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Give my team a grade please

Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:24 am

Hello FST Nation!!!!

Just finished my draft last night its a 10 team 2 QB start PPR league I was drafting in the 5 spot . Starters are listed below, also the round i got them in in listed to the left:

QB- Matt Ryan 1
RB1 - M. Lynch 2
RB2- David Wilson 4
WR1- B. Marshall 3
WR2 - Reggie Wayne 5
RB/WR- Lamar Miller 6
QB2- C.Palmer 7
TE- Brandon Myers 14
Def- Miami (I play the match up game w1 Miami vs Cleveland) 15
K- M. Crosby 16
BEN- Antonio Brown 9
BEN - D. Bowe 8
BEN- Issac Redman 10
BEN- Chris Givins 11
BEN- EJ Manual 13
BEN- Kembral Thompkins 12


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Re: Give my team a grade please

Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:45 am

Hey hey.. I like it! Here's what I'm thinking with your players:

QB- Matt Ryan 1 - A bit early in the 1st, but 2 QB leagues go nutty for QBs early
RB1 - M. Lynch 2 - he's a stud, but not much for receptions
RB2- David Wilson 4 - he's so dynamic, his upside is sky high with Andre Brown out
WR1- B. Marshall 3 - PPR beast
WR2 - Reggie Wayne 5 - undervalued by most. Solid PPR play
RB/WR- Lamar Miller 6 - plenty of upside and PPR value
QB2- C.Palmer 7 - Should be a serviceable QB2
TE- Brandon Myers 14 - I'm not a believer, but you can move on if he lacks
Def- Miami - Defense
K- M. Crosby - kicker
BEN- Antonio Brown - Solid PPR value.
BEN - D. Bowe - another solid PPR value. I smell a potential trade
BEN- Issac Redman - early season starts with Le'Veon Bell out
BEN- Chris Givins 11 - nice upside gamble
BEN- EJ Manual 13 - QB3... If he sits out week 1, I'd drop him for another QB gamble. Even if thats Terrelle Pryor. You could have better available, but I'm interested to see how much Pryror runs. You could add EJ Manuel later if your QB3 pick falls flat.
BEN- Kembral Thompkins 12 - I love his upside. Could be an absolute steal.

I like your targets and most are solid PPR plays. Since you have Bowe and Antonio Brown on the bench, I'd consider trading one of them in a 2 for 1 deal. Something like:
Bowe (or Antonio Brown) + Lynch (or Lamar Miller) for a RB upgrade.

It's a solid looking team! Good luck!
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