Over a quarter of the NFL season has been played and much has yet to be decided. From a fantasy football perspective, here is a quick rundown of the 8 NFL divisions along with predictions of who are destined to breakout and who are expected to fall apart.

NFC East

Who wants to win this division? Probably the most anemic in all of football, but it appears the Cowboys have the most upside.
Most likely to breakout: Alfred Morris, the Redskins will need Morris’ legs to stay competitive as RGIII works his way through the rust.
Most likely to fall apart: Tony Romo, every year he continues to disappoint down the stretch.

NFC North

Probably the most balanced of all divisions. The Bears and Packers are cream of the crop right now but Lions and Vikings are potent offenses too.
Most likely to breakout: Alshon Jeffery, he’s already showing great strides from week 5 and he’s a huge red zone threat.
Most likely to fall apart: Reggie Bush, he’s shown great burst and ability to break the big one, but trusting his health is a huge risk.

NFC South

Saints are looking like the real deal in an otherwise underwhelming group of teams thus far.
Most likely to breakout: Steven Jackson, he’s been quiet and injured thus far so he’ll be a great buy-low trade option right now.
Most likely to fall apart: Doug Martin, it’s time to sell him off now. He’ll be facing 8 in the box and defenses that will test rookie QB in Tampa to beat them.

NFC West

It’s shaping up to be the Seahawks and the Niners atop the division again while it’s one of the most competitive from top to bottom in the league.
Most likely to breakout: Russell Wilson is putting together a nice season and even though this team is run-first he’s got big time top 8 value.
Most likely to fall apart: Rashard Mendenhall, he’s going to continue losing carries in the desert and he’s not the running back he once was with the Steelers a few seasons ago.

AFC East

Patriots are going to run away with this division, but it hasn’t been easy so far. The rest of the division is very competitive surprisingly.
Most likely to breakout: Kenbrell Thompkins, he’ll be a Brady favorite before the season is over.
Most likely to fall apart: Bilal Powell, I don’t suspect the start to the Jets season will continue on the upswing.

AFC North

The most unpredictable conference to judge and home of one of the best surprise stories of the season.
Most likely to breakout: Marlon Brown, he’s becoming a big time target of Joe Flacco. Torrey Smith and Brown are both must own.
Most likely to fall apart: Ben Roethlisberger has become an after-thought to fantasy owners and will remain one with his dreadful season.

AFC South

The Colts and Titans appear to be the upstarts and formidable challengers to the Texans throne.
Most likely to breakout: T.Y. Hilton, he’s making a strong case as the heir-apparent to Reggie Wayne once he hangs them up as Andrew Luck continues to improve.
Most likely to fall apart: Texans Defense, I’m not sure what’s happening but Matt Schaub is not helping matters in Houston and as a result not even J.J. Watt can save this squad.

AFC West

It’s a two horse race led by the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs.
Most likely to breakout: Wes Welker, along with the other Broncos is in for a big season and is the most consistent slot guy in all of football.
Most likely to fall apart: Dwayne Bowe, he’s struggled all season and it’s not going to get much better, so best to sell him off after his next successful game.

Fantasy Tip of the Week

Remember to check those status reports on Sunday morning. If you started Megatron Sunday or Steven Ridley then you need to start paying more attention up until kick-off.