In addition to our weekly Waiver Wire posts, we’ll also be providing valuable matchup analysis each week along with our suggestions on who to start and who to bench. If you have any additional matchup questions, or you are not sure who to start this week, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

New York Jets (5-6) at Buffalo (4-7)
Passing Defense 175.7 2nd Passing Defense 197.8 7th
Rushing Defense 108.2 13th Rushing Defense 165.1 32nd
Passing Offense 176.8 30th Passing Offense 193.4 24th
Rushing Offense 161.3 2nd Rushing Offense 104.6 19th
Fantasy Impact: Terrell Owens has flourished under the new quarterbacks in Buffalo the last few weeks but things might be different this week. Revis is a stud corner and will match-up one on one with TO the entire game. My guess is that Revis wins. If you were thinking of starting Owens you may want to put him back on your bench. The only other Bill worth starting is Fred Jackson. Jackson was off to one of the best starts for any running back in the league and when Marshawn Lynch returned he got less than fifty percent of the carries. The Bills saw the error of their ways and are now giving Jackson more touches. The Jets have a back that started off hot as well in Thomas Jones and, even if he has cooled off as of late, expect a big day out of him going up against the worst rushing defense in the league. Other than Jones, I like Braylon Edwards in a deeper league simply since he is facing the Bills but if you have a better option do not think twice about benching him.
Tampa Bay (1-10) at Carolina (4-7)
Passing Defense 210.5 11th Passing Defense 181.3 3rd
Rushing Defense 160.4 30th Rushing Defense 131.5 26th
Passing Offense 188.4 28th Passing Offense 189.1 27th
Rushing Offense 98.2 23rd Rushing Offense 151.5 4th
Fantasy Impact: Josh Freeman has been a surprising fantasy player for the Bucs the last two weeks. Now never start him in a one-quarterback league but he might be worth a last bench spot in a two- quarterback league. Even if the Panthers are in the top three against the pass, Kellen Winslow is not an awful play with Freeman playing well. For the backs in Tampa, the play is Cadillac Williams, now I hate advising to ever start a Buc, so don’t if you can help it but Williams is not an terrible play in deeper leagues. For the Panthers it is the same song and dance. Steve Smith will get double coverage all day and is a tough start while DeAngelo Williams remains to be a safe play. This week however, Jonathan Stewart might be worth a play as well. Stewart has been playing better and Tampa does have trouble against the bigger backs.
St. Louis (1-10) at Chicago (4-7)
Passing Defense 225.6 22nd Passing Defense 214.2 15th
Rushing Defense 148.5 28th Rushing Defense 125.6 24th
Passing Offense 206.2 22nd Passing Offense 243.1 14th
Rushing Offense 118.7 12th Rushing Offense 85.1 32nd
Fantasy Impact: Steven Jackson has been one of the most productive backs in the league this year as far as yardage goes but his touchdowns have been way down. This week I expect him to find the endzone and have over 100 total yards. This running attack should open things up for Marc Bulger while he is not a good play in standard leagues Donnie Avery might be a source for touchdown if you are running into receiver issues this week. The roller coaster that is the Bears and Jay Cutler should be on the up-swing facing one of the leagues worst defenses but it will be the Matt Forte show. Expect a big day out of Forte catching balls out of the backfield and possibly a score.
Tennessee (5-6) at Indianapolis
Passing Defense 266.7 31st Passing Defense 223.3 20th
Rushing Defense 101.5 7th Rushing Defense 108.9 15th
Passing Offense 189.2 26th Passing Offense 312.5 1st
Rushing Offense 167.9 1st Rushing Offense 87.6 31st
Fantasy Impact: The Titans are the leagues hottest team right now and Vince Young has been reborn. He is a decent start in two quarterback leagues and even could be considered a spot start in standard formats this week. The reason Young has been playing well is because the best back in the league Chris Johnson has been on a tear. (yes Chris Johnson over AP). The sneaky play in a deeper leagues may be Kenny Britt who has had a good rapport with Young the last few weeks. For the Colts, look out Peyton Manning owners – he will have maybe his biggest day of the year facing a secondary that cannot stop anyone. This also means great things for Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. Joseph Addai is a tough start since the Titans can stop the run and Donald Brown has to be placed on the bench. Do not drop Brown however, since during the fantasy playoffs Addai will probably rest and giving Brown an opportunity to be huge.
Philadelphia (7-4) at Atlanta (6-5)

Passing Defense 202.6 9th Passing Defense 252.6 27th
Rushing Defense 102.3 8th Rushing Defense 121.3 23rd
Passing Offense 266.9 10th Passing Offense 230.4 18th
Rushing Offense 109.0 18th Rushing Offense 118.2 13th
Fantasy Impact: The Eagles might be without DeShawn Jackson and Brent Celek’s services this week however, this does not mean you need to bench Donavan McNabb. The Falcons give up a ton of points through the air so Jeremy Maclin should be a nice start along with McNabb. Their ground game will be LeSean McCoy once again and once more he is nice start and should see a good workload. Matt Ryan will be out this week hindering the value of Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez but at this point it might be hard to sit either of them. For the backs of Atlanta, whoever starts is a great play. The reason I state it that way is Michael Turner re-aggravated his knee and may not play. If that is the case Jerious Norwood is a nice pick up and play if you need help at running back.
