It’s now Week 6, and we’re headed into the fantasy football midseason. Today I’m going to review players that are widely owned that I believe can be dropped by owners in 10-12 team redraft leagues. If you’re 0-5, 1-4 or 2-3 and toward the bottom of the standings, this column is definitely for you. I won’t waste your time so lets get right to it!

Adrian Peterson RB | MIN

We’re not here to pontificate about the child abuse case – we only care about the fantasy numbers. If you’re in a tough spot, there’s simply no chance you can wait another 6-8 weeks (minimum) to see if Peterson is cleared of the charges. I know, you used a top pick on him – tough. It’s time cut your losses and grab guys that can help you win this week. (about 60% owned)

Toby Gerhart RB | JAX

I’ve been off of Gerhart for a while now, but I think you can definitively stick a fork in him now. He’s losing carries to guys that wouldn’t even make most NFL rosters despite his hefty contract. Jacksonville can’t block for him either, which isn’t helping. When you add that to fact that they can’t really pass either, you have a quagmire that is best avoided. Cut Tubby loose, you’ll feel like a much better person right afterward. (about 65% owned)

Chris Johnson RB | NYJ

I’ll forego the obvious CJ?K joke here and just say this: On an offensively starved team, Johnson isn’t even the best running back, and it isn’t particularly close. He’s been borderline useless, and nobody will trade you much for him unless you’re in a very deep league. He’s a black hole of a roster spot at this point, and I’d cut him freely starting this week. (about 70% owned)

C.J. Spiller RB | BUF

During Weeks 1 and 2, Spiller scored a fluky receiving touchdown, and then another fluky return touchdown. Since then, he’s scored zero touchdowns of any kind, and he’s still on zero rushing TDs for the year. He’s losing snaps to Fred Jackson, but more importantly, he’s losing even more passing down targets. I don’t think that Spiller is quite a ‘drop’ yet, but he’s sure getting there quickly. I’d attempt to abandon this sinking ship via trade or, if necessary, a cut as soon as possible. (about 95% owned)

Darren Sproles RB | PHI

One of the key things you must never do in fantasy sports is chase past points. We try to identify trends, splits, and matchups, which we utilize to predict future points. One great game does not a great season make. To this end, Sproles started out the 2014 season on fire, scoring 38.3 fantasy points for his owners in Weeks 1 and 2. His ownership shot through the roof as owners envisioned what could be. Since then? In three weeks, the Eagles have run 194 plays, scoring 97 points in the process. Sproles has 15 total touches, and zero total touchdowns. I’d be more than willing to deal him for whatever I could get, and if that didn’t pan out, I’d also be happy to toss him back to the free agent pool. (about 85% owned)

Steven Jackson RB | ATL

Jackson has been bad for a couple of years now. Why do people keep drafting him, thinking that THIS is the year that he’ll score these mythical ten touchdowns that all these industry experts continually blabber about? Look, it’s over. He’s old, slow, and done. Time to take him out back and … (about 75% owned)

Torrey Smith WR | BAL

Torrey, you used to be the only guy in Baltimore, and because of that you looked awfully good. We had some good years together. This doesn’t look like it will be one . The offense is running though Steve Smith Sr, and Torrey looks like he’s been completely lost in the shuffle. You can’t even rely on him for WR3 numbers in a given week and you can’t trade him, so he’s become a cut. Seeya! (about 75% owned)

Josh Gordon WR | CLE

If you’re 5-0, 4-1, or 3-2 with a solid team and you want to speculate on some late season dominance by Gordon, be my guest. I don’t love the move, but I can see the upside. If you aren’t, it’s time to make a decision. You don’t have another six weeks to sit on Gordon – you need a win this week. You either need to package him in a trade to one of the aforementioned teams in good playoff standing, or you need to cut him. I cannot brook an owner who is losing with a late season lottery ticket on their bench. Don’t be that guy. Make some moves! (about 60% owned)

Dwayne Bowe WR | KC

Hi Dwayne, it’s Chris – I was wondering why you’re over 50% owned. Can you shed any light on this? You’re really bad, and even the Chiefs seem to be catching on to this fact. Oh, you caught fifteen touchdowns one year? That was 2010 my friend. You don’t have fifteen combined since then. Later! (about 55% owned)

Marques Colston WR | NO

The Saints offense looks off-kilter this year, and I think in part it’s due to Colston finally showing that he’s long in the tooth. He just doesn’t have the speed to separate any longer, and his inability to take the top off defenses has allowed him to be defended much more easily. I’m sure that some will predict that he’ll improve as the season goes along, but I think his stat lines of 9, 0, 8.5, 5, and 6.3 fantasy points are about what you should expect. He’s a low end WR3, and is a fine drop if you need a roster spot. (about 80% owned)

Anquan Boldin WR | SF

The 49ers passing offense has looked anemic so far, and a big part of it is the lack of Boldin. He’s yet to score above 10 fantasy points in any game, and he’s had two weeks already where he’s scored less than 5, which pretty much kills you. I could deal with his lack of burst when he was getting 15 targets a game, but he’s getting half that and not doing much with any of them. He’s a WR4 (if that) at this point. (about 75% owned)

Jason Witten TE | DAL

Witten has been productive for 679 years, and he’s Tony Romo’s go-to guy, and he’s been a TE1 forever. That’s all well and good, but the regression is right in front of us. Witten has taken a ton of shots in his career, and looks slower then ever this year. If you add in a very mediocre start from Tony Romo, you’ve got a guy whose brand is vastly more valuable than his performance. I’d rather have Delanie Walker, Travis Kelce, Larry Donnell, or Dwayne Allen. (about 90% owned)