Each week during the NFL season FST brings you our Fantasy Football Sleepers of the Week column, which takes a look at lesser-known players that could deserve a start due to a favorable matchup, injury, or other circumstances. Let’s take a look at some sneaky plays for Week 5. If you have any fantasy football roster questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

Running Backs

Reggie Bush MIA VS. CIN

He’s not so much the definition of a true sleeper, but he’s probably not the first or second choice at running back for teams on any given week. Here is an opportunity for Bush to punish a weak Cincy run defense. So no bush-league tactics, insert Bush into your lineup. Wait, that’s what she said.

Ronnie Hillman DEN VS. NE

I was high on this guy from preseason, but he suffered preseason setbacks and finally cracked some game time action last week. Broncos love his dynamic abilities in the passing game and he can do it Sunday if Pats bring the heat on Peyton. He’s here not necessarily because he’ll have a huge game but because he’s likely to help those owners who need filler while one of their studs are on bye-weeks.

Ben Tate HOU VS. NYJ

Tate gets no love; he’s back up to Foster and basically gets the garbage carries. First, for those owners you should monitor his health as his hamstring was an issue. Next, it appears if garbage time was evident in any matchup it would be this week. So that gives Tate an appeal to those desperate owners.


Matt Schaub HOU VS. NYJ

The bald-headed wonder who lost part of his ear lobe the other week is building on an impressive performance last week. This offense can rock and roll and with an opportunistic defense they’ve got potential of putting up big numbers any week. Schaub’s a sneaky sleeper this week.

Matt Hasselbeck TEN VS. MIN

Hasselbeck fills in for Jake Locker this week. Minnesota is tough to run on so there is going to be numerous chances for Matt to catch fire in a bottle. Not saying that it’s going to happen, but you could have worse options out there and he’s experienced. Experience has to stand for something, unless you just think he’s old, in which case he’s probably just washed up.

Christian Ponder MIN VS. TEN

I had to ponder the Ponder pick. My conclusion is that Tennessee gave up nearly 100 points combined the last two weeks to Detroit and Houston, why should this change? I don’t know why it should change either, so for lack of understanding I’m giving him the go ahead. I know that Peterson still wears Vikings purple and if that means single coverage on WRs then Ponders got passing options to ponder.

Wide Receivers

James Jones GB VS. IND

Jennings is out and Jones (not Cobb) has been the main beneficiary of that void thus far. Jones is big, tall and strong and looks to get his freak shiz on in Indy this weekend. Jones has the height that the Indy corners lack and all Jennings owners should snatch him up waivers if they haven’t done so yet for this favorable matchup.

Davone Bess MIA VS. CIN

In addition to the apologies to Harline I’m giving another no-named receiver in Miami some love this week. Tannehill has been the third best rookie QB thus far (tough to decide between him and Russell Wilson) this season. Bess best be getting open so I don’t look like a chump with this pick either. Start him if looking for a deep deep sleeper this week.

Jeremy Kerley NYJ VS. HOU

In the category of who in the bejesus is this guy comes Kerley. So by default he’ll be one of the Jets most targeted options. The Jets offensive isn’t explosive, it’s not even sustainably efficient but they’ve got to direct throws to someone right? So Kerley is an option that exists for those who want to roll the dice on Monday Night Football.

Tight Ends

Kyle Rudolph MIN VS. TEN

He was awful last week, but that improves this week. Tennessee doesn’t defend particularly well and Rudolph gets the red zone looks. Here’s to hoping a bounce back is in due order for him and that the Vikings can get him the ball at least a couple times.

Fred Davis WAS VS. ATL

Davis is looking to find the end zone for the first time this season. Atlanta has an elite TE and if Davis can attempt to emulate Gonzo then there’s potential for fantasy success. RGIII is not afraid to throw it around so why not Davis this week? Davis in DC there’s no debate.

Marcedes Lewis JAC VS. CHI

This Jaguar has been one of the more consistent ones for Gabbert and it’s not like the Jaguars are going to be favored any games this season anyways. So let’s just be honest here, Lewis stands as good a chance as Blackmon or Laurent Robinson of catching Gabbert’s errant throws this week. Here’s to pimpin and cruising in my Marcedes Lewis style.


St. Louis Rams STL VS. AZ

Really the Rams? Yeah those were my thoughts initially as well but underneath the stats reveal strong secondary play and a turnover margin that I didn’t expect either. So Arizona is 4-0 surprisingly, so maybe they have a stinker and Rams capitalize. It’s enough of sleeping beauty for me to invest faith in this week.