As a part of our 2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit, we examine the elite options at each position. Let’s take a look at our top fantasy third baseman for 2015, and compare our rankings to their current Average Draft Position (ADP) in mock drafts. As always, if your thoughts differ from these, please comment below or make use of our Fantasy Baseball Forum to share.

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1. Nolan Arenado COL | ADP 61.3

It’s easy to love Arenado for 2015…so we do. You may know that in 2014 he hit 18 HR while batting .287. What you many not know is he did it in less than 500 AB, and he was only 22 at the time. He’s already an elite glove, and his stick is improving by leaps and bounds. Add in the Colorado factor, and you’ve got yourself a monster at a bargain price. Hopefully the hype machine won’t get out of control and drive his price up.

2. Josh Donaldson TOR | ADP 25.0

Take 2014 stud third baseman. Move him from a pitchers park to Toronto, a hitters haven. Surround him with multiple top 25 bats. What do you have? Your 2015 version of Josh Donaldson, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who could manage 25+ HR in Oakland can easily go 30+ in Toronto, and there will be plenty of fastballs to mash while protecting Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista. Prepare for liftoff!

3. Todd Frazier CIN | ADP 55.0

Frazier exploded onto the fantasy scene in 2014, going for 20+ HR / SB and 80+ R / RBI. What’s interesting is that he did it without Joey Votto or Jay Bruce in the lineup for much of the season (and they were terrible when they were active). Cincinnati is a hitters ballpark, and with the emergence of Devin Mesoraco, Frazier is going to get to hit in an absolutely loaded lineup. His career arc should continue upward in 2015.

4. Adrian Beltre TEX | ADP 25.0

Beltre is the king of consistency. Every year people say he’s going to be done, this will be the year he falls off, don’t buy the old guy, etc. Every year he proves them wrong. Adrian has been mashing since a year that started with “19”, and in 2014 he batted a career-high .324. Do you really need to know anything else? If he wasn’t 35 years old, he’d be a no-doubt first rounder.

5. Evan Longoria TAM | ADP 54.7

There aren’t many players that hit 22 HR, drive in 91 RBI, and score 83 times and have their year called a disaster. Longoria is one of a select group of guys whose expectations are so high that a career year for most drops their ADP out of the top 50. His elite skills package has never been this much of a bargain on draft day.

Manny Machado, Kyle Seager, Josh Harrison, David Wright, and Chris Davis round out our top 10 at the position. A lot can change during spring training, so be sure to check out our most up-to-date third base rankings.