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Question: Who is the better Week 2 start, Dallas Clark or Aaron Hernandez? (view post by ‪skinslvr26)

FST_Brent: After watching that Monday night game I am a huge Hernandez believer. Corners are too small for him and linebackers are too slow – this might be a little crazy but I think we are seeing the new age of Tight Ends. If teams double him, Brady will kill the D with Welker short passes and checking into runs. Clark on the other hand should still be solid but until he proves it I would go with Hernandez.

FST_Dustin: I am still a believer that Clark will have a solid year, but after week 1 I am just not sure how you could keep Hernandez on your bench. I am worried about how much the Pats love to spread the ball around, but I still think Hernandez will get enough targets.

FST_Mike: Dallas Clark was only targeted five times against the Texans in Week 1 partly because he was involved more in pass protection against Mario Williams. I think his targets will go up and Kerry Collins may eventually need to rely on him more than Manning did. However, I would not start Clark until the Colts offense proves they can be effective with Collins at QB. Hernandez had a huge game against Miami and it looks like there will be enough looks for both him and fellow TE Rob Gronkowski.

Question: Which defense is the best pick-up-and-play for Week 2, Lions (vs.KC), Redskins (vs.ARI), Cowboys (@SF), or Giants (vs.STL)? (view post by ‪duncangerhard)

FST_Brent: Out of five leagues I have the Lions in two and the GMen in three so I am obviously big fans of both of them. With the Rams banged up I think the GMen could have a huge day, but the Skins did put up a good amount of points since they are so banged up. On the other hand, the Lions face a KC team that looked like they did not know what they were doing Week 1 against the Bills. Also, I think since the GMen are banged up, a healthy Lions team is the way to go. I see a ton of sacks and a few turnovers created by them. Can’t go wrong, but I would say Lions.

FST_Dustin: I think the Giants at home vs. the Rams is a nice play this week. The Rams have few weapons on offense, and I feel like the Giants should be able to force some turnovers. The Redskins would be my second choice. They are at home and they looked pretty good Week 1 against the Giants offense.

FST_Mike: For me it is between the Giants and Lions. The Giants defense has been hit pretty hard by injuries with Terrell Thomas out for the season and both Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora out against the Skins in Week 1. They should get Tuck back for Week 2 and will be facing a Rams offense that has suffered injuries as well. Tough one, but I’ll give the edge to the Lions.

Question: Who is the better Week 2 start, Mark Sanchez or Ryan Fitzpatrick? (view post by ‪bamahoosier)

FST_Brent: The Jags did nothing to improve that terrible secondary from a season ago. After Week 1, I saw the Jets let Sanchez throw the ball a ton more than last season and I like his weapons more than Fitz. So those three facts make me say Sanchez. I cannot take anything away from Fitz, but I feel Oakland D is just a little better than the Jags.

FST_Dustin: This is extremely close, and I think they will both have decent weeks. They are both playing at home, so I can’t use that as a tie breaker. I think Sanchez is the safer play, he has the overall better offense with a lot more weapons on his side. Fitzpatrick has had a lot big games over the last year, but he can be inconsistent.

FST_Mike: Definitely a close on here, but I’ll give the edge to Sanchez here. The Jaguars have one of the league’s worst secondaries that gave up 263 yards passing and 2 TDs to Matt Hasselbeck in Week 1.

Question: Which players would you start for Week 2 (pick two), Ahmad Bradshaw, Tim Hightower, Cedric Benson, or Reggie Bush? (view post by ‪FFBizB)

FST_Brent: Hightower is a great start this week. The Cards defense was burned last week in the air so this week they will be playing their DB/S back leaving some running lanes for Hightower. It does not hurt that Hightower will have a chip on his shoulder playing his former team. The second one is not so easy to me. Benson plays a Denver D that got crushed by McFadden last week but I think I have to Bradshaw here. Monday night the GMen should get back to running the ball and I think Bradshaw will have a solid game.

FST_Dustin: I think Hightower could have a solid game against his old team. So I think he needs to be in your lineup. Your second start comes down to your league settings. I would go with Bush in a PPR league and Benson in a standard league. Denver has a terrible run D and you know Benson will get a lot of touches. Bush is a stud in PPR leagues and as long as he is healthy its going to be hard to keep him out of your lineup.

FST_Mike: I would go with Cedric Benson (@DEN) and Ahmad Bradshaw (vs.STL). Benson is coming off a 121 yard effort against Cleveland and the Bengals are playing a Denver defense that couldn’t stop Oakland on the ground in Week 1. Bradshaw saw limited carries in Week 1 partly because they were playing from behind, but I don’t think that will be the case this week against the Rams.

Question: Who is the best Week 2 start LeGarrette Blount, Fred Jackson, or Darren Sproles? (view post by ‪FFBizB)

FST_Brent: I got to go with Blount here. I know it is scary after last week but he did not get many touches since TB was playing from behind most of the game. I do not believe that will be the case this week. I expect TB to get up early and control the clock with Blount. It also does not hurt that Blount was vocal about not getting enough carries last week so he will be running to prove he was right.

FST_Dustin: I really want to say Blount but he just isn’t the safest play here. Jackson is coming off a solid game and I think he is the safest play out of the three. The only way I wouldn’t start Jackson is if it’s a PPR league that counts return yards. In that case I would give the edge to Sproles.

FST_Mike: I’d go with Fred Jackson (vs.OAK). He had a great Week 1 against the Chiefs and despite splitting carries with C.J. Spiller, it looks like you can count on around 20 touches a week from him. Blount is not involved on passing downs so I think he has a limited upside this week. Sproles has more value in a PPR league that gives points for return yards, but I doubt he’ll come close to matching his 7 catch performance from Week 1 and teams will likely start to avoid kicking it to him.

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