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Forum Question: Which player would you start in your Week 4 flex spot, Mark Ingram (@Jac), Eric Decker (@GB), or David Nelson (@Cin)? (view post by cmcginn‪)

FST_Brent: I have bought into the David Nelson hype – after watching him on Sunday he is big target and I love his upside. Also with Stevie taking all the attention I expect him to continue to have solid games.

FST_Dustin: If this is a PPR league I am going with Decker. The Packers give up a ton of yards through the air, and the Broncos should be playing from behind. If it’s a standard league I am giving the edge to Ingram. I think he might find the endzone again this week.

FST_Mike: Ingram may be seeing the goal-line touches for the Saints and is the best bet to score, but has limited value because of the presence of Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles so he is a tough start for me. I am a big fan of David Nelson and the Bills’ offense so far this season, but I think Decker is the best start this week and it was a good sign that he continued to get targets with Brandon Lloyd back on the field.

Forum Question: Which quarterback would you start for Week 4, Ben Roethlisberger (@Hou) or Tony Romo (vs. Det)? (view post Bmcluck83‪)

FST_Brent: This is going to sound a little crazy after the Saints put up 40 points on them but I kind of believe in the Texans D. Joseph is a solid corner and Williams can get to the Qb. Romo on the other hand should have a little more focused wideouts and Lions front seven is pretty good so the way to attack them is in the air. I go with Romo here.

FST_Dustin: I think both these guys are similar plays this week. So I am going to use the home field advantage as a tie breaker. The young WRs for Dallas will hopefully play better this week, and I think Romo could have a decent week.

FST_Mike: Miles Austin’s absence certainly hurts Romo’s value, but I still think I’d go with Romo here. Roethlisberger does have a favorable matchup against Houston’s secondary, but I think the Cowboys will air it out against the Lions.

Forum Question: Which quarterback would you start for Week 4, Ben Roethlisberger (@Hou) or Matt Ryan (@Sea)? (view post by Lewis43Fantasy‪)

FST_Brent: This is so tough but Big Ben’s line has been pretty bad and don’t sleep on the Texans D anymore. (I know they gave up 40 last week but I still sort of believe) Ryan has such a nice match-up I would go with him. Seattle is just a bad team and Ryan is due for another big day.

FST_Dustin: Doesn’t get much closer then this. Ryan does have a slightly easier matchup, but Seattle is a really tough place to play. I am giving the slight edge to Big Ben on this one. His matchup isn’t great, but I think he should be able to move the ball. I think both these guys are in line for about 250 with a couple TDs, but I would give the slight edge to Big Ben.

FST_Mike: I’d go with Roethlisberger here. The Texans secondary is still very exploitable and Roethlisberger has a big-play threat with Mike Wallace. Ryan faces the Seahawks, who are 10th in the NFL against the pass.

Forum Question: Which running back would you start for Week 4, Rashard Mendenhall (@Hou), LeGarrette Blount (vs.Ind), or Bernard Scott (vs.Buf)? (view post by taggz_82‪)

FST_Brent: I like you have to give Mendy one more chance – the Steelers are a better run blocking team than pass blocking team and Mendy is bound to have a good game. I think he finds the endzone this week.

FST_Dustin: The Colts give up a lot of yards and a lot of points, I am going with Blount for your RB spot. I don’t mind Mendenhall this week though, I just like Blount a little more.

FST_Mike: It is looking like Cedric Benson will play this week so it is basically a toss up between Mendenhall and Blount. Both have decent matchups this week, but I’d go with Blount. He had 24 carries last week so Tampa Bay is committed to the run game. While he won’t give you much of a bonus in a PPR league, he is a nice bet to be around 100 yards on the ground this week against Indy.

Forum Question: Which quarterback would you start for Week 4, Matt Schaub (vs.Pit), Jay Cutler (vs.Car), or Mark Sanchez (@Bal)? (view post by TheOneCalledG‪)

FST_Brent: I would start Schaub vs my Steelers. The D just is not the same and out of the bunch I would take Schaub throwing to Andre and Daniels. As an added bonus my boy Foster will be back this week and I expect him to be the Foster of old opening up throwing lanes for Schaub.

FST_Dustin: This is a tough QB question. I am going to give the slight edge to Cutler, the Panthers have a pretty good D but I think that game has the potential to turn into a shootout. The Bears have been giving up a lot of yards through the air this year.

FST_Mike: I’d go with Schaub here. Believe or not, but Pittsburgh’s defense does not have an interception yet this season and only 7 sacks. After Schaub I would go with Cutler and then Sanchez.

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