Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen teams call up several of their top prospects. They’re always hot adds the moment the news breaks, and before too long many are freely available on the waiver wire, especially in shallower leagues. Obviously, in keeper/dynasty formats, these players are all long gone and are dynamite holds. But who should we be adding for this year, and why? It seems high time to rank them, solely on their prospective value for the 2015 season – So let’s do just that.

1. Carlos Correa HOU | SS

How is Correa still only 75% owned? In his first 39 AB, he’s homered three times, stolen four bases, and hit a robust .359. His team has been raking in the runs, he plays a premium position that’s way short on talent in 2015, and he definitely does not look overmatched. If you can still grab this dude, do it – he’s a monster. (about 75% owned)

2. Lance McCullers HOU | SP

McCullers is straight-up dirty. Let’s talk about it: 40 K in 36 IP, 2.00 ERA, 0.89 WHIP, and a .172 BAA. If you don’t believe the hype, watch the kid pitch – he’s the truth. McCullers overpowers batters with a mid-90’s fastball and a nasty curveball that tops out at about 86 MPH. He’s still a rookie, so of course he’s walking too many batters, and his xFIP (3.17 versus ERA 2.00) suggests he’s getting a bit lucky. I say ‘whatever’. He’s dominating for a first place team, grabbing wins, and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love. (about 70% owned)

3. Maikel Franco PHI | 3B

Franco was actually called up in mid-May, but with only 121 AB and at only 35% owned, he definitely still qualifies for this list. I’ll admit that when he was batting .194 on May 31, I felt he was AAA bound once again. Franco has been an absolute terror at the plate since then, raising his average to .274 and crushing four more dingers in the process. I might rank him higher if he was on a team with a better offense around him, but even with the Phillies factor I think he’s a solid addition. (about 35% owned)

4. Noah Syndergaard NYM | SP

The man they call “Thor” is an extremely intriguing rookie. On one hand, his stuff is tremendous (45 K / 40.2 IP) and he’s only walked right batters, and on the other hand, he’s given up 43 hits in 40.2 innings, and gotten torched for 12 runs over his last 16 innings pitched. So what do we do with him? I think he’s a buy for sure – in his last outing, he struck out 11 Blue Jays over 6 IP – you don’t just do that. Toronto is an elite offense. I think he’ll have his ups and downs, but the overall stats will be somewhere around 3.20 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP – excellent numbers for a #3/4 starter for your fantasy team. He’s still learning on the job, and should improve with time. (about 60% owned)

5. Mike Montgomery SEA | SP

Dude has pitched two complete games IN A ROW. What else do you want? He also gets to pitch in spacious Seattle, albeit with a average-at-best defense behind him. He’d be ranked higher if his K-rate was higher than 29 in 44 IP, but he lets his 1.62 ERA and 0.90 WHIP do his talking. He might be pitching a bit over his head based on his AAA number from this year (3.74 ERA) but I’m definitely willing to drop a middling SP or a bench bat to find out if he can continue his recent dominance. (about 40% owned)

6. Francisco Lindor CLE | SS

I’m still a bit undecided on Lindor, but I do like what I’ve seen so far. What I’ve seen might be a guy that’s more valuable to the Indians than fantasy owners, but he’s flashed some wheels, gotten a couple of hits, and is hitting near the top of what could be a potent Cleveland offense if it ever woke up. I think his glove keeps him in the lineup, and the SS eligibility certainly doesn’t hurt. His potential for the future is sky high. (about 25% owned)

7. Eduardo Rodriguez BOS | SP

This is a case of recency bias, and it just might work in our favor. Rodriguez started out white-hot (20.2 IP, 1 ER, 21K) and was a must-add for a couple of weeks, looking like a rest-of-season fixture. A recent start didn’t go quite as well however (4.2 IP, 9 ER vs. Toronto) and irritated owners have been dropping him in mass quantities. Don’t be one of them, and if he’s available in your mixer, pounce immediately. There was zero chance he’d continue at that pace, but his Fastball / Slider / Changeup arsenal not only looks legit, but as he accrues more starts he’ll hopefully continue to drop his walk rate. Personally, I’d grab him in a second if he became available in any league I played in. (about 60% owned)

8. Kyle Schwarber CHI | C, OF

Including Thursdays’s action, Schwarber has started out .600 at the plate with a homer and strong counting stats. The one time I’ve had the chance to view him, I was impressed – the kid looks legit, has a sweet swing, and doesn’t look overmatched by big league pitching. Schwarber looks like a total rake machine, so why isn’t he ranked higher? Rumor has it that he’s just been called up to DH for the interleague series against the Indians, and then he’ll be sent back down to AAA. I feel like if he hits they’ll try and find a spot for him in the lineup, but it certainly won’t be at the C position – Miguel Montero and David Ross are well ahead of him there. Fowler is a starter in center, but a weak platoon of Coghlan / Denorfia / Baxter is patrolling Right / Left field, so perhaps Schwarber will slot in as a LF? If you don’t mind a little risk with a potentially huge payoff, use your final bench spot here. (about 25% owned)

9. Byron Buxton MIN | OF

I really think that most folks would rank Buxton higher on this list. After all, he’s been a top-5 prospect in all of MLB for like…as long as I can remember. His every at-bat, move, injury, and success has been duly noted by the pundits for multiple seasons now. I think this is a time (for this season anyway) that the hype has outkicked the coverage, so to speak. As of Thursday’s final, Buxton is now batting .125 without a HR or SB to his credit as yet. He’s batting near the bottom of the Twins order, although probably not for long, but that in and of itself doesn’t portend fantasy goodness. I’ve seen a couple of Buxton AB’s so far – to me he looks like he needs a bit more seasoning before ascending to stardom – that’s just a snap judgment, but that’s what my eyes tell me. I think he probably stays up with the big club either way, but will be a mediocre option for the 2015 season. I will say this: If you have a roster spot, he is literally the ultimate lottery ticket. (about 55% owned)

10. Rusney Castillo BOS | OF

Rusney has been up for 70 major league AB now. He’s batting .229 with one HR and one SB. He’s quickly gone from all-world top prospect to ‘guy who is getting benched more and more for Brock Holt’. To me, he doesn’t look ready, and I’m not sure he contributes much for fantasy purposes this year. I do think the Sox figure out their offensive logjam over the offseason and Castillo comes back in 2016 as a solid 5-tool contributor. For 2015 purposes, however, he’s more of a deep-league lottery ticket only, and belongs on the waiver wire in leagues of 12 or less teams. (about 40% owned)