Oakland (3-8) at Pittsburgh (6-5)
Passing Defense 215.8 17th Passing Defense 213.5 13th
Rushing Defense 161.1 31st Rushing Defense 74.9 1st
Passing Offense 146.4 32nd Passing Offense 275.9 7th
Rushing Offense 104.3 20th Rushing Offense 115.4 15th
Fantasy Impact: Hines Ward bashed Ben Roethlisberger for not playing last week for some unknown reason (I know, how about we put the entire franchise in danger and play Ben?) One would think due to these comment the Steelers would be in trouble but in Steelers’ fashion I expect Ben to play and find Ward all game long to prove everything is ok. The real stud of this game will be Rashard Mendenhall who is getting stronger each game. Oakland cannot stop anyone on the ground so expect a good day out of Mendenhall. For Oakland this is easy – do not start anyone on their team this week.
Detroit (2-9) at Cincinnati (8-3)
Passing Defense 281.4 32nd Passing Defense 215.7 16th
Rushing Defense 112.9 19th Rushing Defense 81.9 3rd
Passing Offense 233.2 17th Passing Offense 211.5 21st
Rushing Offense 96.2 25th Rushing Offense 135.3 7th
Fantasy Impact: The Lions are banged up but it is the same old story with them. Start Kevin Smith as a good flex play simply because he gets so many touches and start Calvin Johnson if he plays since he is really good at football. Cincy is a different story – they look great on both sides of the ball, through the air, and on the ground so start all Bengals this week. I do believe that Carson Palmer is due for a huge game and this just might be it. Cedric Benson will most likely be back this week but I would not be surprised to see a little bit of Larry Johnson mixed in due to his great performance last week.
New Orleans (11-0) at Washington (3-8)
Passing Defense 217.5 18th Passing Defense 170.4 1st
Rushing Defense 116.3 20th Rushing Defense 127.9 25th
Passing Offense 283.4 5th Passing Offense 225.4 19th
Rushing Offense 150.5 5th Rushing Offense 102.2 21st
Fantasy Impact: The Saints and Drew Brees are coming off an emotional win last Monday and Drew is making a good case to be the MVP. This week they face a much tougher defense but start Brees however, since he spreads the ball around so well and the Skins are actually good at passing defense I would only start Brees and maybe Marques Colston from the passing side. The ground game is a different story, Pierre Thomas is living up to his fantasy hype and is a must start from here on out. (as long as they do not bench him once they wrap up home field). Redskins Nation felt a tough loss again last week but had a few young guns step up. The fantasy implication of this? Nothing! No Skins should be started with confidence, also keep an eye on the running back situation to see if Clinton Portis plays this week.
Denver (7-4) at Kansas City (3-8)

Passing Defense 185.0 5th Passing Defense 258.4 30th
Rushing Defense 110.0 17th Rushing Defense 134.5 27th
Passing Offense 224.5 20th Passing Offense 191.5 25th
Rushing Offense 114.7 16th Rushing Offense 98.4 22nd
Fantasy Impact: Well I apologize if you bet against the Broncos after I bashed them last week, maybe just maybe they are for real. Either way they will do just fine against the Cheifs and Brandon Marshall should be a big part of that. Start Marshall and my rookie of the year, Knowshon Moreno against a bad Chiefs defense. On the flip side of the ball Jamaal Charles has been stealer and could prove to be a nice start again this week. Other than Charles be clear of starting any Chief if you can.
Houston (5-6) at Jacksonville (6-5)
Passing Defense 214.2 14th Passing Defense 242.9 26th
Rushing Defense 120.0 22nd Rushing Defense 106.6 10th
Passing Offense 294.7 3rd Passing Offense 237.5 16th
Rushing Offense 90.5 29th Rushing Offense 132.6 8th
Fantasy Impact: This is a huge game for the Texans and I believe that Matt Schaub and company will step up. The Jags have a young secondary making this a potential huge day for one Andre Johnson as well. The interesting turn of event lately is the fact that Chris Brown is slowly taking more carries away from Steve Slaton and certainly will get the goal line calls. Brown is not a bad start in deeper format if you are in a bind. Since the Texans pass the majority of the time, the Jags will be running the ball. I expect a full workload out of Maurice Jones-Drew once again and once again he will prove to be an elite fantasy running back. This running attack should open things up for Mike Sims-Walker who should find the endzone this week. (bold prediction Sims-Walker will get 125 yards and a touch this week)
San Diego (8-3) at Cleveland (1-10)
Passing Defense 199.6 8th Passing Defense 233.4 24th
Rushing Defense 118.1 21st Rushing Defense 159.9 29th
Passing Offense 268.5 9th Passing Offense 147.4 31st
Rushing Offense 88.5 30th Rushing Offense 97.5 24th
Fantasy Impact: Start all Chargers this week. Phillip Rivers, Vincent Jackson (I know two bad games, but still will hit my 1000 yard 10 touchdown prediction), Antonio Gates, (he told his fantasy owners he would catch more touchdowns, two last week) LaDainian Tomlinson (making a case to be drafted high next year again) as stated all Chargers nice starts. The Brown on the other hand should not even be owned let alone started in any league.
