Second base has teased me the past few years with hopes of depth but I am not falling for that again in 2014. It is not a deep position and it has not been a deep position for years.

If you have read any of my other articles or simply just been a fan of our site you know we preach take the best player, no matter the position, early on in your drafts. If there is any time we are ok with a little bit of a reach early it would be for Robinson Cano or Jason Kipnis. We have ranked both inside our top 15 and then we do not rank another second baseman inside our top 40.

If you miss out on these two studs keep a close eye on what teams already have drafted a second basemen. This will help you determine when it is time to pull the trigger. In an ideal world if I do not get one of the top two second basemen I would love to get whomever is remaining out of Matt Carpenter, Dustin Pedroia, or Ian Kinsler. If the way the draft or auction went I would hold out as after these top five guys each second basemen remaining has their pros and cons and I would like to build the rest of my team first to see whom fits what I need.

Second Best at Position – Jason Kipnis

There was actually a debate at our rankings summit about whom should be our top choice at second base. We ended up with Cano but Kipnis is right behind him. You might not get as much power as you do with Cano but he has the chance to swipe 40 bags and hit 20 bombs this year, all at a substantially lower draft day price than Cano. Don’t let Kipnis slip too far in your drafts.

Power Champion – Jedd Gyorko

So this is probably either Cano or the terrible Dan Uggla but as a sleeper pick I am going with Jedd Gyorko to hit the most bombs out of any second baseman (not name Cano). In under 500 at bats Jedd Gyorko hit 23 bombs last season and still has a ton of upside. This 25 year old is going to be asked to swing for the fence in Houston and with an average draft position outside of the top 100 not a bad move to wait on second and grab him.

Must Have Sleeper – Daniel Murphy

Grab this guy, in fact, in my ideal draft I grab Murphy and get Profar late, nothing would make me more happy. Profar is the all upside but could fall on his face second basemen while Murphy is undervalued, under-appreciated, so steady, so money second baseman. His floor is so low and his ceiling is almost as high as anyone at this position. He hits for average and does have an outside chance of being a 20-20 guy. I think at worst he is a .280 hitter, 10 bombs and 15 bags. A perfect guy to pair with the upside of Profar.

High Upside Potential – Jurickson Profar

This is the pick that when you take him half of your draft is going to commend on taking him. Everyone always loves the young upside guy and Profar is one of the most hyped 20 year olds we have seen in a long time. Now the other half will be guys like my boss Dustin, just shaking his head, saying old Namejko always going for the hyped kid, then I say – well who won two years ago huh? I mean I know you normally have my number in baseball but I, Brent Namejko, beat you down, so why you always got to rain on my party! You hater, you crazy my way or the highway punk!…sorry I blacked out there…but Profar is a question mark, either people will love the pick or hate the pick but that should play zero factor into why I think you should grab him or buy him. He is so cheap right now (average draft position 170) that why not gamble on the kid as your second, second baseman. If he really lives up to the hype you will either have a stud or a best possible trade bait.

Cheap Speed – Emilio Bonifacio

Emilio Bonifacio is playing for the Cubs now but will do what he always does, run, and run fast. He had 23 bags last year and if you have built a team around power and average and need to fill a speed hole go get him late. He is a perfect guy in daily leagues as he will have duel eligibility as well. Look for bad at everything except steals but expect 20+ of those again this year.

Cheap Power – Dan Uggla

I was not going to do this to you ladies and gentlemen, as I expect you all know he is terrible. Dan Uggla batted below .200 last year, that is simply awful but every year someone does not have a second basemen and sees that Uggla is there and his 20+ homerun potential and drafts him. Thinking this is the year he learns how to hit but he is 33 and if he has not figured it out now, he never will. Now, this is cheap power so he is going late but know in Roto leagues the power is not worth it as it kills the average but if your settings do not have OBP or AVG then this source of cheap power is all of a sudden valuable, I suppose.

Draft Day Advice

Do not neglect this position for too long, unlike some other infield positions the depth is just not there for second base. If there is any position to reach for – it is second base.