What should fantasy owners do if they own Manny Ramirez? As you all have heard by now, Manny is out for 50 games and will not be eligible to return to the team until July 3. If you own him, should you drop him, look to deal him now, or ride this one out? If you don’t own him is this a great buy-low prospect? FST experts break down the options.

Unfortunately there is not “quick fix” when you lose an elite player like Manny, however he is only out for about one-third of the season so there is no reason to panic. If you own Manny, first and foremost do not drop him! That leaves two options, stash him on your bench and explore waiver-wire options, or look to make a deal.

Hang Tight

If there is one positive side for Manny owners its that OF is one of the deeper positions so you may be able to find a decent short term fill in on the waiver-wire to help mitigate the damage for a few months. You obviously can’t expect Manny-type numbers, but players like Jack Cust, Ryan Spilborghs, Jose Guillen, Kendry Morales, Jason Kubel, and Juan Pierre are still available in most league formats. Juan Pierre was the odd man out in LA and now will get the everyday start in Manny’s absence. Pierre still has the ability to bat around .300 and will help you out with SBs.

Deal or No Deal

Many Manny owners feel there’s no point in dealing him at less than full value, and owners looking to buy-low should still expect to part with at least one quality player. Owners on both sides of the trade talks need to be open-minded and remember that Manny is still going to be available to play in 110 games. Another difficulty in attempting to buy-low on Manny is that he can’t be held to the same standard as an injured player. He may take a few games to get back in the groove after his suspension and don’t forget the second half of last season where Manny went .388-19-61 down the stretch.

Its certainly worth sending a few trades out to test the waters, but don’t expect a bargain. Among those traded for Manny straight up include Carlos Quentin, Jorge Cantu, Jayson Werth, Bobby Abreu and Johnny Cueto.

If you own Manny, and you have July 3rd circled on your calendar, just remember its a long season. Don’t panic, plan carefully, and pick a short-term strategy that will best benefit your team.