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Question: I need‪ a good WR/RB a good sleeper.‬ Pick one from these players Fred Jackson, Daniel Thomas, Percy Harvin, Cedric Benson, or Ryan Grant. (view post by ‪edwardm564321)

FST_Brent: Big Fan of Percy Harvin this year, McNabb loves the dinks and dunks and Harvin is a perfect player for him. I see Harvin playing a ton in the slot and racking up catches. (does not hurt he has great after the catch potential)

FST_Dustin: There is a lot of value here. I think overall Harvin has the most upside out of this group. I have high hopes for him this year. If you need a RB I think Thomas has the biggest upside. The reason I pick Thomas is because I have little faith that Bush will stay healthy all year. Thomas will be asked to take on more carries as the year goes on, and I think he could have a lot of value when it counts the most.

FST_Mike: I am not a huge fan of Cedric Benson and he has very limited upside, but I think he is almost a lock for 20+ touches a week. He is going for his third straight 1,000+ yard season, but at about 3.7 yards per carry, it will likely take over 300 carries to get there. Fred Jackson has a bigger upside and would be next on my list despite splitting carries with C.J. Spiller. Daniel Thomas will have decent fantasy value if (or should I say when) Reggie Bush gets hurt so he may be worth a stash. Ryan Grant will likely lose carries to James Starks. Percy Harvin has a decent upside, but being the only WR on this list you may want to consider depth of the position and team needs before adding him.

Question: Which WR’s should I start for Week 1 (pick three) Dwayne Bowe, Stevie Johnson, Sidney Rice, Plaxico Burress, Nate Burleson, Andre Roberts, or Lee Evans? (view post by mdy18‪)

FST_Brent: Bowe and Johnson are the locks then I would go with Rice (if he plays). Out of the group he has the most upside this week for a huge game as the clear number one guy out in Seattle.

FST_Dustin: I have to agree with keeping Bowe and Johnson in your lineup. Those guys are too good to swap out with any of these other guys. I am not a huge fan of all of your other options for week 1, but I have narrowed it down to Rice and Burleson. I am going to give the slight edge to Burleson for your WR3. It’s a very tough call, but with all the attention that Calvin gets he should see a ton of single coverage. There are a lot of question marks in Seattle right now, and I trust Burleson a little bit more at this point.

FST_Mike: Dwayne Bowe and Stevie Johnson are definitely your WR1 and WR2 slots this week. Keep an eye on Matt Cassel’s rib injury as he might miss Week 1. If so, lower your expectations for Bowe, but I think you still have to start him over the remaining players on your bench. For your WR3, I would go with Sidney Rice (if he plays, keep an eye on the injury report).

Question: Which RB is the best Week 1 start, Ray Rice or Knowshon Moreno? (view post by xjake09x‪)

FST_Brent: The stats are tough to overcome but I would have a tough time sitting Rice. I think with his new fullback blocking for him he should have a better game than either of his performances last year.

FST_Dustin: It’s really hard to keep your first round pick on your bench, but in this case I think I would do the same thing. The Raiders were terrible against the run last year, and we all know what the Steelers did vs. the run last year.

FST_Mike: This is definitely a tough one and almost a coin flip in my opinion. In the two matchups against the Steelers last year, Rice had 17 carries for a mediocre 52 yards and just three total receptions. This is a tough Week 1 matchup for Rice, but I would still give him the slight edge over Moreno.

Question: Who should I start in my WR3 slot for Week 1, Austin Collie or Julio Jones? (view post by menooshy28‪)

FST_Brent: Collie – until the Texans can prove to me they can stop someones passing attack I will always go with the guy that is playing them in a coin flip. I also want to see a little more out of the rookie before I confidently put him into a line-up.

FST_Dustin: I know the Manning situation is scary, but the Colts are playing the Texans week 1. They were the worst in the league last year against the pass, and even with Collins throwing I would still take Collie. This is assuming that Collie is healthy enough to play.

FST_Mike: Manning will be replaced by Kerry Collins for the foreseeable future and with no timetable for Manning’s return this will obviously hurt the fantasy value of all the Colts’ receiving corps. Luckily they have a favorable Week 1 matchup against the Texans. Julio Jones may be a better start in the weeks to come, but I’d go with Collie this week.

Question: Who would you start at flex for Week 1, BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Reggie Bush? (view post by masanchez34‪)

FST_Brent: I go to the old settings tie breakers. If is is a PPR go with Bush, standard settings go with Law Firm.

FST_Dustin: This is one that has to come down to the league settings. In a standard league you got to go with the Law Firm because has a better chance of finding the endzone. If you get .5 points or more for a catch then I think I would roll the dice with Bush. When healthy he has always been productive, and I think he could start the year hot.

FST_Mike: I would almost start Bush regardless of the league settings. Of course if there are points per reception it is a no-brainer. You might as well take advantage of starting a healthy Bush while you can.

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