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The 2010 fantasy football season is finally here and everyone loves to think about drafting the top sleepers. However, not drafting the busts, or avoiding paying too high for a player can go a long way towards helping you build a championship roster. This article will discuss various wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends not to draft too high, or avoid completely, for your fantasy football draft. If you have any fantasy football questions about a sleepers, busts, or who to draft, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Sports Forum.

Robert Meachem NO | WR

First and foremost, Meachem had a pin placed in his foot in the off-season and is on record as saying “I have no idea when I will be 100%.” If that is not cause for concern then take a look at his 2009 stats. Sure nine touchdowns looks nice but when you only have a total of 45 catches on the year (that’s 20% for you math wizards) that has to scare fantasy owners. The Saints spread the ball around so much that Meachem could be overlooked this year and if you take away 3 of those touchdowns he would be going in the late late rounds in this years draft.

Calvin Johnson DET | WR

Remember this is overvalued/bust article. By no means are we saying that Calvin is going to have an awful year however, where you have to draft him it might not be worth the risk. It is not his fault however, Johnson has all the talent in the world but the Lions still have an inexperienced quarterback in Matt Stafford who plays behind an offensive line that gives him little to no time to get the deep ball out. Even when the time is there, Johnson will see double coverage every down. Due to these factors, Megatron only found the endzone 5 times last year and we find it tough to think he will reach double digits this year.

Dez Bryant DAL | WR

Remember a few years ago when someone reached on Darren McFadden and took him in the third round of your draft and stated – Sleeper!? Remember how he did nothing his rookie season and that someone finished close to the bottom of your league? We see it every season, one rookie getting all of the hype and going way too early on draft day. Sure Bryant is a great addition to the Cowboys but as an addition to your fantasy team he is certainly not worth it. We think he will have a productive rookie season but that does not translate into a productive fantasy season. Tony Romo has too many weapons around him and Bryant will be a fourth option for him at best. Stay away from drafting Bryant and mock the owner that takes him in the 5th or 6th round.

DeSean Jackson PHI | WR

Easy there, he will have a very good year but don’t take the risk drafting him so high when there will be more sure WR bets on the board. I am guessing you think I will talk about how Donavan McNabb is gone or how Kevin Kolb has yet to play a full season but that is not the entire case here. Mr. Highlight broke the NFL record for touchdowns over 50 yards last season but take away three of those breakaways and Jackson would have fallen out of the top 20 in receiving yards – so just three touchdown saving tackles is all that we are talking about here. All were saying is that paired with the new QB makes us a little wary of spending higher draft pick on him.

Devin Hester CHI | WR

Don’t be the guy to panic in the middle to late rounds and see Devin Hester sitting on the board and drafting him. The experiment of moving Hester to a WR role has not panned out and it is once again very doubtful it will this year. Reports are stating that Hester will be moving to the slot this season and our guess is if the Bears didn’t give him that 41 million dollar contract he would be just returning kicks again.

Hines Ward PIT | WR

Big Ben is going to miss at least 4 weeks which is reason enough to let that Steelers fan in your draft take Ward a few rounds too early. Even without the Roethlisberger situation it might be wise to steer clear of Ward. He turned 34 years old in March and it has been well documented that the Steelers plan on going back to their run game this year. Expect the Steelers to slow the pace this year and in turn slow down Wards production.

Tony Gonzalez ATL | TE

Gonzalez is one catch away from his 1,000th and what does that mean? That he is getting old. Even at his age Gonzalez should be a fantasy factor and should be drafted in all leagues. The reason he is on this list is because the tight end position is the deepest in recent memory and there is a very good chance you will find a tight end just as productive three to four rounds later.

Ronnie Brown MIA | RB

Brown is coming off another injury heading into 2010. This is our first concern, the fact that he is coming off this injury and the fact it seems he is always coming off an injury is another red flag. One more reason to fear drafting Brown is Ricky Williams, sure Ricky is an older back but does not have the miles on him. He proved last season he could be a very productive number one rusher in the league and the Fins know that.

Cedric Benson CIN | RB

Benson was one of our sleepers last season and we certainly were on the mark with that one so you might wonder why we would consider him a bust candidate this year? He was a bust four seasons in a row prior to last season, Bernard Scott stepped in and was very productive when Benson was out. Benson is also an injury concern, but the most telling fact is that in his last six games in 2009 he did not find the endzone.

All Jets Wide Receivers NYJ | WR

News flash, Mark Sanchez is not the most productive quarterback in the world. True he showed he could be a good quarterback, and a great game manager last season, but they rarely asked him to throw the ball. He only threw over 30 times in three games last season. The Jets are a run first team and with good reason, their line can control a game. The addition of Holmes will be a nice pairing with Edwards and Cotchery the only issue is; it is highly doubtful the Jets will throw the ball enough to make one let alone three good fantasy players. It is just not worth the roll of the dice to draft any of these guys.

If you have any fantasy football questions about a sleepers, busts, or who to draft, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Sports Forum.