During the NBA season FST brings you our Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups, which breaks down players available in many leagues that could have an immediate impact on your fantasy roster, or simply just players to keep on your radar. Let’s take a look at some players at each position that might be worthy of scooping off the waiver wire heading into the second week of the NBA season. If you have any waiver wire questions, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Basketball Forum.

Point Guard

Greivis Vasquez NO | PG

Greivis Vasquez will always be a undervalued point guard but as the starting point guard for the Hornets Vasquez will put up some great stats! Last year in 26 starts he averaged 12 points with 6 assists. He is going to perform like a classic point guard that plays with passion and emotion. He has a strong job security as Austin Rivers will not become a starting PG this year. Greivis has also usually stayed healthy which is a great upside to any fantasy player. Last year Jarret Jack was in the way but this year no one can stop what Greivis can do. I’m very excited to see what he will do this year. If you grab and start Greivis Vasquez you will not be disappointed. Being owned in 50% right now I expect in around Mid November he will be at 100% owned. (about 50% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Nate Robinson CHI | PG/SG

Nate Robinson is one of the best athletes for his size to ever play the game. His natural shooting and phenomenal vertical leaping ability sets him apart from most point guards. He is a good source of three’s along with assists. His only problem that is in his way that has been his problem throughout his career is minutes. In Chicago his chance for minutes is good with the injury prone Kirk Hinrich at the starting point guard position. If Hinrich goes down Nate Robinson will be a hot pick up so don’t miss out. (about 5% owned)
Recommendation: Add to watch list

Shooting Guard

Brandon Roy MIN | SG/SF

Brandon Roy was once a top 15 fantasy player before he retired with knee issues last year. Brandon Roy is a great player on a injured team with no real scoring threats but Nikola Pekovic and Roy. The Timberwolves have came out and stated that they are hoping for about 30-32 minutes a game for Roy to start the season. If Roy is still the same caliber player that he was just only a few years ago he will be one of the top pickups off the waiver wire and good easily be in the top 50 player rater at years end. Roy will be a good source of points, rebound, and assist. The Timberwolves are really short on players right now which leaves Roy primed for a most improved player. If this the Roy from 2 years back the decision to have him on your roster or bench will increase your chance of winning the league. (about 50% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Leandro Barbosa BOS | SG

Watching Leandro play Tuesday night against the Heat opened my eyes a little to his ability. After watching Jason Terry looking unlike himself and watching Barbosa play like he did reminded me of the 06-07 season when he won sixth man of the year. From what I know about Doc Rivers is that he will start whoever gives him the best chance to win. I can expect in a couple weeks in the season if Barbosa can keep putting up points as he has you should expect he will start over Courtney Lee with Terry to come off the bench as the 6th man. For now you expect Barbosa to continue scoring off the bench and later you will be rewarded when he wins the starting job. He put up quite good stats in Toronto as a starter and you can expect him to due just as well in the starting lineup of Boston (about 5% owned)
Recommendation: Add to watch list

Power Forward

Brandan Wright DAL | PF

Brandan Wright is currently averaging 14.5 points, 2.5 blocks, and 4 rebounds a game. Not the most impressive stats but I very good filler for while Dirk Nowitzki is out with injury. The best thing that you can tell when you look at his stats is that he is 12 for 13 on the field. Field goal percentage is huge category that is sometimes very hard to keep very high. Brandan Wright I see putting up stats like Tyson Chandler and DeAndre Jordan without as many rebounds. As long as Dirk is out Brandan with see playing time. Brandan Wright seems like a great sleeper that is performing very well to begin the season. (about 5% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Small Forward

Marvin Williams UTA | SF

Marvin Williams is a great overall player that is in no competition for his job. He showed in Atlanta that he is a good all around player, but never could put up consistent numbers in Atlanta as it was always a challenge to get minutes. Now in Utah he has the minutes he just has to put up the numbers. He is a all around player a lot like Andre Iguodala. You can expect rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals while remaining an average of around 12-15 points. If he can live up to his potential you can expect him to be mid tier small forward that has high upside. He is a great pick up anyone league that has 12 or more teams (about 5% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues