We’re heading into Week 8 of the MLB season, and it’s been a large enough sample size to make some guesses as to which players are going to help you in 2015, and which you can cut bait on. Maybe you have a player you’re waiting on, or maybe you have an underachieving team on your hands. Whatever the reason, you need roster spots, and this column is for you. Let us review players that are widely owned that I believe can be cut by owners in a tight spot.

Elvis Andrus TEX | SS

Shout me down if you wish, but at least hear me out before you do. What are we waiting for here? Elvis has regressed practically every year at the plate, but his .227 average and sub – .600 OPS are truly killing your team. You were hoping for .275 and 30 SB, and I’m not sure he makes either at this point. The Rangers look terrible, and he’s so bad they’re hitting him 8th and 9th in the order. His one trick pony act has run it’s course – I’ve never been an Andrus guy. (about 75% owned)

Jimmy Rollins LAD | SS

The fact that Rollins is still 70% owned must be some sort of lifetime achievement aware for his tremendous career. And it’s been an insane career, but it’s time to face facts: He’s batting under .200, not stealing a ton of bases, and even the strong-Dodgers-lineup effect hasn’t translated. He is 36, after all – some decline was definitely expected and perhaps this is it materializing. I don’t think he’s completely done, but with options like Marcus Semian, Jung-Ho Kang, and Brandon Crawford widely available, I feel like you can allow him to heat up on the waiver wire. (about 70% owned)

Chris Carter HOU | 1B, OF

Yes, I’m aware Carter has hit 7 HR. He’s also struck out 56 times out of 129 plate appearances, a 37% clip, which is somehow even worse than his 2014 strikeout rate. If you’re wondering if he’s really a drop or not, do me a favor: Find a way to watch an Astros game, and watch him miss breaking balls by a foot or more. He could heat up and carry your team for a month – that fact is undeniable. But with a .163 batting average and minimal production elsewhere, I’m comfortable waiting for that hot streak with Carter off my bench. (about 65% owned)

Addison Russell CHI | 2B, SS

I’m gonna get the hate for this call, and I’m okay with it. I always invest in the prospects early in the season, and eventually you have to make a decision whether or not they will truly fulfill their hype (in a non-keeper fantasy mixed-league type of way) this season, or more in the future. Russell is going to be a tremendous player for the Cubs organization, but his time to shine is probably more 2016 and beyond. He’s batting .253 at current time, and his BABIP is a completely insane .389, which means he’s actually quite lucky to be batting that low number, and likely due some regression to the mean in the near future. Since Addison isn’t really running or hitting homers to balance his mediocre average out, that doesn’t really leave my short-term outlook on his prospects super rosy. You can find better options easily and should do so without hesitation. (about 50% owned)

Phil Hughes MIN | SP

I’ll admit that I have an irrational hatred of this character right up front, so you know what you’re working with. I’ve never understood his appeal, and I understand it less than ever now. Why on gods green earth is this guy 75% owned? His team stinks, so he doesn’t get wins. His ERA is above 4.50, he doesn’t strike anyone out (6.18 K/9), and his WHIP is almost 1.30. Literally none of this helps your team in any way. His ‘great’ season last year was a total mirage, so can we all stop thinking he’s a good pitcher? If you can trade him to some idiot, be my guest…if not, feel free to drop him ASAP. (about 75% owned)

Anibal Sanchez DET | SP

Another guy I just love to hate. I can’t help myself. Why do we like him again? He had a dominant 2013, regressed in 2014, and has regressed some more in 2015. His ERA is over 5.00, and even if you try to explain it away to bad fielding, his FIP is still 4.40. He’s a 7.90 K/9 guy, which definitely isn’t anything wonderful – it’s more of what you hope for from a streaming option. He gets the lovely pleasure of pitching in the AL against the Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, Angels, and most of all, the Royals….a lot. To top it off, he’s recently gotten absolutely tattooed by both the White Sox and Brewers, who happen to be two of the worst first-half offenses in the MLB. Trade him if you can, and drop if you must. (about 85% owned)

Hisashi Iwakuma SEA | SP

So he’s shut down for about the next 10-14 days (and probably more like six weeks) with a shoulder injury. But I’m not just picking on the injured guy here. He just isn’t that good, and I don’t want you to stash him forever expecting great things. His crazy-good 2013 was, in a word, lucky. He’s more of the guy we’ve seen this year (average to poor) than the guy we saw that year. He’s a mediocre-K guy who has managed to give up a ton of HR in a ballpark that theoretically suppresses such behavior, and the fact that the Mariners are constructed like a beer-league softball team with respect to defense doesn’t help. If you’re in a deeper format, he’s definitely a hold on potential alone, but don’t feel like you need to hold in in a 10-team league for anything shallower than that. The upside simply isn’t big enough. (about 75% owned)

Neftali Feliz TEX | RP

The latest: Despite literally handing Feliz the closer role on a silver platter, there ‘are no roles’ in the Rangers bullpen at the moment. Guess that’s what happens when you post a 5.09 ERA and 1.75 WHIP for a team that’s pretty much going nowhere. I’m going to channel Harrison Ford from ‘Air Force One’ when I say “Get Off My Team!”. (about 70% owned)

Victor Martinez DET | 1B

Ugh. I’m not sure what else to say. But I’ll say this: I hated him pre-season, I hated him on draft day, and I hate him now. Let’s make a rule that says, “Hey, lets not overdraft old guys with knee issues coming off unsustainable career years” and then let’s attempt to follow that rule in the future. Mmmmkay? (about 80% owned)

Ben Zobrist OAK | 2B, SS, OF

Zobrist is what, maybe a 10 / 10 / .280 guy if he plays the whole year and is pretty good? Whelp, he’s already had arthroscopic surgery and missed a ton of games…and still isn’t back. He’s got some positional flexibility, but so do 15 other guys you might have picked up while you’ve been holding this bum. I could be wrong – maybe he comes back and absolutely rakes, but to me the A’s look like a bottom-half offense with or without Zobrist, and he’s on the downside of his career. Later! (about 75% owned)

Melky Cabrera CWS | OF

Maybe he’s the victim of bad BABIP luck. Maybe he’s on a team that can’t score runs. Or maybe being a known abuser of PED’s has really hurt his chi. Who knows! I know this: He stinks. Chances are we’ve seen the best of Melky already, the ChiSox have overpaid, and his upside is marginal at best for fantasy purposes. Out with the Melky, in with the Rusney! (about 60% owned)

Devin Mesoraco CIN | C

Don’t hold this clown any more. Why the Reds aren’t DLing him is one of the many great wonders of the world, but I seriously doubt he’s catching anytime soon. And even when he’s DHing in AL parks….he sucks! You can always grab him back up if he becomes suddenly useful, but in the meantime, grab guys like Grandal, Pierzynski, Ramos, or even Hundley! (about 60% owned)