So before you call me crazy, at least hear me out. Anyone that has won a fantasy football championship knows that you don’t win a championship because your first 3 picks were that amazing. Obvisouly you need your early round picks to work out and stay healthy, but most teams win the whole thing because their later round gambles paid off.

Looking back at last year, most teams that won had any combination of Jordy Nelson, Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles, Rob Gronkowski, or Victor Cruz. All of which are guys that went un-drafted or were mid to late round picks in their drafts. I think Tim Tebow could be one of these late round picks that leads people to championships in 2012.

I am going to describe a not so likely, but very realistic possibility for Tebow in 2012. The Jets are going to move Tebow around to a lot of different spots on the field, which could lead to big things. Obvisouly he will line up as QB and run some wildcat, but I think he could line up as fullback at times as well. With all that being said, I think it’s very possible that Tebow could earn running back eligibility at some point in the season.

Once a player gains a position in fantasy, they keep that eligibility for the rest of the year. So now you have a QB who also has RB eligibility. The only thing that needs to happen after that is the Jets fans chanting Tebow into the starting QB role (Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!), which shouldn’t take too long once Sanchez starts throwing some interceptions and costing them games.

I know this might not sound that likely, but even if Tebow doesn’t gain the RB eligibility, there is still a good chance he takes over as the starting QB. Last year as a starter Tebow was a top 15 fantasy QB, so there are a lot of ways that Tebow could help your team down the stretch. Either as a solid QB2, or a RB/QB that you can put in your lineup along with your QB1.

There are a lot of Tebow haters out there, but the bottom line is he is a great football player. The only problem is that he plays QB and he isn’t that great at throwing a football. As of now, it’s a mystery how the Jets will use Tebow, and what surprises might be in store for us, but for my 3rd to last pick I plan on grabbing Tebow in all my drafts. It might be hard to hold onto him much past week 4 and through the bye weeks, but if things go according to plan I will do what it takes to try to keep Tebow all year and see if he can help me in the fantasy playoffs.

I am sure you all remember Webb for the Vikings a couple years back. He had WR and QB eligibility and he was thrown into the staring QB job for the Vikings during the fantasy playoffs. Since QBs score more points than any other position, it’s a huge advantage to put 2 staring QBs in your lineup. I know this all might sound pretty unlikely, but you have to bet big to win big. I would much rather take a gamble on a guy with an upside like Tebow, than pick up a TE2 that I will use for 1 week during the season.