Dallas (8-3) at New York Giants (6-5)
Passing Defense 224.9 21st Passing Defense 182.6 4th
Rushing Defense 102.7 9th Rushing Defense 107.8 11th
Passing Offense 266.6 11th Passing Offense 259.6 12th
Rushing Offense 138.0 6th Rushing Offense 126.8 10th
Fantasy Impact: The Dallas Cowboys are once again thinking Superbowl and when that happens there seems to be a let down. This week could be the same. The G-Men need a win and will certainly be looking to get to Tony Romo as much as possible. With all this being said I think Dallas will run to set up the pass and Marion Barber has always had decent games against the Giants. Also at this point I find it hard to sit Romo or his favorite target Miles Austin. Jason Witten finally had a big game last week since Austin was seeing more double coverage and I would bet the same will happen this week. The starting quarterback for the Giants might be David Carr and if that happens sit Steve Smith and Mario Manningham (who should be on the bench either way) but Brandon Jacobs will get a boost in value since I can see New York controlling the clock with him.
Minnesota (10-1) at Arizona (7-4)

Passing Defense 221.9 19th Passing Defense 258.3 29th
Rushing Defense 81.6 2nd Rushing Defense 108.6 14th
Passing Offense 275.7 8th Passing Offense 277.9 6th
Rushing Offense 129.2 9th Rushing Offense 92.4 27th
Fantasy Impact: Did anyone really think that Brett Favre would be having this good of a season and this week he gets one of the worst passing defense in the league. Expect a monster day again out of the Farve to Sidney Rice combo (third round selection next year) but Percy Harvin the other candidate for rookie of the year as far as I am concerned might have a big day as well. Of course start Adrian Peterson he is still an elite back and is a must start no matter who is faces. For the Cardinals it is a different story. Sit both Tim Hightower and Chris Wells – the Minnesota run defense just shuts running backs down and if Kurt Warner does not play you have to start Larry Fitzgerald but be scared about how much he will actually give you.
San Francisco (5-6) at Seattle (4-7)
Passing Defense 256.5 28th Passing Defense 238.1 25th
Rushing Defense 94.8 5th Rushing Defense 110.7 18th
Passing Offense 200.9 23rd Passing Offense 243.0 15th
Rushing Offense 94.7 26th Rushing Offense 92.2 28th
Fantasy Impact: Alex Smith and Vernon Davis have been both great surprises this year and they face a secondary that is awful, so do the math. The interesting fact is that Smith actually targets Michael Crabtree more than Davis so he might be in for a big day as well. The biggest day will be had by Frank Gore who is due to break one and that always seems to happen to the Seahawks. For the Seahawks, TJ Houshmandzadeh owners are probably putting him on the bench for good after last week – but not so fast. The 49ers cannot stop anyone especially receivers going over the middle so give Houshmandzadeh one last chance. Even if Julius Jones is healthy Justin Forsett looks to have won the starting job and should be considered a decent flex play this week.
New England (7-4) at Miami (5-6)
Passing Defense 203.6 10th Passing Defense 233.0 23rd
Rushing Defense 109.7 16th Rushing Defense 108.0 12th
Passing Offense 305.2 2nd Passing Offense 177.0 29th
Rushing Offense 114.5 17th Rushing Offense 156.1 3rd
Fantasy Impact: Tom Brady had one of his worst games of the year on Monday and never plays that great in Miami but something tells me is his going to be pissed and take it out on the Fins. Randy Moss and Wes Welker should be over 100 yards with Laurence Maroney punching in another touchdown. Maroney has been one of the hottest fantasy backs over the last few weeks so if he is not owned your league for some unknown reason grab him for the playoff run. The Dolphins have been up and down all year and there is only human you should start on their team Ricky Williams. The thing is he is nice start again and might give the Patriots fits.
Baltimore (6-5) at Green Bay (7-4)
Passing Defense 211.3 12th Passing Defense 192.5 6th
Rushing Defense 97.6 6th Rushing Defense 89.1 4th
Passing Offense 249.8 13th Passing Offense 286.5 4th
Rushing Offense 117.0 14th Rushing Offense 119.2 11th
Fantasy Impact: This is a great Monday night game. First with the Raven who are coming off an emotional win vs their rival the Steelers. The Ravens can thank future first round pick Ray Rice. Rice has been great all year and even if he is facing a good defense in the Packers he is officially a must start every week. The only receiver to start is Derrick Mason but if you have better options do so this week since the Packers will match up my defensive player of year Charles Woodson against him. The Packers will do what they do, throw the ball. Donald Driver has been the beneficiary of Greg Jennings double coverage every single game but the Ravens might switch it up. One if not both of these receiver will have big day since I do not expect much out of Ryan Grant on the ground. This adds up to a large day for Aaron Rodgers who is having maybe the most impressive yet quiet fantasy season that no one is talking about.