2010 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Rankings Outlook: Each fantasy season is a reminder that there never seems to be a “sure thing” when it comes to starting pitchers. Let’s take a quick flashback to last year’s draft and two top-five pitchers. Johan Santana, the first pitcher taken in most drafts, had his season cut short because of elbow surgery and Brandon Webb only managed to pitch four innings before missing the remainder of the year with shoulder surgery.

Santana no longer sits atop the pitcher rankings, and unlike most other positions, there is not a unanimous No. 1 pick this year. Tim Lincecum, Felix Hernandez, Zack Greinke, and Roy Halladay could all make a case for this year’s top fantasy pitcher and are the closest to a “sure thing” that you’ll find in this year’s draft.

Draft-Day Advice: There are a couple schools of thought when it comes to drafting starting pitchers. Some managers prefer to load up on elite aces early, while some would rather wait until the later rounds, and a large portion fall somewhere in the middle. Whatever your strategy, its inevitable that every season brings surprise late-round gems so do your homework and cross your fingers.

The following are our 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, which are based on standard 5×5 scoring and take into account projected stats as well as upside and risk. Offensive categories include BA, HRs, Runs, RBIs, and SBs. Pitching categories are Wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks, and Saves. Although several players are eligible at multiple positions, they are listed at the position that they will most likely play the most in 2010. All leagues have different position eligibility requirements so be sure to check your settings before draft day.

2010 Rankings: C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP | RP | Top 150 | PDFicon Cheatsheet

1Tim Lincecum225.115261682.481.05
2Felix Hernandez238.219217712.491.14
3Zack Greinke229.116242512.161.07
4Roy Halladay23917208352.791.13
5CC Sabathia23019197673.371.15
6Adam Wainwright23319212662.631.21
7Justin Verlander24019269633.451.18
8Dan Haren229.114223383.141.00
9Jon Lester203.115225643.411.23
10Tommy Hanson127.211116462.891.18
11Johan Santana166.213146463.131.21
12Chris Carpenter192.217144382.241.01
13Clayton Kershaw1718185912.791.23
14Cliff Lee231.214181433.221.24
15Josh Beckett212.117199553.861.19
16Josh Johnson20915191583.231.16
17Matt Cain217.214171732.891.18
18Javier Vazquez219.115238442.871.03
19Yovani Gallardo185.213204943.731.31
20Cole Hamels193.210168434.321.29
21Wandy Rodriguez205.214193633.021.24
22Ubaldo Jimenez21815198853.471.23
23Jake Peavy101.29110343.451.12
24Ricky Nolasco18513195445.061.25
25Chad Billingsley196.112179864.031.32
26Brett Anderson175.111150454.061.28
27Matt Garza2038189793.951.26
28Brandon Webb402213.52.00
29Scott Baker20015162484.371.19
30Neftali Feliz3113981.740.68
31Jair Jurrjens21514152752.61.21
32John Lackey176.111139473.831.27
33Ryan Dempster20011172653.651.31
34A.J. Burnett20713195974.041.40
35Carlos Zambrano169.19152783.771.38
36Roy Oswalt181.18138424.121.24
37Max Scherzer170.19174634.121.34
38Clay Buchholz92768364.211.38
39Francisco Liriano136.25122655.81.55
40Jered Weaver21116174663.751.24
41Kevin Slowey90.21075154.861.41
42James Shields219.211167524.141.32
43John Danks200.113149733.771.28
44Rick Porcello170.21489523.961.34
45Rich Harden1419171674.091.34
46J.A. Happ16612119562.931.23
47Tim Hudson42.1230133.611.46
48Edwin Jackson21413161703.621.26
49Hiroki Kuroda117.1887243.761.14
50Randy Wells165.112104463.051.28
51Ben Sheets000000
52Stephen Strasburg000000
53Brian Matusz44.2538144.631.48
54Mark Buehrle213.113105453.841.25
55Gavin Floyd19311163594.061.23
56David Price128.110102544.421.35
57John Smoltz78373186.351.45
58Joba Chamberlain157.19133764.751.54

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