The NFC East which has widely been regarded the last few years as the most competitive and strongest conference in all of football. Well, this year they look like the NFC West from 2-3 years ago which is underwhelming to say the least. While many teams have started off slow, there might be no worse efforts than those turned in by the winless New York Giants.

The Washington football team led by a hobbled RGIII and the Philadelphia Eagles, who’s lone win comes against that same Washington franchise have had little to add to the division. The only team who has more than 1 win is the 2-2 Dallas Cowboys, and their only win out of conference comes against the Rams. Kansas City has whooped up on this division so far this year to a tune of 3-0. To put it in perspective, the NFC East division has as many total wins as the Chiefs have this season (4).

Clearly things will sort themselves out in the NFC East once everyone begins playing each other. The clear losers, outside of the NFC East belongs to the AFC North. Another division that remains completely wide-open due to some lack-luster efforts and poor quarterback play. We can start with the winless Pittsburgh Steelers who have suffered a tremendous fall from grace since their days of dominating teams defensively. They have lost many of the cogs around Big Ben and in London this past week suffered another stomach punch from the previously winless Minnesota Vikings.

While Ben isn’t solely to blame for the slow start in Pittsburgh, you could say that about the Cincinnati Bengals who had loft expectations heading into this season, but are now mired at 2-2 due to Andy Dalton’s regression. This team is a solid quarterback away from being an elite team and instead they are in a dog fight with the Browns and Ravens atop the division lead. The most reliable quarterback has been Brian Hoyer this season for the Browns, after watching Flacco throw 5 interceptions in Buffalo this past weekend, it’s becoming more than just a leadership issue in the Ravens locker room.

So what does this all mean for fantasy owners for owners of these 8 teams in these 2 conferences? It means inconsistency and a variety of it. The most consistent players from these divisions are: AJ Green, Dez Bryant, LeSean McCoy, Jordan Cameron and Pierre Garcon. I could hardly endorse any of the quarterbacks on this list for a variety of reasons right now as QB #1 or even semi-reliable starters. The defenses are best avoided at this point aside from the Bengals due to spot matchups.

Fantasy Tip of the Week

Don’t give up on your team if you’ve struggled out of the gate. However, start looking for those buy low/sell high guys on your roster. If your team is overachieving begin to move quickly to shore up those areas where you know you could use improvement. If your team has been losing close games but it putting up solid points, maybe a tweak or two via the waiver wire and finding a valuable defensive matchup could do the trick. All is not won or lost yet, it’s only week 5.