five overall we just feel Ryan Braun is safer.

If you are in a later draft position we love Matt Kemp, Carlos Gonzalez, and Andrew McCutchen since we feel all of these players could be a great anchor for your outfield and your team in general.

Now, I must highlight Bryce Harper and where he is going in drafts. Harper’s average draft position has been climbing so much over the past few weeks it looks like you will need spend an early second round pick on him even in a 10-team league. This is just too high for our liking. Just like Mike Trout he could regress and to expect him to put up top numbers is asking a little more than Trout because he did have some slumps last year.

Clearly, you can fill holes later in the draft with the outfield spot but after the top guys do not think you will help your batting average. Outside of the top 25 it should be tough to yield a .300 hitter.

Draft Day Advice

Overall, you need to be sure to grab a few studs early and later in your draft you can fill what needs you have with outfield specialists. Do not pass on the stats early to simply fill positions as you might find yourself digging out of a hole all season.