Each week during the NFL season FST brings you our Fantasy Football Start’em column, which takes a look at favorable match-ups and how they might impact lineup decisions for your fantasy football roster. Let’s take a look at some players that you’ll want in your lineup for Week 6. If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson MIN VS. WAS

Back to the house of horrors for AP that left him hobbled and torn up on Christmas last season. Expect a change in fortune this time around for this Purple People Eating beast. Vikings are coming off some tremendous performances and are by and large the surprise team this season in the NFC North. The Skins are fighting tougher on defense but expect AP to deliver TD packages to owners via FedEx Field Sunday. It’ll be Peterson for President in the nation’s capital on Sunday; as he’ll be tearing apart and hitting Skins on the reg.

Rashard Mendenhall PIT VS. TEN

Mendy is no longer on the mend. In his first return to action he looked Steeler strong in rolling over Eagle defenders. The Titans have had little fight in them to date with some lopsided losses and an inept offense. Remember to get this guy in your lineup for this Thursday’s action in Nashville as the looks to lay the lumber on Titan defenders the way Roethlisrapist lays unsuspecting 20 year olds in bathroom stalls. Mendenhall is a “Panty Dropping” pick of the week to break the seal on 100 yards running with at least 1 TD in this week’s action.


Kevin Kolb AZ VS. BUF

Bob on a knob like corn on the Kolb? Yeah, I know you have to be kidding me with this prediction. Just like last week’s BS pick of the Rams defense….oh wait pretty good call. So the Buffalo Bills bring a defense to the table that gave up a historically horrible amount of yards to the 49ers last week. San Fran is a defensive juggernaut, which tells you something about this overpriced group of Bills defensive unit. To further validate this pick, you have to look at the options for Kevin “Slob on my Knob” Kolb. They have possibly the worst O-Line in NFL and without Ryan Williams or Beanie Wells he’ll be relegated to throw virtually all the time from the shotgun. Expect the Cardinals to air it out and avoid dutch-ovening themselves via the ground game.

Aaron Rodgers GB VS. HOU

Don’t panic Packers fans, it was a monumental collapse versus the Colts but Rodgers is still doing his thing. Admitting that his accuracy has been slightly off, he has another tough matchup on Sunday night vs. the Texans. All those owners who are crying about his lack of production compared to last year’s video game numbers need to be patient. The Packers are going to be more desperate than Kim Kardashian attempting to knock up someone famous, thank you Reggie Bush. So don’t fret, Rodgers is my “Bullet Proof Tiger” pick of the week vs. a staunch Texans Defense that is coming off the loss of top tackler Brian Cushing.

Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald AZ VS. BUF

Larry Fitz dropped his first pass of the season last week against the Rams, marking the end to 159 consecutive target streak without one. I wasn’t high on him this year with the quarterback battle brewing but this week looks like as good as any to expect huge numbers from him. No running game and heavy reliance on quick strike offense puts Larry “The Conductor” atop my list for fantasy studs in Week 6. While he’s not perfect as he proved last week, he’s a master of preparation and unless a defender wants to grab onto his long dreads he should have no problem running away from a suspect Bills secondary.

Vincent Jackson TB VS. KC

Do you think Phillip Rivers misses Jackson in San Diego this season? Ugh, duh…does Kenny Powers wear #55 and love some tig ol’bitties? I mean VJax is about a big a wet dream as it gets for Josh Freeman in this matchup. The Chiefs are starting poster boy for overrated in Brady Quinn and that should leave plenty of short fields and opportunities for Tampa to turn red zone points to fade routes for Jackson. Jackson will look to explode the way Kenny Powers does after tripping on ecstacy at a middle school dance.

Tight Ends

Fred Davis WAS VS. MIN

Will Davis find the end zone this season? This week is going to be the week, the Vikings have one of the league’s best defenses statistically, but the one area of vulnerability is their ability to cover the tight end. After suffering his first concussion this season, RGIII will be doing less running and more dumping and more over the middle passes to Davis as he runs for his life after the O-line collapses. Davis has no choice but to step up for the Redskin faithful Sunday, or Chris Cooley fans will be demanding a reincarnation of this beloved icon in DC.

Antonio Gates SD VS. DEN

I’m going out on a limb with Gates this week. He’s been brutal, killing fantasy owners with his lackluster performances and absolutely disappearing in games that he should dominate. Case in point last week vs. a Saints secondary that has been the league’s worst, where he rewarded fantasy owners with a measly 3 to 4 points. When does he find the end zone? It better be this week for all of Gates owner’s sake. So unleash Gates Monday night against the Broncos, who looked suspect against Pats and Falcons. The amount of targets and hopefully catches should only rival that of Manning’s (Nick Manning, not be confused with Peyton’s) money shots this week.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB VS. KC

Tampa Bay faces Brady on Sunday. Not Tom Brady, but Brady Quinn. I don’t even know if this pick needs anymore justification other than that fact alone. I have about as much confidence in Quinn picking apart the Buccaneers defense as I do about the ability of Joe Biden to talk eloquently during this week’s VP debate. I mean seriously, 1st down hand the ball off to Charles, 2nd down repeat, and 3rd down more of the same. Punt the football and play game manager as best as he can without getting concussed. Tampa will look to loot KC’s booty and pillage, plunder and rape Brady until he says “I’m a Bust.”