I…HAVE…THE POWER! I hope at least a few of you know what cartoon that comes from. Even if you don’t it is pretty clear to anyone where the most power is this 2014 fantasy baseball season – First Base. I believe there are 25 first basemen that could exceed 30 homeruns this season.

I always take the best player available in the first few rounds so there is a great possibility I will end up with a first baseman with one of those early picks. We have ranked three first baseman inside our top ten and a total of 23 inside our top 150 players.

Do not just look at homeruns when deciding on players at this position. Due to the depth you should have penalty of options for players that will help your batting average while being a top producer in your counting stats. (runs and RBIs). Typically, we say stay away from aging players but this position does have a few players we like as bounce back candidates in Justin Morneau, Ryan Howard, and Mark Teixeira.

Second Best at Position – Prince Fielder

Paul Goldschmidt had a monster year and we figure he will only improve on his numbers so he was not a debate for our top first basemen. But determining our No. 2 first baseman was much tougher. We went with Prince Fielder as the move to a friendlier park with the Rangers should help but the fact he does not miss games and is a safe bet to always produce had us put him over the likes of Joey Votto and Chris Davis. Consistency is far too underrated in fantasy baseball and Prince is a model of consistency. Since 2006 he has played in at least 157 games and averaged 35 homeruns with 108 RBIs. No reason to think he does not hover right around there again this season.

Power Champion – Chris Davis

Let me first state this – THERE IS ZERO CHANCE CHRIS DAVIS HITS 53 or more Homeruns this season. Literally, no chance, go ahead and hate in the comment but his season last year but just too magical. No one has ever done that well while striking out as many times as he did plus, all of his cyber metrics were the best he has ever had by a mile. With that understanding I think he still ends up as the homerun king for first basemen and maybe the league. I think his average takes a dip along with this homeruns year over year but 40 is a reasonable expectation for him. Still his average draft position is based totally on last year so I will not be considering him middle to end of the first round this year.

Must Have Sleeper – Yonder Alonso

He seems to have been on everyones radar for so long that we all assume he is approaching 30 but Yonder Alonso is only 26 years old and I believe has his best season ahead of him. He is going to be top ten or even fifteen by years end at the position but his average draft position is outside the top 300 and he has the skill set to be a 20/15 guy.

High Upside Potential – Matt Adams

Everyone that owned Matt Adams last season knows want this guy can do when he gets the playing time and the Cardinals recognized that as well. They have adjusted things so that Matt Adams can be the everyday first basemen and his upside is extremely high. I would say his ceiling is 295 average with 35 bombs and 120 RBIs – now that is a ceiling but Matt Adams is the one guy whose year over year draft position could jump from outside the top 100 to inside the top 25.

Cheap Speed – Eric Hosmer

Not many first basemen are speedsters so finding cheap speed is relative term but if you draft Homser I think his speed is a huge added bonus. Eric Hosmer is a professional hitter and all-around athlete pair that with the Royals small ball approach and you have a guy that could swipe over 15 bags at a position that averages less than 2 per starter on a season.

Cheap Power – Ike Davis

The easy way to go here is obviously Adam Dunn but you all know what his deal is, good power, terrible average no upside. So I went with Ike Davis of the Mets. Davis had one of the most disappointing years last season (just ask the New York Media) he was sent down to the minors even at one point. Due to how terrible he was he is going to go extremely late to maybe even undrafted in many drafts. If you are looking for a shot in the dark last pick kind of guy Ike Davis might be your man. Heading into last season Ike Davis was a favorite breakout star for the fantasy community so maybe he was just a late bloomer (even if he does “bloom” know the average will still be an issue).

Draft Day Advice

Get a stud and get some young upside at this position in your draft. Often this is a position that can carry your team so do not neglect it and drafting two studs early is risking but not a terrible move (assuming you have UTL spot).