During the NBA season FST brings you our Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups, which breaks down players available in many leagues that could have an immediate impact on your fantasy roster, or simply just players to keep on your radar. Let’s take a look at some players at each position that might be worthy of scooping off the waiver wire heading into Week 16 of the NBA season. If you have any waiver wire questions, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Basketball Forum.

Point Guards

Jerryd Bayless MEM | PG

Mike Conley went down, Jerryd Bayless stepped up. He started three games while Conley was out, and earned the trust of the coaching staff in Memphis. His per-game average for the scoring period ranked inside the top 30. Even now that Conley is back, Bayless is still getting 25 or more minutes per game and putting up strong all-around lines. If you have someone to drop, consider Mr. Bayless as a stash. (about 30% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Eric Bledsoe LAC | PG

We’ve talked about Bledsoe previously, and this is your final reminder – with CP3 back, a less-than-bright owner may drop Bledsoe in favor of the flavor of the week. Take advantage of this foolishness, and add Bledsoe. Not only did Bledsoe wreck shop in CP3’s absence, there are rumors of a Jordan / Bledsoe for Garnett trade as we near the deadline. If Bledsoe were to start for the Celtics, he would instantly become the most coveted stash in the fantasy game. (about 45% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Nate Robinson CHI | PG

We first discussed Mr. Robinson exactly 4 weeks ago. He didn’t make me look great that week, but has picked it up since, culminating in a top 15 ranking during the last scoring period. If you saw fit to add Nate while he was 18% owned, congrats. He’s killing it this week, and should continue to do so until Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose make it back. Hinrich should be back within the week, and Rose after the All-Star break, but Nate Dawg should continue to be a great source of 3’s, steals, FT%, and points, and he also makes a great injury stash for Rose or Hinrich. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Shooting Guards

Lance Stephenson IND | SG

Sir Lancelot has really come on over the last scoring period, and should be considered an effective deep league weapon. Over the last 14 days, he’s shooting 50%, from the field, 75%+ from the stripe, scoring 11+ points, grabbing 5+ boards, and handing out 3+ assists per game. He also hits 1+ three-pointers, and he’s playing 30+ minutes. Add 1+ steals plus blocks per game, and you have yourself a quality deep league add, with upside. (less than 10% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues, watch in standard leagues

Bradley Beal WAS | SG

Gentlemen, consider this one more public service announcement. Beal played 17 minutes Saturday night, and although his stat line was inconsequential, he’s back. Shallow leaguers, check your waiver wires – there is no doubt that Beal will supplant Garrett Temple in the resurgent Wizards starting lineup, and soon.
(about 55% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Nick Young PHI | SG

Here’s the rub: Jason Richardson is done for the year . This opens the door for one Swaggy P, better known as Nick Young. Let me be clear: As a Wizards fan, I can’t stand this guy. But we’re playing a numbers racket here, and we can’t play favorites. Young has raked to the tune of 1.7 / 15.8 / 4.3 / 2.3 / 1.5 3PM/PTS/REB/AST/STL line in our last scoring period, with excellent percentages, making him a top 50 play. Well under 50% owned to this point, grab him while he’s cheap. (about 35% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Small Forwards

Martell Webster WAS | SF

As a Wiz fan, I can tell you that the keys to their recent resurgence are twofold – the return of John Wall, and the emergence of Martell Webster. We talked about this guy as a deep league add last week, when he was less than 10% owned. The Wiz beat the Nets on Saturday night, and posted what has become his general line these days: 6 of 9 from the field, three 3’s made, 16 points, 3 steals, 4 boards, 2 assists. He’s up to 20% owned this week – how long will you wait? (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Jimmy Butler CHI | SF

Luol Deng is back, so Jimmy Butler should fade back into the shadows, right? Wrong. During his brief sojourn as a starter, Butler has earned Tom Thibodeau’s trust as both a plus defensive player and scoring option. He hasn’t played less than 29 minutes in a game since January 18th, and if you check the box score, the results have been phenomenal – he’s been a top 50 play over the last two weeks. If a foolish owner released Butler to free agency, now is your time to capitalize. (about 25% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Carlos Delfino HOU | SF

Delfino played less than 10 minutes before being hurt, then missed two games in a row. He was a hot free agent the last two weeks, but has been dropped en masse. If he’s available in your league, take notice. Despite missing the better part of three games in the last scoring period, as well as a Delfino is still posting a top 100 line. He played 21+ minutes Saturday night, and should be ready to re-enter the top 50 to 75 rankings threshold within a few days games in the Rockets high-octance attack. Standard leagues, and especially deep leagues, make sure this gentleman is not on your waiver wire. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Power Forward

Jeff Green BOS | PF

First Rajon Rondo, and then Jared Sullinger, have gone down for the year for the ironically luckless Celtics. Boston is quickly running out of depth on their bench – Enter the also-ironically-named Mr. Green. He’s averaging almost 30 minutes per game for the new-look Celtics over the last 14 days, scoring 14 points with strong percentages, small contributions in rebounds and assists, and notably almost 1 block and 3 pointer made per game. These numbers sbould all increase as he finds his way in the offense – if you have a player worth cutting, here’s a player worth adding. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues, watch in standard leagues

Taj Gibson CHI | PF

At this point, we all know Gibson exploded while Joakim Noah was sidelined by plantar fasciitis. What we’re not sure of is what happens moving forward. Gibson returned Friday night, and theoretically this should have shoved Gibson back into the corner. Not so. On Friday, Gibson played 30 minutes, backing up both Boozer and Noah, and the Taj Mahal contributed 14 points, 8 boards, and 2 blocks. He can’t shoot free throws, but if you need big man stats, there isn’t a better stash in the NBA, since he’s the primary backup for both big guys on the Bulls. ( about 25% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Mareese Speights LAL | PF

The trade to Cleveland has, as expected, been a boon to Speights. He’s getting playing time, and making the most of it. He’s averaging 50% shooting, 80%+ from the stripe, and 14 & 7 since I last wrote while playing almost 25 minutes per game. Speights has always produced when given minutes – if he’s available in your deeper league, cut your worst player immediately. In standard and weekly leagues, strongly consider this move as well. If Tyler Zeller or Tristan Thompson go down, Speights could instantly be a top 75 play. (less than 25% owned)

Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues, watch in standard leagues


Jonas ValanciunasTOR | C

JVC returned on February 1st, and finally made an impact on Friday night, scoring 14 points with 13 rebounds and 2 blocks in around 26 minutes. Impressively, this was against Indiana, one of the better defensive teams in the league. Toronto has to know this is a lost season, and at some point they’ll being featuring Valanciunas. With Ed Davis traded to Memphis, JVC has no further barriers to playing time. Add and enjoy. (less than 10% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Byron Mullens CHA | C

Mullens reclaimed his starting job for the Bobcats on Friday night, to the tune of 20 points, 12 boards, a steal, a block, and 100% from the stripe. He should be owned in all leagues, immediately. He plays for a very poor team, and should get plenty of minutes moving forward as their big of the future. Don’t let him beat you for the rest of the regular season, or in the playoffs – make the Mullens add now. (about 40% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Samuel Dalembert MIL | C

Samuel Dalembert, always a good decision. Until this year, anyway. He’s generally spent most of his time on the bench for Milwaukee (due to this Larry Sanders phenomenon), and therefore posted very pedestrian numbers as a result. This has all changed. Dalembert posted top 50 numbers while playing for an ailing Sanders, and the trade deadline grows near. Dalembert trade rumors grow by the day, and there are multiple teams that would love to own a quality center. If Sammy D is available in your league, consider finding a roster spot for this quality center. (about 40% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues