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Second base is still one of the thinner positions in fantasy baseball, but there is currently more depth at the position than at any other time in recent memory. Chase Utley and Ian Kinsler are still the cream of the crop, but the gap between them and the rest of the pack is getting smaller.

Utley and Kinsler will likely be off the board by the end of the second round, but if you missed out on those two there are several other quality players available depending on the needs of your team. Brandon Phillips and Ben Zobrist are legitimate 20-20 threats, Dustin Pedroia and Brian Roberts are speedy options that can help spark your lineup, while Aaron Hill, Robinson Cano, Jose Lopez, and Dan Uggla can give your team a boost in the power categories.

Draft-Day Advice: While there are more quality options available than in years past, after the top options come off the board the talent at second base starts to thin out significantly. That being said, don’t wait too long to draft a second baseman, but don’t panic if you don’t get Utley or Kinsler.


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