With the 2010 NFL Draft in the books, there are a number of fantasy relevant rookies to consider on draft day. As history has taught us, rookie running backs have the best chance to make an immediate impact, but there are a number of quarterbacks and wide receivers that will have some fantasy relevance in their first year in the league. Our experts recap each position and list several rookies worth targeting in your 2010 Fantasy Football draft.


Sam Bradford St. Louis Rams | 1st overall pick

Bradford is the new face of the franchise and he is going to get paid which only means the coaching staff for the Rams will have a ton of pressure to start him. Don’t make the same mistake. There was a reason the Rams picked first and that is because they are not very good at the game of football. We cannot see Bradford cracking the top 25 for fantasy quarterback production this season and for those that think we are crazy please note that Marc Sanchez was ranked 24 after playing very well for the Jets last season.

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos | 25th overall pick

The Broncos traded up to Tim Tebow in the first round which means to us that they think of him as a starting quarterback. What we doubt is that he will actually start this season. Making his fantasy value basically nothing. He will probably get in a play or two in the Wildcat, but do not be the guy that drafted him thinking you have the steal of the draft.

Jimmy Clausen Carolina Panthers | 48th overall pick

Clausen certainly slipped in the draft which landed him right into the Panthers lap. Carolina has a great running game so that is a great situation for any of the rookie quarterback. The problem is Matt Moore looked good towards the end of last year and should be the starter at the beginning of the season. Clausen might be the future for the Panthers but not next season.

Colt McCoy Cleveland Browns | 85th overall pick

McCoy is an undersized quarterback and much like Clausen certainly slipped in the draft. It will be an open competition in training camp but even if he does start he does not have much value at all. The Browns have no line and no playmakers which is not a good recipe for a quarterback’s fantasy value.

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