Start ’em Sit ’em is our weekly look at favorable and unfavorable match-ups and how they might affect lineup decisions for your fantasy football team. Other than a few elite players, no one should be classified as a must start every week, and analyzing match-ups can go a long way to giving your team a weekly edge. If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.


Josh Freeman TB vs. DET: Start’em

As I went through the quarterback plays for week 1 Freeman just kept moving up my rankings. Prior to the season we were all big on Freeman due to his lack of turnovers and rushing yards. Freeman was second in rushing yards for a QB (behind Vick) a season ago however, never rushed one in for a touchdown – this is what we call an anomaly and that will not happen again this season. I am going as far to make the call he rushes one in this week.

Tony Romo DAL @ NYJ: Sit’em

This week the Cowboys are playing the Jets in NY on the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Some people might think I am crazy but I really think that will affect the game. New Yorkers have a ton of pride and on this anniversary, of a terrible day, that brought the entire country together, I expect the crowd to play a factor. Football is a game of emotion so this additional boost plus the fact the Jets were a top defense a year ago makes Romo a tough start.

Kyle Orton DEN vs. OAK: Spot Start

Orton is a very underrated quarterback in terms of talent and the fact he is at home against the Raiders in their first game without Asomugha makes me really like him this week. I think the Raiders are going to miss Asomugha as he literally cut the field in half since he is a shut down, never throw the ball towards him, corner. Orton could have a nice first start this year.

Running Backs

Jahvid Best DET @ TB: Start’em

It is time to put up or shut up. Last season we all (Dustin, Mike and I) had Foster as our breakout guy (check the tapes) stating he would have his national welcome to fantasy football breakout game week one. This year I am saying the same thing happens with Best. Of course Best is more known than Foster since he showed flashes early last year but he was banged up all year long so he could not hold up throughout the season. He is never going to be as healthy as he is now and I expect big things out of him week one.

Beanie Wells ARZ vs. CAR: Start’em

Once our boy Ryan Williams went down, Wells got bumped into the starting line-up and went flying up draft boards. We hated the fact he was going as early as the start of the fourth round but we cannot hate this match-up. Carolina does not have a great line and I expect them to focus on the passing game therefore giving Wells a solid chance to have a good game.

Reggie Bush MIA vs. NE: Spot Start

Bush is the man for the Fins headed into week one. The coaches have lost confidence in rookie Daniel Thomas and have stated they are going to feature Bush this season. The issue with that is Bush is almost a lock to get hurt at some point since he always does. With that said he is healthy week one and if you are in a ppr league Bush is a great spot start on Monday night.

Wide Receivers

Reggie Wayne IND @ HOU: Start’em

With Manning out (listed as doubtful but we all know it is not happening) this week many people have been moving Wayne to their bench – this is a huge mistake. The Texans signed Joseph in the off-season to help their secondary but until I see a huge change in their defense I still think you always start your above average (and Wayne is way above average) wideouts against them confidently and expect big numbers.

Santonio Holmes NYJ vs. DAL: Start’em

The Cowboys had issues all last season at stopping the deep ball and other than getting Rex Ryan’s brother as a defensive coordinator they did not do much to change things on defense. Holmes should be a nightmare match-up for them as he is a big fast wideout and loves to run down the sideline looking for a bomb. Once the Jets cross the 50 yard line look for Sanchez to take a shot or two at Holmes for the long touchdown. In my early crazy calls, I am stating Holmes catches get one 45+ yard touchdown this week.

Jeremy Maclin PHI @ STL: Sit’em

We are Maclin fans and even made the call a season ago he would score more fantasy points than DeSean Jackson which was not so crazy after the season was over. The reason for stating this is because we like him however, he had a huge scare this off-season. He was sick and lost a ton of weight. Maclin was cleared to play and start drills a little over two weeks ago but that is not enough time in our mind to get him into football shape. Sure he could have a good game but if you have another wideout that you like I would let Maclin sit week one and see how he looks playing all four quarters.

Tight Ends

Lance Kendricks STL vs. PHI: Pick-up and Play

Philly gave up the most fantasy points to Tight Ends a season ago and therefore we are a fan of the rookie Kendricks this week. If you are thinking that having those stud corners should have them yield less points to Tight Ends this season we believe that is not the case at all. Linebackers typically line up with the Tight End and the Eagles are pretty weak there. Also the fact they have all those corners Bradford will probably have a better chance to throw the ball up the seams to Kendricks. Second bold call of this week – Kendricks finds the endzone at least once and maybe twice week one making him the most added player in fantasy week 2.


Cleveland Browns DEF vs. CIN: Pick-up and Play

This is more saying something about the Cincy Offense than the Browns defense. The Bengals are starting a rookie QB that has not looked great in the preseason, have a rookie wideout as their top target, and a running back in Benson who flat out is not that good. The Bengals will be hard pressed to score a bunch of points and we expect a few turnovers out of Dalton in his first NFL game.

If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.