During the NBA season FST brings you our Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups, which breaks down players available in many leagues that could have an immediate impact on your fantasy roster, or simply just players to keep on your radar. Let’s take a look at some players at each position that might be worthy of scooping off the waiver wire heading into Week 8 of the NBA season. If you have any waiver wire questions, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Basketball Forum.

Point Guards

Jose Calderon TOR | PG

Jose Calderon’s value is based on whether or not Kyle Lowry is healthy. When Lowry is not healthy and out with injury which he will be for the next 2 weeks, Calderon will be a hot fantasy add over the next 10 days. Calderon has shown good value in steals, points, and he is a great passer. Calderon will lead the Toronto Raptors over these couple games. He is one to add in every leagues, but most leagues will be dropping him upon Lowry’s return. (about 75% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Jarrett Jack GS | PG/SG

Jarrett Jack is under the fantasy radar a little bit with what he is doing in Golden State. He is rebounding very well and also doing a very good job passing the ball. It is more and more frequent that Stephen Curry is playing off the ball while Jack is playing the point. Coach Jackson is really leaning on Jack to not make mistakes and be the point guard in crunch time, and Jack is not one to disappoint. He is a great add in but the shallowest of leagues. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Chris Duhon LAL | PG

Chris Duhon will be a good source of assists and threes while Nash and Blake are out with injury. He is not going to be a fantasy stud like Bradley Beal or Jordan Crawford but he is better for deeper league teams that need some assists. With Nash out for a couple more weeks he has no real threat behind him for minutes. His biggest threat is when Kobe Bryant decides to play point guard and completely takes over the game. He is only an add for deep leagues that currently need assists as his stats are not fantasy starter material. (about 10% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deep leagues

Shooting Guards

Bradley Beal WAS | SG

Bradley Beal has been showing lately why he was drafted 3rd overall this year 15.5 points over the past 4 games. Beal will be getting a lot of extra minutes at the shooting guard position with the Wizards front court being injured and Jordan Crawford playing at the point guard position theres no real threat to steal minutes from the rookie. Beal is a natural scorer that puts up a lot of shots and has the green light. There will be some nights that he will go off for 20 to 30 points and other nights have 10 but his average will be somewhere in the 15 point range. Beal is a a natural talent that has tremendous upside in dynasty leagues. (about 30% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Marco Belinelli CHI | SG

Marco Belinelli is a great shooter that is currently starting for the injured Richard Hamilton. He is currently stepping up to that role very well averaging 20.5 points over a 4 game stretch. He is seeing a lot of open looks and can easily get you two to three three pointers made a game. Even when Hamilton returns Belinelli will be earning some good minutes after this performance. Currently he is a strong add for any league but will be a great add for any deep league as he will continue this production until Hamilton comes back. (about 15% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Shannon Brown PHX | SG

Shannon Brown has recently just started to shine in Phoenix situation that has been a mess. Brown has just earned the start at the shooting guard position and has the job security. He is not producing great stats on the assists and rebounding category but he is a good defender averaging one steal a game. He is showing the ability to get to the rim and shooting high FG% but is currently only shooting .400 but he should be able to get his FG% back up to the league average. Shannon Brown is a safe pick for deep leagues but is one to watch for the shallow leagues. (about 10% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all deep leagues and watch for standard

Small Forwards

Corey Brewer DEN | SF

Corey Brewer is currently playing very well in limited minutes, and is beginning to show that he can produce quality fantasy stats until the return of Wilson Chandler. In the past 5 games he has scored more then 15 in each game and he proves yet again that he knows how to score the ball. Brewer played very well in spurts last year and I expect him to continue this trend. When he is hot he is worth a add but he is a great add in all leagues until he cools off. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all deep leagues

Power Forwards

Ersan Ilyasova MIL | SF/PF

Ersan Ilyasova looks like he is returning back to the fantasy love that he was in preseason, and hopefully this is true. Ilyasova is hopefully out of his slump and will return to the fantasy stud in rebounding and three pointers that he was last year. He is no longer one to watch and one to add in all standard leagues, and hopefully Scott Skiles decides not to change his rotation again. (about 50% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Ed Davis TOR | PF/C

Ed Davis will be filling in for the injury plagued Andrea Bargaini probably for the next couple months, and Davis proved last night that he is capable of that. Davis will not provide your team with three pointers and high amount of scoring as Bargaini does, but he does have value in rebounding, steals, and blocks. It is fair not to expect 20 points a night from Davis, but he will be a good fantasy handcuff while Bargaini is out. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues