The 2012 fantasy baseball season is just around the corner and everyone loves to think about drafting the top sleepers. However, not drafting the busts, or avoiding paying too high for a player can go a long way towards helping you build a championship roster. This article will discuss various players not to draft too high, or avoid completely, for your fantasy baseball draft. If you have any fantasy baseball questions about a sleepers, busts, or who to draft, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Sports Forum. If you have any questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Baseball Forum.

Curtis Granderson NYY | OF

I know what you are thinking – how can a guy that hit over 40 bombs, stole 25 bags, and knocked in over 115 runs be on our bust list? Well that is because we do not see him as a bust but we do see him as overvalued and that is the name of the game with this article. Granderson had one of the luckiest fly ball to homerun ratios in the league so the chances of him hitting 40 is probably not going to happen. Expect Granderson to be a 250 average, 25-30 jacks, 20 bags, players which makes him a solid late second round pick.

Ichiro Suzuki SEA | OF

We think father time has finally caught up with Ichiro, for the first time in his career Ichiro batted under 300. In fact he was right around the 270 mark and since he does not give you much power paired with the fact he has just barely been over 40 RBIs in the past four seasons we are saying pass on Ichiro this year. Sure the speed is nice so if you can grab him late in your draft that is not a terrible move but his name alone has Ichiro going much higher than what we believe his value will be this season.

Nick Swisher NYY | OF

Swisher is simply boring, no upside and a steady player that will give you a 270 average, little over 20 bombs and right around 85 runs batted it. Those numbers are fantasy relevant but he typically is drafted right around those young guys will all the upside. We like Swisher just we prefer a young guy with upside over a steady older player. The ceiling has been seen and hit with Swisher so just know that if you decide to pull the trigger on drafting him.

Joe Nathan TEX | RP

Nathan was one of the games best closers back in 2009 but due to tommy john surgery was out all of 2010 and never was the same in 2011. Nathan does have upside but it was clear last season he was not the same pitcher. We love Nathan as a late round gamble, problem is he is playing on a team that will give him a ton of chances to get saves and his name will yield him going above closers like Kenley Jansen.

Jose Reyes MIA | SS

Beside King Albert Reyes was one of the biggest names to move this off season but that does not mean he is fantasy gold. Sure Reyes had an amazing year in 2011 but one must remember it was a contract year for him and he hit 30 points higher than he ever has before. We are not saying he is going to have a terrible year but his average should go back to right at or right below 300 with the good speed numbers. Remember a season ago he had 7 bombs and did not eclipse 45RBIs.

Dustin Ackley SEA | 2B

The former second overall pick had a pretty good year after being called up a season ago. He is being touted as the real deal and is slowly turning from everyone’s favorite sleeper to overvalued. Sure Ackley proved he has the potential for a nice power/speed year but he is starting to go a little too early for us.

Paul Konerko CWS | 1B

It is really hard to hate on a guy that has put together back to back years where he hit over 300, over 30 homeruns, and had over 100 RBIs but Konerko has one major factor going against him – his age. Konerko is 36 years old which is not ancient but considering you have to take him over younger stud players to get him we say pass on him and take the youth that can produce just as well.

Dee Gordon LAD | SS

On 224 at bats Gordon swiped an amazing 24 bags which leads many fantasy owners to believe he could lead the league in stolen bases. Pair that with the fact he hit over 300 and you got a sleeper. But at what cost? Gordon is not going to give you any power whatsoever which you have to keep in mind when drafting him.

Jayson Werth WAS | OF

Fantasy owners and the Nationals are still waiting for Werth to live up to his redonklous contract. One of the most overpaid players in baseball Werth has been tricking fantasy owners into drafting him early due to all that money the Nationals gave him. Back in 2009 he hit over 30 homeruns and stole over 20 bases but that was in a potent Phils line-up where people had to pitch to him. Since joining the Nationals his stats have been going down and we don’t see a huge bounce back anytime soon.

Josh Hamilton TEX | OF

Every year we have Hamilton on this list and the reason is he always is a injury risk. Over the past five seasons he has just averaged playing in 118 games a year. Sure when healthy Hamilton is great but having to spend a second round pick on him is a scary thing to do considering it is almost a lock he is going to go on the DL for a long stretch at some point this year.