For all those scholars and admirers of the NFL we should be aware at this point in the season of the teams who are going to give you your best fantasy matchups. So many studs have their best games of the season against the worst defenses. I can list off 5 defenses that will salivate the jaws of any fantasy owner at the thought of Green Bay’s offense going up against them.

For instance, I’ll say these 5 teams in no specific order would tip your hand to having a bigger fantasy payout. They are: Redskins, Saints, Bills, Titans and Jaguars. Let’s easily double down that your studs will maximize their star potential against these defensive duds. Now insert the Kansas City Chiefs team into the fold and we have a flood gate that opens up bigger than a Everclear spiked frat party tsunami. The Chiefs have no offense, which already puts their defensive unit in a bad position and it’s not as if they are able to stop teams consistently enough to have control of victory either. It’s a truly sad situation that has evolved in a city that was once a very proud franchise. Arrowhead stadium was once a place feared by opponents in the days of Derrick Thomas.

Kansas City deserves better than to have their team get beat up on Sundays but that’s just the fact of the matter this season. So I will cut to the chase and stop beating a dead horse with this talk about how awful this team actually is by telling you to get your hands on these players for some fantasy playoff success. In standard playoffs of weeks 14, 15 and 16 the Chiefs go up against the Browns, Raiders and Colts, which should pose to be extremely kind to those owners who have any skill players on these 3 squads. Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, Denarius Moore, Run DMC (who should be back healthy by then from this high ankle sprain), Reggie Wayne, Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton and possibly Vick Ballard are all players to find ways to get your hands on for these matchups.

My blue print to fantasy success is to find the players who have the juiciest matchups and get them on your team. Trade, waiver wire or even the occasional bribe works well to induce this process. Oh and needless to say Browns, Raiders and Colts Defenses are must ads for those respective weeks too. You can thank me now on that one, but don’t hold onto one of these defenses unless you have the room. In all odds these defenses are available and should remain so until the week or so prior to those matchups. Good luck and happy hunting those Chiefs!

Fantasy Tip of the Week

Another quick tip this week comes from playoff preparation strategy. Owners salivate when they see their studs square off against the Chiefs, Jaguars, Bills, Redskins and Saints especially. Start preparing for your week 14 through 16 matchups, especially if you are towards the top of your league to set up those dream matchups. Some make-believe scenarios would involve Arian Foster against the Chiefs Run Defense or something like the Green Bay Packers against the Redskins secondary. Find your dream and then land it via trade or waiver to create dreamy playoff scenarios.