It’s Thanksgiving and we have much to be thankful for this year from an NFL season that is about one month away from officially going in the books. Without the individual comeback stories from last year, headlined by the media circus surrounding Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning, there have been team-oriented comebacks.

Some of those teams would qualify as the proverbial sweet potatoes for turkey week. For instance, the Kansas City Chiefs have made an amazing turn-around and the Seahawks with a win on Monday night at home against the Saints could put a marshmallow on their oh so sweet season to help lock up home-field playoff advantage.

The turkey refers to disappointment associated with those players who have continued to underperform this season. This turkey day has a trio of games that should be competitive and with the hardest hitting game coming latest in Baltimore as the Ravens host their divisional foe from Pittsburgh. That game is a great place to start off the turkey hunt of fantasy football turkeys for this season.

Joe Flacco’s 6-year 120.6 million contract was the big off-season story after his great ascent as the Ravens emerged as Super Bowl champions. However, Flacco has proved more turkey and not even the best fixings or most generous defensive secondary’s could make him fantasy worthy at this point. In that same breath, Ray Rice and his mysterious hip flexor injury along with lack of a reliable blocking tight end have caused a grinding stop in production, which is more turkey than beast.

Lone and behold, the fattest turkey this season goes to Trent Richardson. Not only was he traded off an abysmal Cleveland Browns team, but he’s continued his lack of production on a higher powered offense in Indianapolis. However, his output is a paltry 2.8 yards per carry with the Colts so far in his nine games there. As a fantasy running back, with an average draft position of between 8 and 10 in the first round, he is averaging less than 32 rushing yards per game and scored twice all year long. This turkey’s longest waddle tallied a mere 16 yards.

He has lost considerable carries to Donald Brown and has become a secondary running option. His only value recently has come in the receiving game, which is again very minimal. It appears that Indy and owner Jim Irsay are turkeys in Colts clothing for taking the bait on a trade with Cleveland earlier this season. For all those owners who mistakenly drafted the T-Richardson turkey and are still hungry, please do not feel alone. I for one made the same mistake and put the cart before the horse when I drafted this turkey; and it was not once, but twice I did so in a total of three fantasy drafts.

So enough of turkeys – go ahead and go John Madden style and deep fry a bird for Thanksgiving. If you feel so inclined then go for the “Turducken,” appropriately dubbed for the duck that is stuffed inside a chicken and stuffed again inside a turkey. With so much meat and tryptophan the “Turducken” will send you into a comatose state so that you forget the turkeys that have filled your fantasy roster this season. Perhaps the Turkey day games will produce more turkeys that are reminiscent of Leon Lett’s 1993 infamous Thanksgiving classic.

May the turkey be delicious and the football games be void of turkey-like performances. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tip of the Week

This is a critical week for playoff seeding so if you are in the hunt then look at your fantasy team player matchups for next week and the following week. Especially if you stream defenses each week then look at those future defensive opponents and pick up the one with the best matchup.