In addition to our weekly Waiver Wire posts, we’ll also be providing valuable matchup analysis each week along with our suggestions on who to start and who to bench. If you have any additional matchup questions, or you are not sure who to start this week, feel free to post them in our fantasy football forum.

Kansas City (0-2) at Philadelphia (1-1)
Passing Defense 201 14th Passing Defense 185.5 12th
Rushing Defense 132.5 21st Rushing Defense 109.5 16th
Fantasy Impact: If you are hoping that Donovan McNabb will suit up this week I would not hold my breath. The Eagles have a bye week next week so if McNabb sits then he will have a full three weeks to recover and Andy Reid is always looking at the long term plans. With the chance of McNabb sitting look for Brain Westbrook to actually take a little bit of a hit since Kansas City will stack the box, however, he is a must start in all leagues all formats. On the flip side of the ball the Kansas City Chiefs will look for their first win and they will not do that by pounding the ball against this tough Eagles Defense. This means that Larry Johnson might need to find his way to your bench. Matt Cassel returned last week to put up decent numbers (nothing spectacular by any means) but they will play from behind from the start and will have to look for Dwayne Bowe most of the game.
New York Giants (2-0) at Tampa Bay (0-2)
Passing Defense 157 4th Passing Defense 282 27th
Rushing Defense 168 27th Rushing Defense 168 27th
Fantasy Impact: The Giants are coming off an impressive win in Dallas last Sunday night and I see no reason why they should not move to 3-0 after this week. For everyone that used their waivers on Mario Manningham and Steve Smith it might pay off this week since Tampa Bay gives up a ton of yards in the air. If you own Eli Manning this is a good week to start him. Brandon Jacobs had an awful outing in Dallas and will be looking to punish some humans so look for him to possibly find the end zone. The Bucs have not looked too stellar this year and with the 3-headed monster at running back, paired with a Giants tough defense I say to sit all Tampa Bay running backs. Yes this does include Cadillac Williams. Antonio Bryant was out last week and might be on the sidelines again. Even if he does play I highly doubtful that he will be that effective.
Green Bay (1-1) at St. Louis (0-2)
Passing Defense 217 15th Passing Defense 258 25th
Rushing Defense 118.5 18th Rushing Defense 146 25th
Fantasy Impact: Greg Jennings actually played last week; if he was on your team and you did not see the game I am sure you assumed he was a last second scratch. Nope, he just did not catch a single ball all game long. Do not expect more of that this week against an awful Ram Defense. I fully expect Aaron Rodgers to have a huge game which means Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and maybe even TE Jermichael Finley will have a nice day. Ryan Grant could gets some action but as the season goes on he is looking like the Grant that started the 2008 season (which was not too good) than the Grant that ended last season (the only reason why he went in the third round of your draft). So I like any Packer but is any Ram worth owning? Well let’s see, Cedric Benson rushed for 141 yards last week against the Packers so I fully expect the Rams to give Steven Jackson every opportunity to do the same. Other than Jackson I am not sure if anyone is worth starting (even if you did waste a top waiver on Laurent Robinson)
San Francisco (2-0) at Minnesota (2-0)
Passing Defense 238 20th Passing Defense 157.5 5th
Rushing Defense 53 3rd Rushing Defense 109 15th
Fantasy Impact: It’s the battle of the running backs in this match-up. Frank Gore vs Adrian Peterson and if you look at the fact that the 49ers are only giving up 53 yards rushing a week I will make this easy, it does not matter. Adrian Peterson is the best fantasy player out there and will produce every week until teams start to put all eleven guys in the box (which is not too far from what the 49ers may do). Brett Favre managed the game last week but might be asked to win it this week. Look for Favre to hit his new favorite target Percy Harvin but even with the 49ers Defense being focused on Peterson they will not stop him. Dare I say that Frank Gore looks like 2006 Frank Gore? No, because he doesn’t yet, lets see how he match-ups against and touch Minnesota run D. You have to start him but he will have a much tougher time finding the end zone this week, but if he ravishes the tough Minnesota D, its Katie bar the door for the rest of the season. I do not think any WR is worth starting this week for the 49ers which means if you are in a two quarterback league and own Shaun Hill – he should find his way to the bench as well.
Tennessee (0-2) at New York Jets (2-0)
Passing Defense 339 32nd Passing Defense 180.5 9th
Rushing Defense 49.5 2nd Rushing Defense 60.5 6th
Fantasy Impact: If you had Chris Johnson last week and you lost – it is time to start sending out some trades. Johnson had a career fantasy day however; do not expect anything even close to that this week. The Jets D is for real and Johnson will have a tough time running between the tackles. If you start Justin Gage last week I hate to tell you I told you so but he lost a ton of targets with the return of Nate Washington. Start Johnson because you have to! And then sit all any and all other Titans on your team. Leon Washington is getting closer and closer to the feature back but this week will not be the breakout performance. Washington and Thomas Jones is facing a Titan run D have stopped all back that have faced them. So how are they 0-2? Because quarterbacks are killing them, and Mark Sanchez just might do the same. I do have a sneaky feeling that they are not as bad against the pass as it would seem so do not pick up Sanchez to start him in a one quarterback league but Dustin Keller and Jerricho Cotchery are good starts this week.
Atlanta (2-0) at New England (1-1)
Passing Defense 229.5 17th Passing Defense 161.5 6th
Rushing Defense 120 19th Rushing Defense 103.5 14th
Fantasy Impact: Michael Vick going to jail might have been the best thing to happen to the Falcons. I know, I know but come on Matt Ryan is slowly but surely proving himself to be stud top tier quarterback and with all is weapons it is easy to see why. The Pats D is not that great and the only way to beat the Pats is to get to Tom Brady (which the Falcons will not do) or out score them. Expect Ryan to hook-up with Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez all day long. Michael Turner could have a field day as well. Well there is no 16-0 this year so the Pats only care about one thing and that is a Super Bowl. Wes Welker being out last week really hurt Tom Brady so if Welker plays, Brady will welcome back with a ton of targets. With or without Welker, Brady will have time to throw the ball deep and we all know that means, hello Randy Moss the ultimate deep threat. At this time unless you are in a keeper league do not start a New England running back because they seem to go with whoever is running well on any given Sunday.
Jacksonville (0-2) at Houston (1-1)
Passing Defense 279.5 26th Passing Defense 240 22nd
Rushing Defense 94.5 13th Rushing Defense 215 32nd
Fantasy Impact: I hope everyone did not bench Matt Schaub because of his terrible first game. (I did in one league – dagger) Well I and I hope you are not making that mistake this week. Jacksonville’s secondary has gotten pushed around in both games and they will have to face an Andre Johnson who is the best receiver they have seen to date. That’s right, I just emphatically stated that Andre Johnson is better than Reggie Wayne and Larry Fitzgerald. With the return of Kevin Walter looking promising and an angry Steve Slaton (for being a non-factor this year, send a trade for him – now is the time to buy low) I fully expect the Texans to put up close to 30 points again this week. For the Jags, Troy Williamson is out for the season and if you had him, you better be in 38 person league. All this means is more of the same and the same is Maurice Jones-Drew which could have a huge, huge day going against the Texans run defense. Mike Sim-Walker (one of our sleepers) might have had a huge day last week but it’s still too early to consistently start him.
Washington (1-1) at Detroit (0-2)
Passing Defense 183.5 10th Passing Defense 255.5 24th
Rushing Defense 114.5 17th Rushing Defense 134.5 22nd
Fantasy Impact: The Redskins moved the ball last week however, head coach Jim Zorn could not dial up a play in the Redzone to lead to a touchdown. (to be honest the play calling was terrible, someone needs to give the guy a PS3 with the 2010 Madden video game so he can “ask Madden” what to do in the Redzone) They also lost another Offensive Lineman. All of these statements might lead you to believe to bench all Skins this week but then you look up and they are playing the Lions. Clinton Portis has yet to have a huge day but he might have to start since it is in a dome and again it is the Lions. Santana Moss might finally catch a long ball this week but he is a hit or miss candidate every week. Until the Skins prove they will at least try to throw the ball downfield you might want to bench him, yes even against the Lions. The Skins D is was top 5 last year and still is very solid, but Calvin Johnson is a must start as young Matt Stafford looks to him first every read (can you blame him).
Cleveland (0-2) at Baltimore (2-0)
Passing Defense 174 7th Passing Defense 290 29th
Rushing Defense 205.5 31st Rushing Defense 41 1st
Fantasy Impact: Let’s face it the Browns are just terrible and they have to play a great defense this week. Do not be fooled, the Chargers offense is that good. Other than Braylon Edwards there is no one worth starting on the Browns. On the flip side of the ball everyone has fallen in love with Joe Flacco and is he a quality real-life quarterback but I still feel he is only ok at fantasy football simply since they run the ball so much. Ray Rice and Willis McGahee both are nice plays this week and Rice might get one of his 5 projected touchdowns this week. (yep I am saying only 5 all year but in a PPR league he is a must start almost every week)
Chicago (1-1) at Seattle (1-1)
Passing Defense 176.5 8th Passing Defense 146.5 2nd
Rushing Defense 90.5 12th Rushing Defense 166.5 26th
Fantasy Impact: Finally picking Matt Forte with your fifth overall pick is going to pay off (try to trade for him this week since owners are frustrated with him if you do not own him). I fully expect the Bears to hand the ball to Forte all day long and for him to punish the Seattle run D. Jay Cutler managed a great game against the Steelers but we all know that will not last and he will look for Devin Hester deep however, I feel that Greg Olsen will be the one to find the end zone. For Seattle, Matt Hasselbeck has a hurtin’ rib cage from Patrick Willis falling on him and I find it doubtful he will actually be effective even if he plays at all. Which means Julius Jones (who is also banged up) will get to see if he can run against this defense. Since I feel Seattle will be behind and TJ Houshmandzadeh will be the best receiver on the field he might be an alright play this week. Oh and if Hasselbeck does not play Seneca Wallace is not good at throwing a football which normally hurts fantasy numbers.
New Orleans (2-0) at Buffalo (1-1)
Passing Defense 288 28th Passing Defense 332 31st
Rushing Defense 59 5th Rushing Defense 65 9th
Fantasy Impact: So you are thinking that Drew Brees is pretty good at that football game is he? And if the Bills are averaging giving up 332 passing yards a game, what do you think will happen. Look for all Saints to have value again this week and Pierre Thomas to play since Mike Bell apparently has the almost the same injury he had for the last two weeks. Reggie Bush is always a good play in PPR leagues and the Bills have a tough time covering anyone in the flat. For the Bills Trent Edwards hooked up with Terrell Owens for his first touchdown as a Bill, but dropped another one that was a sure thing. Look for Owens to hold onto the ball and have his best day as a Saint. For everyone that owns Fred Jackson this week is another must start and Marshawn Lynch owners are starting to get nervous and rightfully so.
Miami (0-2) at San Diego (1-1)
Passing Defense 254 23rd Passing Defense 199.5 13th
Rushing Defense 64.5 7th Rushing Defense 139 24th
Fantasy Impact: Wildcat time! Ronnie Brown made us remember why he was a 1000 yard back in 2006 on Monday Night but he cannot thank only the Wildcat for his big performance. The Fins have a great offensive line which will keep them in games all year long. (note to all GMs around the league – it is ok to draft an Offensive Linemen with the first overall pick, Jake Long is a beast) So Chad Pennington will find Ted Ginn Jr. again and maybe he will catch it when it counts. All of this is predicated on the fact that the Charges D is banged up so watch that this week. The Chargers may have lost the NFL game but it was a fantasy win in Spades last week. Phillip Rivers is a top five quarterback and Vincent Jackson just might be a top ten receiver due to it (remember my prediction for his total numbers – 1100 yards and 10 touches) The little man Darren Sproles looks like the real deal but I just have an uneasy feeling he will not blow up again this week since the Fins game plan as good as any team in the league. Notice how I did not talk about LaDainian Tomlinson? That is because he is almost not worth talking about. He probably will play this week and probably will anger you again because you were the guy/gal to finally take him in your draft this year.
Denver (2-0) at Oakland (1-1)
Passing Defense 183.5 10th Passing Defense 238 20th
Rushing Defense 70 10th Rushing Defense 125 20th
Fantasy Impact: Brandon Marshall sat the entire second quarter last week and we can only assume why; however, this is the week he breaks out and shows why he wants to get paid so much money. Oakland has a decent run D so the Broncos will throw the ball to their best receiver. For Oakland JaMarcus Russell will make his case to become one of the worst number one picks of all-time again so bench anyone that might try to catch a ball from him. Tom Cable knows Russell is terrible so he will run the football with Michael Bush and Darren McFadden. This is just a tough game to start anyone on Oakland with all the question marks but if I had to pick one person to start it is obviously McFadden.
Pittsburgh (1-1) at Cincinnati (1-1)
Passing Defense 233 19th Passing Defense 224.5 16th
Rushing Defense 64.5 7th Rushing Defense 82 11th
Fantasy Impact: Where did that offense come from? The Bengals looked like an offensive juggernaut last week but this week is a different story. They are playing the Steelers. The last two weeks I wrote how all Cedric Benson owners drafted him for a reason (30+ touches a game) and have to start him but this week he may need 75 touches to produce. Sit Benson and hope you have a better option that Chad Ochocinco this week at wide receiver – if you don’t there is an outside chance of Chad finding the endzone since the Steelers look only above average on defense without Troy Polamalu. For the Steelers I think it has come to this: never start a Steelers running back. I cannot believe I am saying this but the Steelers have become a pass first team. Ben Roethlisberger has spent less time on his back this season and Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes have benefited from that. Both Holmes and Ward are decent starts this week and my bold statement is that Mewelde Moore makes a case to become the starter for the Steelers this week. (better pass blocker and ball catcher than both Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall)
Indianapolis (2-0) at Arizona (0-2)
Passing Defense 139 1st Passing Defense 231 18th
Rushing Defense 176.5 30th Rushing Defense 56.5 4th
Fantasy Impact: The Arizona Defense is not looking as if it has improved much from last season and there is a guy named Peyton Manning coming to see them. All Colts in the passing attack are must starts this week and I am looking for Peyton to throw for at least three TDs. For all of you Joseph Addai owners, you may want to start to panic a little bit since Donald Brown got a touchdown last Monday but remember they only had the ball for 15 total minutes. One issue with starting Addai or Brown this week is that fact that Peyton may only need 10 minutes to throw his three touchdowns this week. For the Cardinals they are going to look at this game as a must win and the desert will be rocking. Kurt Warner, the ageless wonder, will connect with receivers so they are all safe plays; however, I have a feeling that Larry Fitzgerald is ready for one of his huge games.
Carolina (0-2) at Dallas (1-1)
Passing Defense 151 3rd Passing Defense 303 30th
Rushing Defense 168 27th Rushing Defense 135.5 23rd
Fantasy Impact: As predicted DeAngelo Williams found the end zone last week and as predicted numerous fantasy owner are wondering why they passed on him in their draft. But he was not the only bright spot for Carolina last week. I know they lost, but who care this is fantasy football and a huge sigh of relief came over Steve Smith owners since he had a Steve Smith day. For the Cowboys, Tony Romo choked yet again in a pressure game (it might have been week 2 but opening a billion dollar stadium made it a pressure game) so due to the fact that this week’s game has little pressure, I fully expect a bounce back game out of Romo. This means that Roy Williams will not be invisible on offense like he was in week 2. Marion Barber might be out so keep an eye on that hamstring situation as the week goes on and if he does not play, get Felix Jones into your line-ups.