After Week 7 the picture has become a little more clear as to what’s happening and how things look towards the future. There were some big time injuries over the last couple weeks so here’s a feature that will exploit those and the other NFL follies that have impacted the fantasy landscape during that time.

First, C’mon 1st round draft picks – live up to your hype! Trent Richardson has virtually disappeared and is looking like he’ll lose more carries to Donald Brown the way he’s been casually holding on to the football. In a game in which the Colts put up 39 points, Richardson managed a measly 1 point. C’mon man!

Second, let’s figure out a way to stay healthy! Reggie Wayne and Doug Martin suffered big time season ending injuries this past week and Julio Jones did the same the week prior. C’mon man, you’re in better shape than that!

Third, if you’re a defensive minded team then play like one! The Bears, Bengals, Cardinals and Titans all looked like fantasy pushovers this past weekend. Especially the Bears who gave up a season high 45 points to the hopeless Redskins on Sunday. That’s definitely deserving of a C’mon man!

Why did I not see Jordan Reed coming on so strong for Washington or Zac Stacy for St. Louis. Keep an eye out for those up and coming studs to add to your squad. Why did you draft DeAngelo Williams when Tolbert is the touchdown vulture every time? C’mon man!

Lastly, how is it OK for more people to cheer the opposing QB than their own? Granted Peyton built that franchise in Indy, it was Luck who got the last laugh on Sunday night. Either way, it was great sign of respect but Peyton’s numbers were a bit sluggish compared to the games he’s had thus far. C’mon fans, you’re suppose to make it easy on Peyton upon his return.

Fantasy Tip of the Week

When in doubt in filling the flex spot, go with either a high target receiver or every down running back. Avoid those boom or bust options unless it’s a favorable matchup.