The point guard position is typically thought of as the assist position, but with the NBA going to more of a running league many of the top point guards do much more than pass the ball. One can find elite level talent at this position and should take into account the point guards that hit threes and have those sneaky defensive stats to really help bolster any fantasy team. Let’s take a look at our point guard tiers for the upcoming 2013-2014 fantasy basketball season.

Tier 1

Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving
Clearly, these are all studs but for very different reasons. Paul is a monster all around but he has a real chance to lead the league in both assists and steals, I love the addition of Doc Rivers as his head coach as well for Paul. Rivers is a big believer in allowing his point guard to really control the game/tempo and Paul loves an up tempo game (which is always good for fantasy stats). Curry put to rest some of his injury concerns last season and ended up with amazing stats. The fact he drills 3.5 three pointers a game makes him elite but, pair that with seven dimes equals a first round pick. Irving is more of a score first point guard but in the fantasy world that is a not a bad thing.

Tier 2

John Wall, Damian Lillard, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose
There is a ton of upside in tier two. Wall came back from his injury last season and blew up in the final two months of the season. He did so well the Bullets (never will call them the W word) gave him a max deal in the summer. Lillard was the rookie of the year and this youngster should only improve in his second year. Williams now has Garnett and Peirce to throw the ball to which will only improve his assist stats. (in fact the Nets now have 35 All-Star appearances on this roster). The biggest risk/reward player in fantasy basketball this season is Rose. Already playing well in the preseason we believe there is a great chance he returns to his MVP form.

Tier 3

Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Russell Westbrook, Ricky Rubio, Kemba Walker
If you miss out on the guys in the first two tiers you can find upside in tier three. Holiday was dealt to New Orleans as part of a draft day trade coming off his best season as a pro, with a better surrounding cast his points may go down but he could break double digit assists this year. Two other guards to highlight in this tier are Russell Westbrook and Ricky Rubio. Westbrook would be much higher however, he is going to be on the shelf till December due to an injury. When he comes back we expect Westbrook to be his explosive self again. Rubio came back late last season from his own injury and picked up right where he left off making unbelievable plays. Over the summer Rubio played in Europe and improved his three point shot. If he can bump up his points to 15 a game he will be a nice middle round value in any draft.

Tier 4

Rajon Rondo, Mike Conley, Tony Parker, Brandon Jennings, Goran Dragic
Boston got a new head coach and shipped out almost all of their stars from their most recent championship but they did keep Rajon Rondo and plan to rebuild around him. Rondo will be out until December but when he does come back he will be asked to do everything, expect his scoring to go up as well due to the lack of talent on Boston. Jennings is in a new home in Detroit where he will be asked to facilitate more than score for the first time in his career as the Pistons have a great front court with Josh Smith, Drummond, and Monroe.

Tier 5

Jeff Teague, George Hill, Victor Oladipo, Brandon Knight
The Orlando Magic drafted Oladipo with the second overall pick with the hopes to turn him into a point guard in the same manner that the Thunder turned Westbrook into one. (and we all know how that worked out) Also I wanted to highlight Knight, with Jennings over to the Pistons, Knight steps right into the starting point guard role for the Bucks. He is a young player with a decent amount of upside and should be targeted late in all drafts.

Tier 6

Kyle Lowry, Jeremy Lin, Raymond Felton, Michael Carter-Williams, Trey Burke, Jose Calderon
This tier features two rookies in Carter-Williams and Burke. Since they both should be starting (Burke was injured in the pre-season, so he might also miss the start of the year) they will have value in deeper leagues but be careful not to overdraft them based on what they did in college. Making the switch to the NBA for a point guard can be tricky and both of these youngsters have already had some troubles. In the summer league and this preseason both rookies have had trouble with shooting the rock. Just be careful where you take them in your drafts this year.

Tier 7

Steve Nash, Jameer Nelson, Greivis Vasquez, Isaiah Thomas, Jarrett Jack
Position battles and an old men make up this tier. Nelson is going to fight for minutes with Oladipo, Thomas and Vasquez will cannibalize each other’s minutes, and Jack will get run at the point and shooting guard but not starting at either. The guy I really want to highlight is Steve Nash. Nash is getting up there in age and the Lakers are well aware of this after he was in and out of the line-up all last season. There have been talks of Nash getting scheduled rest and limiting his minutes in the games he does play in, therefore his value certainly takes a hit.

Tier 8

Avery Bradley, Mo Williams, Ramon Session, Mario Chalmers
The final tier obviously does not have much value but Bradley will be starting while Rondo is out, Williams has always had the ability to score, Sessions would have the most value if an injury was to occur to any of the incumbent starters in this tier. Last, is the starting point guard for the NBA champion Miami Heat. Chalmers has little value and is typically over drafted by novice fantasy owners – do not be that novice owner.