A big shout out to the Fantasy Smack Talk crew in this week’s rundown. I would never have imagined the enjoyment created by writing about a bunch of grown men, and such an assortment of athletes who I normally would never write about in my life until FST and I found each other this summer. Oh yeah, I was discovered on the Internet – Craigslist to be exact.

I know it sounds as sketchy as looking for your next sexual escapade from the Craigslist personal ads, but it’s ended up as a bromance for me as a writer and with a fun team. My first season with FST has been a rewarding, challenging and motivating experience that has resulted in rediscovering my love for writing, research and burning the midnight oil on multiple occasions. Some nights were spent staring at the dictionary.com website to increase my sports vernacular and extend my vocabulary beyond the realm of business school. I gained some incredible knowledge about the history of the game and became a bit of a stats junkie along the way to my own amazement.

To all those aspiring writers, journalism students and ones waiting their turn to get their next big break, I now feel as if I have lived in your shoes and felt your pain for the last 4 months. As a full- time MBA student, who also moonlights as a student media editor for his school newspaper it’s been a very humbling experience, but equally one of enjoyment and self-discovery. If there is one thing I will not miss about fantasy football it’s writing endless sentences about players and people who are more athletic than me (Janikowski excluded) and who have no idea who I am. However, what I will miss is those who I have affected and impacted in some positive way from my posts, forum contributions and additional advice from what they’ve read. That’s the part I love most, making a difference and helping other fantasy football hopefuls by passing along my knowledge.

I fully acknowledge that I am not some expert and certainly not a self-proclaimed fantasy sports expert by any far stretch of the imagination. I’ll be the first to admit that I know about as much as the next sports junkie about who is going to score more fantasy points. All I try to do is analyze matchup trends, historical facts, statistical patterns and probabilities to give the best advice on any given week to those interested. There’s no algorithm nor is this some science. Obviously there’s a human element and humans live for the unexpected, at least I do, so there’s no way to accurately predict success in this business. I’ve found some nice pockets of success in my sleepers segment most weeks, week 14’s Sit’ems unbelievable perfection and even my defense predictions the entire season. But somehow I always remember which ones I missed on more than what I actually got right, but I guess that’s just the nature of the beast.

I appreciate all that tuned in to read my weekly Start’em, Sit’em, Sleepers and Rundown posts. I am incredibly fortunate to have a great team to work with from FST and readers who actually don’t hate on me when I botch up the start of Danario Alexander last week or my advice gets the best of me when I suggest benching a player who goes off for a big day. I try not to be a homer with my picks and avoid the Matthew Berry/Tim Hasselbeck syndrome of trendy picks that most sports analysts from the larger media outlets offer up as safe bets. I hope that differentiates me enough to be considered unique and that my colorful commentary is read with humor and offers some relief from reality to those who need it.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their fantasy football league championships and very happy holidays! Thank you to all the readers, my hombres and any senoritas out there for making my first season with FST *&%#ing awesome! Keep reading and feel free to follow me on Twitter @E_Stancil.

Fantasy Tip of the Week:

If you’ve made it this far to your league’s championship game then you are doing just fine. You don’t need any advice other than go with who got you there and play your best options that have put you in this position. You obviously want to consider matchups but don’t bench Peterson because he’s playing a tough run D in Houston. Don’t be nervous, it’s only fantasy so relax and enjoy the culmination of your team’s amazing journey to the top…that’s what she said.