For 13 NFL seasons in the town of Philadelphia the Eagles football franchise has been synonymous with Coach Andy Reid. The lovable burly and soft bellied coach with a walrus-esque mustache has reached the end of an era in football with the Eagles as he will likely be fired upon seasons end. It’s been a disappointing season and a disappointing few years since Michael Vick burst back on to the scene and stole the show from Kevin Kolb, leading the team to a playoff appearance before losing to eventual Super Bowl Champion Packers 2 years ago in the wild card round.

He has had a ton of reasons to make excuses but has refused to do it. Even amongst all the speculation and pressure, Coach Reid has remained the steady and consistent voice of reason and hope for the franchise that has lost its 3 biggest offensive play-makers at moments this season to injury. Most recently the concussions of QB Michael Vick and RB LeSean McCoy highlight the group and a season-ending rib injury to DeSean Jackson. The offensive line has been abysmal, the defense has suffered multiple injuries and inconsistent efforts resulting in a mid-season firing of Reid’s long-time friend and Defensive Coordinator. There has been a myriad of reasons to say this team has been horrid, but they play their butts off week-in and week out without making excuses and you can tell they are a well coached squad.

Of course they are well coached; Andy Reid didn’t lead the Eagles to 6 NFC East division titles and 5 NFC championship games or a Super Bowl during his time there without being a good coach. He’s succeeded with Donovan McNabb at the helm and even got the best play out of Terrell Owens and Jeff Garcia while he was in control of the team.

His family’s outstanding battle with drug addiction often was an issue and it took the life of one of his sons this past summer. It was a tragic and extremely depressing state of affairs for Reid and the Eagles family. Many felt that the team would rally behind the embattled coach and lead them on a playoff run. In fact many experts had the Eagles as a trendy pick to win the NFC East and lock up a playoff berth again. For many Philadelphia Eagles fans this season has been one they can’t wait to be done with and as a result have been hoping for Reid to be fired before season’s end. To those fans and individuals I feel sorry for them.

They have been spoiled with such a great leader and coach for over the last dozen years. To even fathom firing this man after all he has done and especially what he’s had to endure the past 6 months personally is soulless. So it’s time to ease up the criticism, understand that this season was a bust and that under new leadership next season the Eagles will be going through some rebuilding and revamping.

Andy Reid’s legacy will forever be that he’s a winner. A coach that I always thought game-planned better than my team growing up. As a Redskins fan I knew that it would always be a battle. Not just because the Redskins lacked talent, but that Andy Reid was out there coaching his tail off and scheming ways to defeat his opponents. I’ll remember Andy Reid’s press conferences, never accusatory and always deflecting blame onto himself for his team’s poor performance. He’s a true professional and a role model for the community of Philadelphia and should be respected and honored as one.

Fantasy Tip of the Week:

Your “Just the Tip” of the week comes courtesy of your strategy down the stretch. Many people look at their matchups and try to find ways to counter players or moves by their opponents. Do you start Hakeem Nicks because your opponent is starting Victor Cruz to hope to offset those points? Answer: NO. You play who you think will get you more points. Also, as you’ve seen players come off injuries recently this season, some take time to get back into the fold and other jump right in. If you need the help, jump right in on guys like Pierre Garcon and Greg Jennings amongst others. These guys are playing for a reason, remember.