With fantasy football drafts just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the top 10 quarterbacks for the 2013 season. The quarterback position is as deep as it has been in a long time and it’s not nearly as important as in years past to get a top tier quarterback in the first couple of rounds. When you look at the top ten quarterbacks there isn’t nearly as noticeable of a drop off from one to ten and there are even solid quarterbacks outside of the top ten.

1. Aaron Rodgers GB | QB

You can certainly make an argument that Brees should be the No. 1 QB, but when you look at the rushing yards and lack of interceptions from Rodgers I think he is still numero uno. The Packers did lose Greg Jennings, but Rodgers will not have a hard time moving the ball with players like Cobb, Nelson, Finely and Jones. Quarterbacks will not go off the draft board nearly a quickly as in years past, so look for Rodgers to get drafted in the early second round in most drafts.

2. Drew Brees NO | QB

Brees had an amazing season last year and there is no reason to think that he can’t do it again. The Saints will get their coaching staff back and Brees has pretty much the same weapons as last year. When you look at all of the other quarterbacks in the top 10 he is one of the few that doesn’t add anything with his legs, but it’s hard to look past his league leading passing TDs and passing yards from 2012.

3. Peyton Manning DEN | QB

There were so many question marks around Manning coming into last year, but he certainly silenced all of his critiques. His arm strength seems to be pretty much back to 100% and at this point I think it’s fine to say his neck injury is a non issue. Manning already had a decent amount of weapons on that offense and he now has Montee Ball and Wes Welker to help put points on the board. The Broncos are the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year and that offense should put a ton of fantasy points on the board.

4. Cam Newton CAR | QB

Even though Newton didn’t do as well as some people were thinking, he still had a very productive year. He was second among quarterbacks with 741 rushing yards and he had 8 rushing touchdowns. His touchdown to interception ratio was worst than anyone else on this list, but he is still worth being ranked at No. 4 just because of what he can do with his legs. That offense didn’t really get any better during the offseason, but I expect him to at least match his numbers from a year ago.

5. Tom Brady NE | QB

Brady had another solid year in 2012, but there are too many question marks on that offense for us to rank him any higher. He lost his favorite target in Wes Welker, Hernandez will likely be in jail, Gronkowski is banged up, and Woodhead is in San Diego There is no doubt in my mind that the Patriots will still find a way to put points on the board, but it’s not going to be as easy as it’s been in the past.

6. Russell Wilson SEA | QB

Wilson is one of those guys that I have seen ranked all over the place this preseason. I have seen him as high as No. 4 and as low as No. 11, so this could make him a steal on draft day in my opinion. The Seattle offense only got better by adding Harvin and they should be a high powered offense in 2013. It was kind of a surprise last preseason when the Seahawks announced that Wilson was going to be their starter, but now we all know why they picked him to be their quarterback of the future.

7. Robert Griffin III WAS | QB

It appears that the days of needing around a year to recover from ACL surgery are a thing of the past. Wes Welker did it a few years ago, Peterson did it last year, and I think RGIII will do it this year. I fully expect him to be ready for week 1 and he should be back to being a defenses worst nightmare. The Redskins might get him to try to limit how much he runs, but once the games start I don’t think RGIII will shy away from running if that gives the Skins the best chance to win.

8. Colin Kaepernick SF | QB

The 49ers had a really tough decision to make last year when deciding what to do with Alex Smith when he came back from injury. Kaepernick is a special talent and it looks like the hers made the right call with keeping him as their starter. They do have some question marks at wide receiver, but Kaepernick is still a very appealing fantasy quarterback because of his running ability.

9. Matt Ryan ATL | QB

Ryan continues to improve and he should have another solid year for the Falcons. He arguably has the best receiving corp in the league and he now has Steven Jackson as an option in the passing game. The only reason he isn’t higher on our rankings is because he doesn’t add much value with his legs, but he could eclipse 5,000 passing yards this year and the Falcons should be one of the top offenses in 2013.

10. Tony Romo DAL | QB

After somewhat of a slow start last year with only 5 TDs in the first 4 games, Romo was able to end the year with a bang. He finished with just under 5,000 passing yards and he was able to rack up 28 TD passes. If his receivers Austin and Bryant can stay healthy this year then I see no reason why he can’t have another solid year. Romo is kind of a boring pick at this point in his career since we know what his ceiling is, but the Cowboys offense should be solid this year.