Each week during the NFL season FST brings you our Fantasy Football Sit’em column, which takes a look at unfavorable match-ups and how they might impact lineup decisions for your fantasy football roster. Let’s take a look at some players that you may want to consider benching for Week 6. If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

Running Backs

Stevan Ridley NE VS. SEA

Belichek is up to his old tricks again, having TDs vultured away from Ridley with the likes of Vareen and Bolden in the RB committee that has tallied back-to-back 200 yard games. That streak comes to an end on Sunday at the Bird’s Nest in Seattle. Seattle has a more than respectable defense and will create problems for Patriots. You just can’t rely on Ridley to get the touches the way Beast mode will opposing him on Sunday. Sit Ridley Sunday or be riddled with disappointment.

Steven Jackson STL VS. MIA

This ageless wonder continues to stave off the upstart Richardson for the lead role in the Rams backfield. It’s 2.5 yards and cloud of dust is about all you can expect from this former Oregon State Beaver. With more mediocre performances there’s no reason to put this guy in your lineup on a regular basis. Miami can play some defense if you were wondering as well. Last week against Bengals explosive crew they held down BJGE to minimal yardage. They did the same to Darren McFadden in addition to the Arizona Cardinals the week prior. Don’t let the big name fool you, he’s going to breakdown this season and it’ll be sooner than later.


Tony Romo DAL VS. BAL

Oh Tony, poor Tony Romo, now even Redskins great Joe Theismann is calling you out about your piss poor performances and lack of being a credible starting QB. At 2-2 Dallas is desperate for a win, but the Baltimore secondary still has Ed Reed last I checked. The Cowboys are likely to have more success on the ground than through the air. Baltimore at home will give Romo some problems and if it’s close in the 4th quarter, don’t worry that’s when Romo gives the game away. Because if he hasn’t throw it to the opposing team yet, he’s bound to do it then. Just like a box of frosted flakes, Tony Romo’s Interceptions – they’re Greeeeaaaaat!

Matt Hasselbeck TEN VS. PIT

Hasselnuts, as those from Seattle know him to be the best know white bald guy in recent NFL history. He’s gotten no love in Tennessee and after some recent back spasm issues and taking a back seat to University of Washington’s own in Jake Locker, finds himself starting against the Steelers this week. The last time I recall Hasselbeck facing this team he put up a paltry performance as his offense scored zero points in an obliterating loss to the Steelers and before that it was the well-refereed Super Bowl XL. Hasselbeck will find better luck on your bench this Sunday, bench him and his baldness accordingly.

Wide Receivers

Jordy Nelson GB VS. HOU

From the must start list week to sit your ass on the bench this week, this guy has fallen faster than Ryan Leaf in a matter of a few weeks. With the injury to Greg Jennings the stage was set for Jordy to dominate the last couple weeks. Instead he failed to eclipse 30 yards without a TD last week and the targets are trending more towards Cobb and Jones than Nelson. The chemistry just hasn’t been there and once Jennings comes back to assume his #1 role Nelson just might be the odd man out. Texans have a tremendous defense and I expect Rodgers to bounce back nicely, while Nelson is looking less like Wes Welker recently and more like Julian Edelman.

Torrey Smith BAL VS. DAL

The Ravens have a tough matchup offensively versus a much improved Cowboys secondary. The coverage promises to be tight in this matchup and Smith is facing more of the reality and less the emotional uplift from recent weeks. There’s always the chance of the homerun with Torrey, but the strikeout always looms as well. Buckle up Orioles fans and buckle down Torrey Smith to your bench on Sunday if you’ve got better options.

Tight Ends

Martellus Bennett NYG VS. SF

After being one of the pleasant surprises for fantasy owners the first few weeks of the season the last couple have seen some duds. That has been without Hakeem Nicks to take the additional attention off him, so with Nicks out again this week I expect the 49ers to concentrate on Bennett. Patrick Willis certainly will be a disruptive force on the field and any belief that this game is a shootout is about as likely as Mitt Romney winning another presidential debate based on factcheck.org stats.

Aaron Hernandez NE VS. SEA

While Hernandez is slated to comeback this week from his injury don’t expect it to be one that has resounding results. Seattle is 4th toughest defense to date against opposing tight ends and expect Brady to look Gronk’s way more than Hernandez. This tattoo fiend will likely be blocking more for this new-look ground game and trying to prevent Brady from winding up on his back from an aggressive Seahawks pass-rush. While this guy is a matchup nightmare for most teams, keep this guy in your fantasy football dreams until next week.


Buffalo Bills BUF VS. AZ

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. That’s a great one liner from one of my favorite ESPN commentators, Chris Berman. Nobody runs circles around defenders the way opponents do to the Buffalo Bills of late either. Buffalo will probably have better luck rushing the passer this week, but after 2 weeks straight of getting lite up in about every defensive stat possible, you would have to have balls the size of buffalo to start this defense on Sunday. The price is wrong for an overpaid Bills defense that was highly touted in the preseason. Sit’em and sit’em good.